The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/16/02

By Matthew

Rick glances at the invitation to the Forrester-Tele-Save extravaganza.  He then gets a call from Joe Handy from Tele-Save.  Joe tells him the footage from the preview is perfect to show between shots.  Rick tells him theyíll be down there soon.  Amber is having second thoughts about the whole thing she wonders if Eric is right and Forresterís reputation will be ruined for ever.  Rick says theyíll go under if they donít get rid of the line.  He asks her what her intentions were when she designed the clothes.  Did she want them to be exclusive?  No.  He says Ridge is a snob.  Amber says if this backfires, Rick will end up hating her. 

Whip starts to go into Ericís office, but Megan warns him itís not really a good day.  He approaches with caution and shows Eric the promotion designs.  Eric is still pretty depressed about the whole idea.  Whip tries to cheer him up but to no avail.  As he leaves Thorne asks Eric if he wants a ride, but Eric isnít interested.  Thorne leaves and Eric throws the promotion down in disgust. 

Sally, Darla, and Ridge look over another design that is of course, stunning.  Sally tells him that Forrester has cancelled their showing, but something is going on over there.  Taylor walks in with a magazine and says they know what is going over there now.  Ridge canít believe that they wouldnít even let Eric go out with dignity.  Taylor doesnít think its worth worrying about.  Stephanie and Mass walk in and Taylor shows them what they have planned.  Stephanie canít believe they would do that. 

Mass laughs that itís at least creative. Stephanie says Ridge has to do something.  Forrester wouldnít be in this boat if he hadnít taken away their distributors.  He has to give them back.  Ridge isnít going to do anything.  Taylor rationalizes, and Stephanie hurts thinking about what this is doing to Eric.  Ridge runs over and says that he is going to get them a new head designer.  Mass is totally thrilled.  NOT!  Taylor asks him if he really thought he could come between Ridge and Eric.  Stephanie looks away quickly and Mass angrily glances at her. 

Amber feels she is to blame for all the stuff has happened.  Rick tries to convince her that Ridge is at fault for this.  He succeeds and everyone is happy at the end of the scene.  They leave for Culver City. 

Things get a little crazy at Tele-Save when Amber finds out the models havenít arrived yet.  Joe says that they are coming soon and not to panic.  The designs arrive, but again there are no models.  Hey they got mannequins!  Thorne and Whip arrive with them too.  Kristen is there too.  Amber says if this looks cheesy Eric will kill them.  Kristen tries to calm her down some.  Eric and Megan arrive just on time and Eric looks like he is in total pain. 

Sally and Darla get some snacks to watch the "Tele-Save."  They joke and laugh and laugh.  On goes the TV. 

In the studio things get busy.  Rick is surprised Eric is there, but thereís no time to be too surprised.  Whip introduces Eric to Joe Handy.  Megan says Eric is okay, but not great.  Also, Brooke isnít coming.  Big surprise.  Joe slips and almost suggests Eric answer the phones, b/c it keeps things exciting.  Whip clues him in that that isnít going to happen so Joe suggests that Rick could do it. 

Jerry starts the show and introduces the Forrester line.  Everyone watches.  Tammy continues with the intro.  Out comes the first design on a mannequin, and whoops itís on backwards.  Also, the host mispronounces the fabric name.  Haha!  Amber is going crazy.  Also, she flubs and says the whole piece is 200 bucks, but actually itís just the top.  The host can barely hide her surprise at the cost and the whole scene is really painful.  To make matters worse, Ridge shows up.  Ridge goes up to Eric, but he says he shouldnít be there.  Ridge says they donít respect him, but he can get out now if he wants. 

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