The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/2/02

By Matthew

Okay, Brookeís baby is coming and fast.  Bridget gets Stephanie, but doesnít think it would be possible for the baby to come so fast.  Stephanie explains that all births are different.  Bridget takes half of the sheet and helps Brooke get on the floor.  Itís not very graceful, but she makes it down.  Stephanie instructs Bridget to go wash her hands, but Brooke screams that the baby is coming right now!  Owww.  Bridget is a little shocked.  Stephanie tells Brooke not to push yet, but then eventually gives her the green light. 

Amber has a goodbye talk with her doctor at the rehab center.  Her doctor tells her she has to stay clean for herself and Amber agrees.  Amber looks pretty good and isnít so psycho like she was in May.  Hopefully she really is better.  After she leaves the room to go home, Amber looks a little flustered but quickly regains herself. 

Thorne and Rick have a discussion about Amberís homecoming though Rick says heís picking her up tomorrow not today, so it must be a surprise.  Thorne tells Rick that he has to be strong for Amber, but ultimately itís up to her to get better.  Rick informs Thorne that someone leaked out to the Inquisitor that Amber was in rehab.  Bummer.  I bet it was Sheila.  Man she is such a bitch.  Amber walks up and Thorne wonders if Rick is ready to deal with things.  Coming home from rehab isnít always pleasant.  Amber looks a little unnerved by Thorneís words. 

Back to the birth.  Screams!  Pain!  And then, a baby girl.  The three ladies and baby actually look happy together.  I bet Brooke feels 10 lbs lighter. 

Thorne tells Rick that Amber could potentially be a different woman after rehab.  He says that Amber doesnít have the flu and she will be recovering from her addiction for the rest of her life.  Okay, Thorne we get it already.  So does Amber who is still listening. 

Stephanie cuts the cord and per Brookeís request gives Bridget and Brooke a moment alone.  Brooke apologizes to Bridget again and then offers to let her hold the baby.  Bridget is taken aback by the fact that they just delivered a baby. 

Rick and Thorne finish talking and Amber finally comes in.  She seems kinda weird again and says she needs to stay in the guest house for a few weeks.  Oh lord.  Rick is stunned that she would want to be alone again. 

At the cabin, Brooke tries to play off the baby thing to get back in Bridgetís good graces.  Maybe?  Bridget almost goes for it, but Stephanie reminds her why she came up there.  Bridget tells her mother that this child is her only daughter now and she should take care of her.  She doesnít hate her, but she canít forgive her for what she did. 

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