The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/8/02

By Matthew

I can sum up the episode today in three words: yelling, bitterness, and revenge. 

Rick, Amber, and Thorne are shocked to see Ridge standing at Spectra.  Rick canít believe that Ridge would plan to destroy the Ambrosia line like this.  Ridge refers to it as a pile of garbage and smiles and adds that yes he did plan all this. 

The shouting match continues at Spectra over who started things back before Ridge left (was fired from) Forrester.  Rick and Amber say it was his fault for being too hard to work with.  Ridge claims it was all their fault.  They figure out that Ridge couldnít have bought out Spectra alone and in walks Massimo.  They figure out it was him and Rick says Mass is just using Ridge to get back at Eric.  Thorne gets angry and says that Mass destroyed his parentsí marriage and ruined the company.  Things get down and dirty between Rick and Ridge.  Ridge says that Amberís line is a fad and in the real world buyers want to make money, not just fulfill Amberís dreams.  Rick says that if Amber is so unqualified then why didnít he fight fair and let the clothing compete in the stores.  Ridge explains that the competition is before the clothing makes it to the stores.  After that, the fighting is over.  Rick would know that if he had been nice and had asked Ridge for help, but now he gets to learn things the hard way. 

At Insomnia, CJ goes over the books and it must be pretty hard judging from his reaction.  He says that Macy has been gone for only 2 years, but already he needs her so much.  Bridgetís at the cafť too, but sheís not with CJ.  She canít believe how much she would have to pay to get a studio apartment in a bad part of town.  Sheíll need a good job to be able to afford it.  The waitress comes by much later and apologizes that they are short staffed.  Bridget doesnít care, but then gets an idea to apply there. 

The waitress introduces Bridget to Ken the manager at Insomnia, I guess.  Ken is happy to hear that Bridget wants to apply.  Heís even more interested to hear that Bridget knows Katie Logan who used to work there.  Bridget tells him she is doing well.  He tells her to fill out the application and theyíll get back to her.  She wants to know when heíll get back to her and then CJ jumps in and says that she isnít ever going to work there. Whoa!  He basically says she is a spoiled brat and her family killed Macy.  She IS her motherís daughter.  Bridget defends herself and says she isnít like her mom.  She understands how he feels.  That doesnít help any and he tells her to get lost.  She leaves, but then comes back and tells him off.  Somehow, this affects a bitter CJ and he hires her but tells her to go clean the bathrooms.  Fun!

Kristen explains to Eric how everyone left to confront Sally.  She asks him about Bridget.  He explains how Bridget and Deacon are through and that Bridget is much better off.  The problem is, now she doesnít want to model so they need a new one.  This may not be an issue though if they canít get a showing because they donít have any buyers.  The topic turns to what exactly is going on over at Spectra.  Eventually Kristen admits that Ridge has become the new CEO of Spectra.  Eric is furious and demands to know what is going on over there right now.

Tony gets in on the brawl and is forced to defend himself to Rick, Amber and Thorne.  He was just doing his job.  Eventually, all the Spectra kick out the Forresters.  Ridge says he has waited for this moment for a long time.  The fun is just beginning.  Ouch!    

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