The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/1/02

By Matthew

Greetings everyone! 

Great to be back from SD and this week is sure to be exciting on B&B.

In Massí office, he and Ridge are going over some figures, but Massí head isnít there.  Ridge realizes this and wonders what is going on.  He figures that Stephanie and Brooke have gotten into it again and thinks they should keep their distance from Forrester.  After all, the showing is only a few weeks away.  Mass assures him that it has nothing to do with business, which just peaks Ridgeís curiosity. 

Apparently I missed a good deal Friday, because Brooke is having contractions.  Stephanie calls Bridget back inside and says Brooke is in labor and they must go to the hospital.  Brooke says she canít make it, but Stephanie says her contractions just started.  Oops, Brooke was having them for a while but didnít tell anyone.  Okay, Brooke is my new Captain Idiot.  Also, itís hard for me to believe that Brooke could keep her mouth shut about anything.  Anyway, Stephanie is pretty adamant that Brooke is making it to the hospital.  Bridget agrees itís too far away, so Stephanie tells her to call the ambulance.  Bridget complies and according to the 9-11 operators, the ambulance is on call at the moment so itíll be at least an hour.  Argh.  Bridget tells them theyíll have to take her in.  Brooke refuses to have the baby in a car.  Oh yeah, Bridget refers to herself as Bridget Forrester when she makes the call.  Nice.  Stephanie gets really serious and in Brookeís face and says that if she really is going to have this baby, she isnít going to in front of Bridget even if it means Stephanie has to carry her down the mountain herself.  Whoa. 

Back in town, Darla hops in and tells Sally to close her eyes because she has a surprise.  Sally doesnít want to because all surprises are bad.  Darla just brings in the surprise and "surprise" itís CJ!  I actually knew it was going to be him because I read the casting news last week. 

Theme info time.  Well, in order to fit everyone on the short theme and also not get rid of Stephanie and Ericís pics at the end, the "The Bold" & "And The" & "Beautiful" shots in the middle (you know those silly model poses) were exchanged for character shots (with no words).  Everyone is still pretty much in the same place, Sheila is where "The Bold" was, CJ is where the "And The" was and Erica is where "Beautiful" used to be.  CJ and Sheilaís pictures are the old ones from when they used to be on the show.  Ziggyís picture was exchanged for what I like to call Matt Bís "Pimp-out" outfit.  Well, especially if he had some big gold chains around his neck. 

Brooke isnít going anywhere and Stephanie realizes her contractions are coming fast.  Brooke says whether Stephanie likes it or not she is having the baby right here right now. 

Sally is overjoyed to see CJ.  CJ explains it has been a rough year.  Sally told him he should have come home if he needed to. CJ says he needed to take care of it himself.  It was rough losing Becky, Macy, and Little Eric and Amber.  He wanted to be there for Sally, but he couldnít.  He threw himself into his work.  Although his grades are great and heís learning a lot (business kid), he missed his family so much.   He wanted to come home, but he wanted to stay away to forget all the bad things that happened.  That didnít work and he finally realized that he was afraid he would lose Sally too.  Sally assures him she, and Darla, and Clarke arenít going anywhere.  Ahh, tender moment. 

Ridge wishes Mass would tell him what is going on with Brooke and his mom.  Mass says if Ridge would handle the show, he will handle Stephanie.  Ridge realizes that Mass thinks Brooke and Stephanie are together.  Mass admits that if they are together, Brooke is the one they should be worried about. 

Stephanie starts to ask Bridget to do something, but she interrupts to ask if she should boil water.  Nah, just go crush some ice so Brooke can suck on it.  She goes to do that and Stephanie has another word with Brooke.  She tells her that she has humiliated her daughter beyond belief and now she wants her to witness the birth of Deaconís child.  Stephanie suggests that she get the caretaker to stay with Brooke until the doctor comes and she and Bridget will leave.  Brooke wonders if Stephanie is just trying to punish her.  Bridget interrupts and says they have to help Brooke.  Stephanie is furious with Brooke. 

CJ notices that things look better around Spectra.  CJ kinda bad talks Ridge and the Forresters in general.  When Ridge finally shows up CJ wants to know what the hell is going on.  Ridge is surprised to see CJ.  Ridge and Sally explain why he is there including the involvement with Marone industries.  CJ is shocked to hear that Spectra was bought out.  He canít believe that Sally would do this.  CJ is even more appalled at the fact that Ridge is the CEO now.  Sally explains that the company was in terrible financial trouble, but that is little comfort to CJ who storms out. 

Stephanie and Brooke argue about why Brooke was up in the cabin the first place.  Bridget breaks it up and says they need hot water, antiseptic, and towels.  Stephanie goes to get the stuff, not happily I might add.  Bridget stays with Brooke who tries to apologize for her actions.  She tells her this is not the time or the place. Suddenly, Brooke goes into some terrible screams.  Turns out the baby is coming out right now and Brooke calls Stephanie in a panic.  Oh no! 

See ya tomorrow!

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