The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/5/02

By Matthew

Argh, tape delays.

Well look who decided to stop by!  None other than Lauren Fenmore.  She’s at Spectra and Sally is so happy to see her.  Lauren is happy to see her and asks how she is doing.  Sally admits it has been a hard year for her.  Lauren says she looks great but is very surprised to see Ridge working there.  He’s there too along with Mass.  Lauren asks Ridge if he is really serious about taking on his dad’s company.  Ridge explains that Forrester is Eric’s company in name only and that it is suffering with Amber being the head designer.  Lauren thought she was out of rehab, but who knows when she’ll get back to work.  Ridge thinks that Amber may have one or two good runs in her, but that can’t compete with his classic designs.  Lauren admits she was concerned about that.  Sally jumps in and says that Spectra is the successful alternative and boasts that they have the best designers, manufacturers, and publicity team.  Then she shows her some of Ridge’s designs.  Lauren is impressed and so am I.  But she explains that Fenmore’s (her father’s business) has never once turned down a Forrester line in 30 years.  Ridge says that Forrester isn’t the same company anymore and wants to know if Lauren is in with them. 

Kristen welcomes back Amber who is with Rick at Forrester.  Eric is there too.  Amber thanks them for covering for her while she was gone, but says she didn’t worry about it while in rehab.  Megan comes in and Rick asks her where Brooke is.  She thought she was staying up with Bridget in Big Bear, but Rick explains that she never called and Whip is very pregnant.  Megan takes the "no news is good news" logic of thinking and assures Rick that Brooke is fine.  Thorne comes in the room in a slight panic.  Turns out the reason no one would get back to him at Fenmore’s is that Lauren told them not to do anything until they heard from her.  He tried to contact Lauren but she’s in LA meeting Sally.  Everyone is very shocked. 

At the beach house, its morning and Bridget really looks at peace.  Stephanie stops by to check on her.  Bridget explains how she told Deacon to vamos and how she torched all his stuff.  She knows that was childish but she needed to do it anyway.  She thinks he’s probably with Brooke right now.  Stephanie isn’t so sure about that.  She thinks Brooke may be making a big change in her life and Deacon won’t be involved in that.  Bridget thinks this is a turning point for her.  She’s going to go back to school, which means she needs a new job (modeling is over) and a new place to live.  Eh, I’d stay at the beach house.  Stephanie thinks that is wonderful, but asks Bridget to give Eric a call first. 

Thorne explains that he knows that there is a connection between Lauren meeting with Sally and Fenmore’s not committing to Forrester.  See, his other buyers at Sak’s and Bergman’s have also dropped out, saying they have lost confidence in the Ambrosia line.  They’re going with Spectra.  Oh shit.  Hehehe.  Everyone is terribly shocked.  Megan wonders if Sally could be paying them off, but Thorne doubts it.  What about Amber’s reputation.  Kristen assures her that other designers have had personal problems and that has never affected a line like this one has been.  The phone rings and Eric answers it.  We don’t hear the call, but I think its Bridget.  After getting done, he clears his schedule for the afternoon and leaves to go talk to her.  Rick asks Kristen if she noticed anything weird going on at Spectra.  Kristen hesitates and Rick thinks she knew the whole thing was going down and she didn’t say a word.  Rick all but accuses her of sharing secrets with Tony and wonders why she didn’t spy on Spectra more.  Kristen gets angry and says that after all the work she has done to help Amber and him, he has a lot of nerve to accuse her of that.  If they want to know what is going on at Spectra, then they should go over there now.  Rick, Amber, and Thorne do just that. 

Lauren discusses things some more at Spectra before finally agreeing to buy their line.  Sally knows Rick will blow his top when he finds out about this and expects him to come tearing through the door any minute now. 

Eric comes by the beach house and Bridget admits to him that she left deacon.  She apologizes for what she put him through.  They share a special moment. 

Back at Spectra, Sally gets a buzz and apparently it’s the Forrester gang.  They come in and want to know what she is trying to pull.  A lot of arguing ensues, but the best part is when Ridge comes out and is introduced as the "boss" at Spectra.  Rick is livid.  Good.  All right, have a good weekend.  

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