The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/12/02

By Matthew

Rick and Amber make another attempt to get Eric to agree to the "Telesave" idea.  Eric is adamant that there is another way.  He knows they are trying to help, and despite good demographics, Eric says no and that's final.  He leaves his office.  Amber says they'll think of something else.  She
suggests renting a club like Spectra did with Tony's line.  Nah, they need national exposure.  Amber says that Telesave might not be able to help them anyway.  It could take weeks to get it all setup.
  Rick says the only way to find out is to go there in person.  The two head over to Culver City to
 talk business. 


Hey it's Ziggy!  Ziggy's gotten a haircut it looks like.  He's fixing a lamp in Erica's apartment a
nd Sheila is drying some dishes.  Sheila says that he is an annoying little man, but that he has at
titude, which she likes, and wishes Erica had more of.  Ziggy thinks Erica showed some spunk gettin
g into the Forrester's lives as quickly as she did.  Sheila isn't satisfied with that.  Ziggy fixes
 the light and says that Sheila is forgetting that Rick is married and that that most parents would
 refrain from telling their kids to go after a married guy.  Thank you!  Sheila says that no one sh
ould question fate.  She feels the two belong together.  Oh please.  As my eyes roll back down out
of my head, Sheila launches into an Amber assault.  She says that she never would have amounted to
anything if she (Sheila) hadn't of gotten her a job. Ziggy creates a hypothetical situation that in
cludes Erica and Rick getting together.  What next?  He doubts the family would be too keen on find
ing out Erica's mother was the psycho bitch Sheila.  By the way, wasn't Mary's (aka Erica) hair blo
nde when she left town last time?  Oh well.  Sheila says she'll deal with that when the time comes.
  Just then, we hear Erica humming as she comes up to the door. 


Sally says that CJ warned her Brooke would try and beg her way out of this jam.  Brooke tiredly say
s that she isn't trying to pull anything; she just wants them to fight fair.  She's trying to defen
d herself.  Sally laughs at that.  Sally guesses at all the things Brooke said including that "noth
ing is ever my fault.  I'm sorry Widge but it wasn't my fault."  Sally says that everyone is sick t
o death of Brooke playing the victim.  Brooke says Sally has as much pull around Spectra as she doe
s.  Sally wonders if she realizes why she was so quick to sell the company; to get justice for Macy
 of course.  Brooke rolls her eyes. 


At the Telesave studios, Amber and Rick look around and she is very impressed.  I'm not sure why, i
t looks like a typical studio.  We see some actual show start off.  I think it's selling some kind
of cooking equipment. 


Erica has some great news. She was reading the want ads and says she had a total epiphany.  Sheila
wonders why she would be doing that when she already has a job.  Well, Amber's better so her days a
re number.  Before Sheila can attack Amber's character too much, Erica says that she apologized for
 all the mean things she said before.  My respect for Erica grew amazingly high during this scene.
 She says that the married couple is happy and that she will not interfere with that.  She doesn't
want to live a fantasy life and she thinks Sheila is obsessed with Rick.  With that, she storms out
.  Ziggy says he isn't going to say anything and leaves as well. 


The show is actually selling a knife set.  I actually think I'm watching one of those QVC programs.
  After the show ends, Rick and Amber introduce themselves to the host.  He is taken aback when the
y say they want to sell Amber's line on their show.  He runs to go get his producer. 


Brooke says they aren't competing with Forrester; they cut them off at the knees.  Sally points out
 that Brooke sabotaged Macy's life.  Sally says this is simply Karma.  Brooke admits she has made a
 lot of mistakes, but that doesn't give Sally the right to take it out on her employees.  Sally say
s she came to wrong place for sympathy and that they will be buried under millions of dollars of me
rchandise.  Brooke gets her purse and says she wouldn't be so sure about that and walks out.


Joe Handy the executive producer of Telesave introduces himself to Rick and Amber and the host's na
me is Jerry.  Amber starts to explain why they need Telesave's help, but being the slightly better
businessman, Rick stops her and says they are just looking right now.  Rick admits their president
is unsure about using Telesave.  Joe says that they sell high end products all the time and that th
ey can really plug the hell out of Forrester's product.  They admit that they need the primetime sp
ot tomorrow.  At first Joe says they are fully booked but says they can bump the others for Forrest


Tony comes looking for Sally and she tells him that Brooke was just there.  Tony points out that Br
ooke should be home with her baby.  Sally says that once Forrester Creations closes down, she'll ha
ve tons of time to spend with her baby. 


Kristen suggests to Eric that they look into Rick's idea.  Eric says that he'd rather go out on top then sell out to the highest bidder.  He instructs her to never bring up this idea again. 


Outside his office, Rick and Amber think Eric will come around once he sees things.  Brooke walks in and says that Ridge and Sally wouldn't back down.  Amber and Rick explain what happened at Telesave.  Brooke is uneasy about the idea, but gives them the green light.  She knows that Eric will hate her for it, but she has to do it.  Rick says to let the best man win. 

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