The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/15/02

By Matthew

1 more day until ultimate freedom!!

Sally pays CJ a visit at Insomnia. He's still kinda miffed about his mom selling off Spectra. She's there to invite him to the Spectra showing. Well now why would he want to go to that? Sally says it's the hottest ticket in town and everyone wants to be there. CJ matter-of-factly says that he won't be and neither will Macy. Okay, drive the stake in a little further. Sally says it's too bad because this about honoring Macy's memory and Becky's. She says that two angels are watching over them and they want to share the happiness with him too. She leaves making CJ ponder some more. I can't believe it's been two years.

Ridge views a hot dress on Sofia and says it's perfect. In fact, they're all perfect. Everyone cheers at the success of the line. Massimo says they should toast and pours some champagne. After everyone takes a glass, Mass tells Ridge this will bring Forrester Creations to its knees.
Woo hoo! Or is that a good thing? I'm being very Switzerlandish today.

Kristen, Thorne, Rick, and Amber discuss the Tele-Save idea. Everyone thinks the idea is good, but they all wonder about Eric's reaction. Just as they are talking about it, Eric comes in. He wonders what they are all up to.

Whip is thrilled to see Brooke's baby girl, who is still unnamed. He wishes he could have been there for her. Basically, Brooke tells him she needs space from him and informs him that Bridget knows the truth. She also tells him that Deacon is out of her life. But, she still needs
space from Whip. Hey it's better than a divorce or annulment, right? Whip seems to understand. She tells him that what he can do for her is get Forrester Creations out of this nightmare.

Bridget comes up to a oh so cheery CJ and notices his invitation. He tells her she can have it if she wants. He says it'll be fun for her to see Ridge destroy Forrester. Bridget doesn't think that will happen, but when CJ responds that all Forrester's buyers have been cut off, says
that CJ should be happy. CJ doesn't care that Brooke may lose a few million bucks, because that doesn't even come close to him losing his sister. Brooke will never be able to pay for that. Bridget says that we all have things that we are sorry about. CJ can't believe that she would
defend Brooke, who he points out has never been sorry for anything she has done. Bridget says she isn't defending her mom and snaps it out too. CJ wonders what Brooke did to her, but is told to stay out of it. CJ stops being an ass, and says that he is just upset about Macy. Bridget still tells him to stay out of it and walks off.

Later, Bridget brings CJ come coffee and he's back to being an ass. She apologizes for snapping at him. CJ isn't sure this is such a good idea. Their family has too much history and maybe she should work somewhere else. Bridget can't believe that he is firing her. Things turn around though and eventually he offers her a place to stay (she's been staying with friends) I guess at Insomnia? A room upstairs? She'll have to pay rent and she can keep her job. Woo hoo!

Eric says that Tele-Save is out. Rick informs him that they have Brooke's okay on this, but he won't do it without his support. Eric is more concerned about the long term and their reputation, than making money. Thorne points out if they don't make a dent in their stock of the Ambrosia collection, they won't have a future. Rick says Ridge has a vendetta against him ever since he stopped him from taking over. Eric knows Ridge is angry, but doesn't think it's about just Rick. Just then, Ridge calls looking for Rick. He puts him on speaker phone and oh boy is Ridge an asshole throughout this. Unfortunately, this may back fire because it drives Eric to go ahead with the Tele-Save idea. The gang gets on the ball to advertise the hell out of the new line.

Party time!

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