The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/10/02

By Matthew

Greetings B&B fans!

At Forrester Creations the gang is furious for what Ridge has done.  Amber says she would have loved to have slapped that smug smile off Sallyís face.  Too many Sís in that sentence.  Kristen points out that Mass could have been behind all of this and so he influenced Ridge.  Eric thinks that could be true, but Thorne brings them back to reality and says he saw Ridgeís face.  The hate and bitterness in his eyes was very apparent.  Amber also points out that Ridge said he was doing this for Eric.  The real target is Rick, Amber, and the new line.  Eric thinks Ridge has forgotten he is a Forrester.  Oh that good old subtle writing.  How I missed it so.  Just then, Little Eric runs in the room shouting mommy.  Erica is right behind him and looks a little embarrassed.  Sheís wearing an outfit better suited for a night club.  She apologizes for interrupting the meeting, but Eric says they need a break.  Thorne goes for fresh air and Kristen retreats to her office.  Amber takes Eric over to his granddaddy. 

Brooke doesnít know how she could do this to Bridget.  Deacon says that Bridget is just upset, which launches Stephanie into attack.  She asks if he is really that stupid, to think that Bridget is just upset.  He has no idea how much this has devastated her.  Brooke doesnít know what it will take for Bridget to forgive her.  Deacon thinks she will come around in time, but Brooke isnít so sure.  Stephanie says that Bridget will definitely not have anything to do with her if Deacon is in her life.  Brooke agrees. 

Clarke is very happy to hear that they got all the buyers, but isnít so sure itís a good idea to reveal the Ridge worked at Spectra.  Ridge and Mass assure him everything is in place.  Tony plays devilís advocate and wonders if Ridge has thought about what this will do his family and especially Eric.  Ridge says he is doing this for his family.  Once the "train wreck" happens, his dad will be free of Rick, Amber, and Brooke.  Tony isnít so sure.  He says maybe they should be concerned about Forrester more.  He quickly leaves and Sallyís eyes get wide.

While Amber, Eric, and Little Eric draw, Erica asks Rick if everything is okay.  He says they are in a crisis, but itís good for them to remember what they are fighting for.  Later, Amber talks to Erica outside.  She apologizes for the way she behaved when Erica first came to work for them.  She felt threatened by her and she couldnít accept that she needed help.  Erica says that at least she did face her fears and got herself some help.  Amber says she isnít out of the woods yet, but at least she is home.  Erica says that Amber is an inspiration and thanks her.  They hug.  Aww, get me come Kleenex.  For once, Erica doesnít seem so fake. 

Deacon asks if Brooke really wants this.  Brooke says that she wants a relationship with Bridget and she can never have that if Deacon is around.  Deacon says that all he wanted to do was hold Brooke in his arms and raise their baby.  In the end though, Deacon agrees to stay away.  Stephanie isnít sure that he can do that, but he ignores her and keeps talking to Brooke.  Thereís some sappy talk about the baby and being "survivors" and stuff.  Then, Deacon says that he canít be in the picture.  That either means heís leaving town or heís going to kill himself. 

Amber and Erica come back in the office, and Erica immediately talks to Rick.  She says he has a great wife.  He thanks her for being there for him and then she tells him how embarrassed she was about trying on the Forrester original the other night.  He comments the dress she has on now looks nice and wonders where she got it from.  She says that she gets most of her things from the "Telesave" Network.  All you need is a credit card and a telephone to get all the latest fashions.  This gives Rick and idea.  Interesting, Forrester selling clothes via TV.  Hahahahha.

Sally and Ridge discuss Tonyís reaction.  She tells him not to worry.  Heíll come around.  Ridge didnít want it to be this way.  He wanted to do all this at Forrester.  More anger and bitterness ensues. Sally says they will get whatís coming to them in the end.  Especially Brooke. 

Rick circles the word "Telesave" on his paper and suggests the idea to everyone.  Amber remembers the network because she used to watch it with her mom.  Kristen thinks there must be a better way, but Rick says there isnít.  Amber agrees.  They ask Eric, who promptly says it will be a cold day in hell before they do that.  The smile fades off Amberís face in record time. 

Deacon explains that he is going to quit Forrester.  Itís the only way to get out of each otherís lives.  Stephanie wants to make sure he knows he is leaving his daughter and not just Brooke.  He says he canít take care of her very well right now, but what he can do is help avoid a scandal for his daughter, who still doesnít have a name!  He picks up baby Logan and tells her goodbye and asks Brooke to tell her he loves her all the time.  He says that one day when this storm clears, heíll be right there waiting for her.  He kisses both of them goodbye.  The music is very sad through this and Iím a little sad for the kid too.  Deacon leaves the guesthouse as Brooke watches from the window.  Deacon walks off and Brooke leaves the window. 

All right. Have a good afternoon!  

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