The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/11/02

By Matthew

Stephanie and Ridge are talking in his office at Spectra.  She informs him that Brooke and baby are staying in the guest house.  Ridge laughs that if Brooke didnít want her baby growing up near a drug addict, she should have kicked out Rick and Amber.  Stephanie doesnít think it had anything to do with that.  We find out that Whip isnít really gone on business, but heís been kicked out too.  Ridge scoffs that the marriage lasted about as long as he thought it would.  Stephanie notes his charming mood.  Ridge says its better that the two split now and not later.  Stephanie notes the dumb decisions Brooke has made over the year, but recall that she didnít want to marry Whip.  So are both Whip and Deacon totally out of the picture now?  Ridge feels sorry for Brooke and Amber as well, but he canít let that get in the way of his agenda.  Stephanie looks away puzzled. 

Kristen and Thorne coo at Baby Logan.  Eric notes how the baby looks like Bridget did.  Doh!  Just enough to make Brooke remember.  Brooke tells everyone the name of the baby is, for now, "Baby Logan."  Rick says that he knew she and Whip were having problems.  Brooke refuses to talk about it at the moment.  Getting down to business, Eric tells her that Ridge is killing him.  Brooke wants to know what he did to them. 

CJ and Sally talk about her motivations to sell Spectra, at Insomnia.  Heís being a real bitch during the whole scene.  Sally tells him that she sold the company to get revenge and for Macy.  CJ thinks that Macy is rolling over in her grave over this.  Just then, Sally spots Bridget cleaning a table.  CJ says that that is how he does business.  He makes the Forresters work for him, not the other way around.  As long as Ridge is running the show, he will never work at Spectra. 

Brooke is shocked that Ridge bought out Spectra.  Eric explains that Spectraís showing is the same day and he is killing them.  He took away all their buyers and now they are stuck.  Brooke canít believe that Ridge took every one of their distributors.  Even worse, Kristen tells them that Megan says she has been getting cancellations from people who werenít even invited.  That point made me crack up.  Brooke is in total shock.  Rick suggests the telesave idea again, but Eric again refuses.  Brooke says she isnít making any decisions until she talks to Ridge.  He isnít being fair at all. 

Stephanie thinks itís a shame that after Amber had the courage to get help; sheís paying for it in the tabloids. Ridge points out that itís great for his agenda to take down Forrester.  He notes that Deacon is the first to leave the sinking ship.  Stephanie asks him what he has heard, kinda panicky.  He just heard that Deacon cleared out his desk and left and heís happy with it.  Bridget deserves better.  Stephanie says that over the years that Forrester survived tons of scandal, but Ridge thinks it was just because he and Eric were there to keep the ship afloat.  And now it looks like Forrester is being run by amateurs who are unreliable.  Stephanie says that his father, but stops short, and says Eric is still there.  Ridge is the most sorry that Eric has to see his lifeís work crumbling down around him.  Stephanie wants to know what heís done.  He informs her he cut off Forresterís distributors.  Stephanie canít believe it.  Poor Eric. 

Sally tells CJ that working with Ridge isnít that bad and Clarke was the one who suggested it.  That doesnít surprise CJ who knows Clarke is totally motivated by money.  Heís right.  Sally retorts that that isnít fair.  The fashion business takes a lot of money and if Mass could help them, then it was worth it.  She wants him to come back to Spectra. 

CJ is convinced that Ridge will turn on (I mean back stab) Sally, but she says the game is already won.  It doesnít matter now.  She has to go back to work now.  CJ looks away pensively. 

Amber says there has to be another way for them to get rid of the clothing.  Rick thinks theyíll have to convince Eric, but Amber isnít so sure.  She just hopes Brooke will be able to convince Ridge to back off.   

Brooke comes to see Ridge.  She makes a futile attempt to get him to change his mind, but in the end, it ainít happening.  Brooke is furious and sad at the same time and Ridge storms out.  Brooke looks over to some of Ridgeís designs.  Then, Sally comes in and says she has waited for this moment for a long time.  Yes!  A cat fight tomorrow!

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