The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/4/02

By Matthew

Happy 4th of July!

Deacon is in shock when Bridget reveals that she knows about the affair and the baby.  Bridget jokes that they are Jerry Springer material.  Deacon admits that it killed him to lie to her.  She doesnít get that because he was so good at it.  She says this whole situation might be funny if it wasnít so sick.  She delivered his baby in the same place that he made love to and promised her he would never hurt her again.  Deacon asks what he can do.  Bridget bluntly tells him to go straight to hell. 

Eric tries to do some more work but he looks exhausted.  Thorne drops by his office and wonders why he is there so late.  No one to go home to, I guess.  Also, his mind is racing what with Amberís line needing finishing and Stephanie and Bridget and Deaconís problems.  Ouch.  Thorneís there to check on an order from Fenmoreís.  He doesnít know where it is and why there is a hold up.  He suggests that Eric call Lauren himself because he canít get any of her people to get back to him.  I know the feeling.  Screw CU!  There.  I feel better.  Eric thinks itís odd but wonders if it has to do with Amberís bad publicity about going to rehab.  Thorne reveals that he canít get any firm commitments from any of their retailers.  D'oh!  Eric canít believe that.  Thorne doesnít want to panic, because if they can get Fenmoreís then heíll use that as leverage to get the others to follow suit.  Eric agrees to call Lauren.  Thorne didnít want to ask Eric to do it but Brooke isnít there and even when she is, her mind is elsewhere.  Heís very concerned about her. 

Stephanie helps Brooke and Baby Logan in to the guest house.  They talk about the press and why she canít go to a hotel.  Stephanie asks Brooke if she wants to call Deacon, but sheís too tired.  They talk about Deacon and Brookeís tumultuous relationship.  Brooke refers to it as being in the eye of the storm, or at least before.  Stephanie says the baby will be her new eye.  She has to focus on the baby.  Brooke wonders why Stephanie is being so nice to her.  Stephanie admits that she thought only an act of God would help her get over her anger at Brooke.  Well, this baby is an act of God.  Screwed up, but still an act. 

Thorne and Eric discuss Brookeís moods over the last 6 months and wonder what could be wrong.  Eric thinks that if it affects the company, they need to talk to her.  Somehow the conversation rolls over to Bridget and Thorne informs Eric that Deacon is taking Bridget on a publicity tour around the world.  Eric reacts very negatively to that one. 

Bridget rips the sheets off the bed and lays one of them down on the floor flat.  She throws some of Deaconís crap out on to the sheet.  He runs in and tells her to stop so they can talk.  Bridget declares the marriage is over and says she never knew him.  He isnít worth her time.  Yay!  When he wonít lay off of her she tells him to shut up.  Bridget says he was a figment of her imagination.  All the bad boys in movies, you know.  She says she was a fool to get married at 18 to such a slime ball.  Then as she goes into the bathroom to get some of his stuff, she says she put off medical school to spend more time with him.  He yells that he didnít tell her to do that.  Yeah, she says it was her mistake to do that.  She throws his stuff on the sheet and pulls all together and carries it out of the room.  She says what is really scary that she would have gone on her whole life making him her center of the universe.  She guesses she should thank him for showing her the error of her way.  She thanks him then tells him to get out as she storms out with his stuff.  He yells out to her.

Back in the living room Bridget picks up one of Deaconís dirty  magazines and remarks how cute that is as she throws it into the pile of stuff.  He tries to stop her but she tells him to never touch her again.  The pictures are the next thing to go.  Bridget remarks that Brooke is sick and a user and they would be perfect for each other.  But wait Deacon is available now and Brooke only goes for guys who arenít available.  Too bad.  She throws out his ash trays and remarks that sheíll be glad to get rid of those.  Then she tells him that kissing him was like licking an ash tray and his liquor (as she picks up a bottle of Jack Dís) didnít make him any cooler.  He had no class or style.  Next, she picks up everything and storms outside. 

Stephanie and Brooke talk about her priorities and if she should cut Deacon out of her life.  Stephanie thinks he has nothing to offer the kid or Brooke so she should. 

Thorne wonders what the problem is.  Eric will be damned if he lets Bridget out of her sight.  He knows Deacon will show his true colors and he wants her to be home when it happens.  Thorne says Bridget will wake up soon and Deacon will have to run for cover. 

Outside the beach house, Bridget throws all Deaconís shit into the garbage and then dumps all the Jack Danielís on the stuff.  He asks her to come back in right now to talk.  She takes a match and lights his stuff.  Oh man that went fast!  Bridget tells him he can replace all his stuff, but he canít replace her pride, mother, or virginity.  She tells him to leave right now.  The show ends with them all watching fireworks.  Bridget remarks that she is celebrating her independence from him.  He walks off and Bridget watches more fireworks and sobs, but then smiles at the fireworks.  The camera work is weird here because the flames are in her face. 

Have a good night!

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