The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/3/02

By Matthew

Brooke begs Bridget not to give up on her. Bridget says she can't forget about what she did. She can't forgive her, but she doesn't hate her. Brooke sees that as an avenue of hope for another chance. Bridget said she had a 1000 chances and this new baby is her last chance at motherhood.

Megan pays Deacon another visit. She doesn't mind because she's racking up on the overtime. She brought Deacon and Bridget's itinerary for their travels to the east coast and beyond. He has to approve them tonight if they are going to leave tomorrow. Deacon isn't sure that will happen because he still hasn't heard from Brooke or Bridget. Megan tries to calm him down. They talk about how the trip is a new start for him and Bridget. Yeah.

Rick realizes Amber overheard him and Thorne's talk. Rick tries to explain, but to no avail.

Rick doesn't even know what dealing with Amber's recovery means. Amber states that she has changed and that she has to face the truth that she is an addict. Amber tells him he doesn't have to take care of her anymore. He says they took vows before God. Amber doesn't want to burden him with her problems, but Rick is adamant that they are in this together.

Stephanie takes Baby Logan from Brooke. Bridget says there isn't anything more to talk about. She has made her decision and she wants nothing to do with either Brooke or Deacon. She does vow to keep her secret, but Brooke doesn't care about that. Bridget does though. She doesn't want the family to suffer another scandal. Stephanie jumps in to say that they should all agree to keep the paternity of the child a secret. Bridget says that if Brooke ever wants to talk to her again, she'll cut Deacon out of her life. As for her, she no longer works at Forrester. She'll talk to Eric about that and to be honest it isn't any of Brooke's business. Brooke pleads with Bridget (from the floor), but she ignores her and asks Stephanie if she can take her car. She's okay to drive by the way. Stephanie agrees to stay with Brooke until the doctor arrives. Brooke begs Bridget to not leave, as the doctor arrives, but Bridget leaves and Brooke just sobs.

Rick tells Amber that their marriage is supposed to support them even in hard times. Amber says that she has to deal with this, but Rick argues that he can support her during her fight. Then, I get confused. Amber says it's going to be a long battle and that even though she had only been taking the pills for a few months; she has been fighting her "demons" for a long time. Okay, I only remember her pills being around in mid May to mid June. That's like a month, tops. Okay. Rick and Amber are like on two different pages because she thinks she can't give him the wife he wants, but he says he wants to be there for her. Finally, by the end of the scene, Amber finally sees he means what he says and they kiss.

The doctor tells Brooke that angels were looking after her and the baby tonight. She'll have to take the baby in for the usual tests and her obstetrician might want to examine them both. Stephanie isn't sure about going back to LA tonight, but Brooke wants to get out of there. The doctor congratulates them on a great birth. He jokes and says the baby's birth will be a "hot topic" at many family get togethers in the years to come. Stephanie rolls her eyes and says she hopes the baby has better accomplishments to talk about in her life then this. Brooke kinda looks away.

Bridget makes it home to the beach house and looks exhausted. She puts her keys down on table and sees a picture of her and Deacon. She picks it up and just sighs. Deacon comes and asks if it her. Bridget acts kinda bitchy, but Deacon doesn't notice it. He says he has a surprise for her and she notes how odd it is that he would say that. She has a surprise for him too.

Brooke sobs as the doctor leaves and Stephanie comments on her lack of control. Brooke tells her to shut it and for once I agree with her. Stephanie says she would like to leave, but then who would drive her back to LA? Brooke doesn't think she can face everyone back there now that Bridget knows the truth, but also she doesn't know where she wants to go. Stephanie tells her not to go home and start chasing guys. She needs to get her life in order for the baby's sake. Brooke agrees and says she has made such a mess of things with Bridget. Stephanie tells her to forget about Bridget and focus on the baby who by the way is a clean slate for her. If she's smart, she'll keep the baby's paternity a secret. She can still give the kid a normal life, but it's up to her. Brooke asks for help. She doesn't trust herself anymore what with all her mistakes. Stephanie agrees to for the child's sake. Then she says she'll try and look after both of them. Geez, what happened Stephanie? What happened to making Brooke pay? Oh well, love conquers all, right? That baby is a cutie though.

Deacon wonders what his surprise is. Hmm. I don't think you're gonna like it, Deacon. Bridget slowly explains that Brooke had her baby (I mean very slowly). Deacon seems a little too happy to know that the baby is okay and that it's a girl. He even smiles without really thinking about it. Bridget congratulates Deacon for his beautiful baby girl with Brooke. All the color rushes out of Deacon's face. Hah! I gotta see what happens tomorrow!

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