The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/9/02

By Matthew

Thorne confirms to Eric that Ridge, using Marone Industries, bought at Spectra and revamped the entire operation.  Deacon comes in and finds out what all has happened.  They all figure that Ridge used his connections and his haute couture line to turn all Forresterís buyers against them.  Deacon wonders what theyíre going to do because they have a show in a few days.  Thorne says there isnít much they can do.  Kristen says they need to call Brooke, but Thorne doesnít know where she is.  Deacon says she is up at Big Bear, but Eric says that she had her baby and is at the guesthouse.  After making sure Brooke and baby are okay, Rick wants to call her right away, but Eric would rather leave alone.  During their argument, Deacon manages to sneak out to presumably see Brooke and baby.  Rick calls Ridge a backstabbing SOB.  He tricked them and he may have gotten away with it. 

At Insomnia, Bridget thanks CJ for the job, but he ignores her, well just about.  When she becomes fed up and walks off, he changes his mind and says that the first rule at being a waitress is to wait, and after she smirks, he adds that SHE needs to dump the attitude.  I know he is bitter, but damn shut up you baby.  He really makes fun of the fact that she modeled for what like a month?  Ridiculous.  He says that she has always been given things in her life but now, she is doing the serving.  She is then handed a silver platter of muffins and sent to work.

Brooke holds her baby and recalls the first time she held Bridget.  She recalls a lot of Bridgetís firsts, and expresses how much she misses her.  She wants to reach out to her, but Stephanie tells her to respect Bridgetís wishes to be left alone.  Now, she has this baby and itís her chance to start over.  Brooke wonders how she can do it.  Stephanie suggests that she stop chasing men and put her daughters above any man.  Stephanie got some things for the baby and goes to the main house to get them.  On cue, Deacon comes in to see his baby girl.  Heís of course so overjoyed. 

Amber wonders how Ridge can talk about honor and integrity while he snuck around behind their backs.  Eric doesnít understand any of this, but Thorne reminds him they kicked Ridge out.  Amber chastises Kristen for not telling them everything from the beginning.  Kristen retorts that she should have never been told to spy on her husband.  Rick calms things down by saying that Ridge played Kristen too so it wasnít her fault.  Eric is totally blown away by all this.  Ridge had a right to be bitter, but this way over the top.  He says he cannot tolerate this and instructs Thorne to call the other buyers and change their minds.  He tells Kristen to call production and have them halt production of the Ambrosia line.  Amber tells Eric that Thorne will convince them to take their product.  Eric hopes she is right. 

Bridget does a good job with a customer, but CJ isnít impressed.  He says she will have nasty customers with terrible days who will take them out on her.  Later, he slips the beans and says that Ridge bought Spectra.  This is total news to Bridget.  She needs to call Eric, but CJ is nasty about letting her make the call, but gives in.  He suggests she call "Mommy Dearest" and even Deacon.  She says that her marriage is over.  He tells her to cry a river.  He says that until she has lost someone she has always trusted, like he lost Macy, then she needs to shut up.  But wait, didnít he ask about Deacon?  I feel bad for him, but geez youíre getting mad at the wrong person.  Get mad at Brooke. 

Deacon is amazed at how beautiful and perfect his baby is.  He asks how she is holding up and apologizes for what happened at the cabin.  Stephanie overhears and asks if he is apologizing for getting her pregnant or marrying Bridget.  Deacon thinks she needs to leave, but Brooke explains that things have changed and that she and Stephanie have agreed to work together to raise the baby.  Deacon is in disbelief.  Brooke says that it is best if no one else knows he is the father of the baby. 

CJ turns into a nice guy and offers to talk to Bridget about what happened with Deacon.  She says it isnít any of his business but does reveal that she finally sees Deacon for what he really is.  CJ says that she has finally joined the rest of the world.  Bridget says that isnít quite true, but leaves it at that. 

Brooke and Deacon argue about what is best for the baby, them, and Bridget.  The argument ends with Brooke saying that the secret must be keptÖand she needs to call Bridget.  Stephanie is against the idea, but when Brooke wonít back down, says to at least put it on speaker phone so she knows she is there.  Bridget gets the calls, much to CJís disgust (he tells her to take the call, but to then turn it off).  Bridget isnít happy to hear Brookeís voice.  Stephanie makes her presence known.  Bridget asks if Deacon is with her and when Brooke says yes, becomes disgusted.  She tells her she never wants to speak to her again and to stop calling.  Ouch. 

Kristen says that production has been halted, but they have already manufactured 95% of the Ambrosia line order.  Doh!  Thorne relays that the buyers are not changing their minds.  Amber suggests they go to other outlets, but Kristen says those stores take years to develop relationships with.  Amber panics that her styles wonít be around that long.  Kristen says if they donít find a way to get rid of the line, theyíll be stuck with tens of millions of merchandise.  Amber doesnít like her choice of words and asks Eric if it is that bad.  He says if they donít find a way out of this, the Ambrosia line could Forresterís last line!  Oh no! 

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