The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/28/02

By Glynis

Bridget confronts her mother asking her about the baby. She demands to know how many times she slept with Deacon and where.  Brooke says not that many times. Bridget wants to know about all the times that they had been together and where. There were times that Bridget was looking for her husband and Brooke was with him.  Brooke has thrown her daughter away.  Brooke says that she could never throw her daughter away.  Bridget tells her mother that she is gone.  It is too late to fix this.  Brooke doesn't hate her daughter. She understands.  She owes her daughter the right to feel bad.  Bridget feels sick at the things that her mother is saying.  Her marriage wasn't a brilliant solution.  She was going to bring up another child in a loveless home.  Brooke keeps trying to touch her daughter and Bridget just pushes her away. What difference does this make?  These things don't just happen. You make choices and choices have consequences.  She points to her mother's stomach.  There is one.  There is another consequence.  Another child walking out.  Bridget tries to leave but Brooke stops her and asks that they start over.  Bridget thinks that would be great if they could just start over.  But Brooke is forgetting something, she has her daughter's baby inside her and Bridget can't overlook that.  She keeps picturing it.  She can't get past that and she shouldn't have to. She tells her mother that she doesn't have to leave Deacon.  Bridget tells her to go for it and follow her heart.  She walks past Brooke.  Brooke says that she is not going to lose her daughter. She really believes that her daughter is going to forgive her some day.  Bridget tells her that she doesn't want to be the new Ridge in her life.  Bridget has been waiting for her mother to grow up and she never did.  Bridget is done. She just wants out.  Bridget keeps trying to stop her daughter, but Brooke won't let her go.  Bridget tells her to take her energy and put it into the child.  Brooke promises that she will do anything.  Stephanie walks in and Brooke asks what she is doing that.  Brooke blames Stephanie for this happening.  Bridget defends her. This is about trust and not forgiveness. She will never trust her mother again.  Brooke can only blame herself for the way that things have turned out.  Brooke is so sorry.  Bridget tells her straight faced, "goodbye'.  Bridget walks out and Brooke tries to go to her but Stephanie stops her. She says that Bridget has said what she wanted and now Brooke has to accept it.  Suddenly, Brooke falls to her knees. She is panting.  "The baby, they baby." Stephanie looks at her and rolls her eyes.  Brooke looks up at Stephanie begging her to call a doctor.  "The baby, the baby" is coming she says.

Whip talks with Deacon, telling him that he respects him.  Deacon is thinking of taking Bridget on tour to get away. He is planning on leaving with her the next day.  If Deacon goes, he will not be there when the baby is born.  Deacon tells Whip that he wants to know everything that is going on in the child's life.  Whip promises him that.  That child will feel nothing but love, he says.

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