The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/17/02

By Matthew

Tammy the Tele-Save hostess croons on about how you can pay for the 200 dollar top with their 4 easy payments plan.  Yeah, just for a top.  Ridge watches looking disgusted and walks over to Eric and once again asks him to leave all this.  Eric doesnít want to be involved in his fight.  Ridge says that Forrester isnít his company anymore and Rick and Amber are walking over him.  Eric blames Ridge for what happened and says he can barely stand to talk to him. 

The phones arenít really ringing and Tammy says they have limited number of these items, but actually they have a 1000 of each.  Hah!  She describes a pair of pants as comfy, just like pajamas which almost sends Kristen into orbit.  Whip says sales arenít going good at all.  Amber says they have to do something.  Apparently the models are stuck in traffic.  Doh!  Rick tells Whip to call any available model.  Amber also has an idea. 

Sally, Darla, and Clarke laugh at the television program.  Tony comes in and says they have a show in a few hours.  Sally laughs and says this is justice. She says Forrester Creation is defunct.  Tony looks upset. 

Stephanie thinks Mass is enjoying Ericís humiliation too much.  She knows it was his idea to take away all of the Forresterís outlets. She says its different her because she was there when he signed all the stores way back when.  Mass has no sympathy for Eric and all Massí deeds wouldnít have effected him at all.  Stephanie agrees with him, but then leaves to go comfort Eric.  Mass looks pissed. 

Eric says Ridge took advantage of the retailers, but Ridge blames Forresterís reputation.  The clothing was crap and so were the employees.  Eric says that Ridgeís style is to walk away, but he responds that Eric sat on his ass and let his marriage crumble.  Ouch!  Eric is hurt.  Ridge didnít want to say that, but is promptly kicked out by Eric. 

Eric looks at the television monitors and sighs. What a tough year for him.  Finally a model gets there, Caitlin.  She goes to get changed into the first piece, even though it was already shown.  Rick glances on and hopes for the best.  Amber is quite amusing today. 

Tammy goes on about Forresterís reputation.  Rick smiles on, but Eric doesnít.  The words stick hard with Eric, because he remembers all the past.  We get a flashback of previous fashion shows and Stephanie.  Itís very sweet.  How hard they fell.  Back in the present, Tammy canít find any other word describe a purple outfit, as just purple.  Stephanie arrives and finally Eric smiles.  He says they dealt him a big blow.  She says that for what itís worth she didnít know about it.  He says that Mass did it and it makes sense.  Heís cutthroat and so is Ridge now.  Stephanie wonders if the company will survive and if it does, it wonít be the same.  She says that may   not be a bad thing though.  Its life and it was a good dream while it lasted. 

Tony makes some last minute adjustments to Sofiaís outfit.  He wonders where Ridge is when he got a phone call.  Ridge is in a bad mood of course, when he walks in.  The seams are all wrong, but Ridge doesnít care to have Tony fix it. He wants to just scrap it.  Tony and Sofia leave when Mass comes in and they realize how pissy Ridge is.  Ridge wonders why he is doing all this if Eric is going to have this kind of attitude.  Mass goes on this speech about how his father is really proud of him now, but canít tell him.  I wonder if he is talking about himself or Eric.  Eh oh well. 

Tammy introduces Amber to the stage. Caitlin is introduced and Amber does a great job. Eric doesnít seem as sad and Stephanie is surprised.  Sally becomes annoyed at how natural Amber is.  Meow! 

Ridge comes into Sallyís office and wonders what is going on here.  Ridge is even angrier than Sally about how good Amber is.  He shoos them all out and to get to work on their show later tonight.  The phones are really ringing at the actual studio.  Amber plays off that the price isnít that much compared to what it would be in the department store.  Mass laughs that Amber is actually pretty good.  Ridge doesnít like that much and turns the TV off. 

Rick gets a microphone and tells the viewers about 500 of the first pieces are gone.  The video that Forrester prepared is cut to and Amber is overjoyed to hear 500 tops were really sold!  She hugs Rick and Tammy congratulates them.  Stephanie and Eric watch on as Amber and Rick hug.  The music is the same music used when Eric and Brooke flew on the balloon.  Itís "High Upon this Love" instrumentalized.  Great!

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