The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/27/02

By Matthew

Oh thank god!  Stephanie is driving Bridget up to Big Bear.  I was afraid she would do it alone and have another terrible crash.  Bridget still has the angry/hurt look on her face and Stephanie just looks worried.  By the way, Stephanie has a Mercedes.  Nice.  Brookeís words about how Bridget could not find out she was carrying Deaconís child echo throughout her head.  Stephanie says they are almost there, but says it isnít too late to back out and suggests they pull over and talk.  Bridget instructs her to keep driving. 

Brooke comes out of the cabin and anxiously looks for Bridget.  When she doesnít see her, she runs inside and calls Deacon.  He hasnít heard from Bridget, but does know that she contacted Brooke earlier.  They reason that Stephanie was telling the truth about Bridget otherwise, she wouldnít be up in the mountains.  Brooke tells Deacon she is waiting for Bridget to arrive and spend the night tonight.  Brooke is so relieved that Bridget didnít hear them talking.  Deacon suggests that after this is cleared up, he and Bridget will leave town for a while so he and Brooke can cool off and be less risky.  Brooke thinks that is a great idea.  Okay, they couldnít have thought of that yesterday?  Grr.  Brooke hears a car approach and is thankful Bridget is here. 

Outside, Stephanie tells Bridget she could wait a few days.  After all, Brooke is the master manipulator and will turn on all the emotions.  Bridget realizes that Stephanie thinks she will fall for that, but promises her she wonít.  Stephanie eventually concedes, but does add that she wishes Bridget would listen to her.  Bridget points out that they should all start listening to her and tells Stephanie she is going in there alone.  Stephanie tries to argue, but quickly gives in.  Bridget goes inside the house.  Yikes!  Stephanie thinks that maybe she should be worried about Brooke.  Hah, yeah. 

Inside, Brooke waits for Bridget and then the door finally opens.  Brooke rushes over to her and hugs her but she doesnít reciprocate.  Brooke doesnít notice and is just happy to see her I guess.  She tells Bridget to tell her all about what has happened today and then goes to make some tea.  Bridget just glares. 

Megan pays Deacon a visit and is relieved to hear that Bridget doesnít know jack about the affair.  Megan reminds him he is so lucky.  Deacon says things will work out between them. 

Stephanie calls Mass from the car.  Even in this late hour when he is sitting down to a book, he still has his suit on.  Haha.  She informs him of what is happening up there.  He thinks itís a big mistake to leave Bridget and Brooke alone. She may seem calm now, but if Brooke says one wrong thing, KABLAM! 

Inside, Bridget looks at a picture of her and her mom.  Brooke comes out with the tea.  Brooke asks about her friend and the accident.  At first Bridget doesnít realize what she is talking about, but then realizes Stephanie talked to her.  Brooke goes on with the conversation without knowing what was happening.  She reminds her to call Deacon because he is very worried.  Big mistake here, she tells Bridget that her running off like that gave everyone quite a scare.  Brooke says she means everything to her.  Bridget gets snippy and says they need to talk about how much she means to her, Brooke looks a little confused. 

Deacon informs Megan that he and Bridget should leave town for a while and thanks her for the idea.  He tells her that Brooke is all for it.  Oh gross, Megan says that Brooke and Deacon were just going through this whole mess doing the best they could.  Yuck!  Deacon admits his best was pretty pathetic. 

Stephanie says that she doubts things would get violent between the two of them.  What she is worried about is Brooke talking her way out of this.  She points out that when we want to be lied to, we sometimes believe stupid things.  She says that on the way up she saw a look on Bridgetís face (pure rage?) that makes her think she will survive. Stephanie isnít so sure about Brooke. 

Brooke canít believe that she is asking her that.  She is closer to her than anyone.  Bridget says that is all about to change.  Brooke thinks she is talking about the baby and hopes she isnít jealous.  Brooke also thinks the baby will bring them all closer.  Okay?  Bridget gets a bit more testy when Brooke tells her to call Deacon.  She says he should be glad she isnít with him.  Brooke wonders if she is angry with him and Bridget says she knows what the problem is.  Brooke guesses itís the sex thing again and wants to know if it has gotten better.  Brooke starts to realize that something is going on.  Bridget gets angry and says she doesnít know what itís like to grow up with Brooke as a mother.  When Brooke goes to hug her, Bridget pulls away and I know Brooke knows something is up. 

Megan asks Deacon if heíll be gone when the baby is born.  Yeppers.  Deacon says it has to be this way.  He thinks itíll be harder if he was there.  Megan thinks he is starting to accept things.  Deacon says he used to think that maybe things wouldnít be so bad if Bridget found out, well now he knows how bad it would be.  They had a huge scare today. 

Stephanie doesnít feel pity for Brooke.  Mass states that most people canít escape life with all their innocence.  Stephanie knew it would happen sooner or later but wishes it hadnít been stolen from Bridget all at once.  She canít forgive for that and probably Bridget wonít be able to as well. 

Things heat up in the cabin when Bridget asks Brooke if she knows what it was like having to defend her as a child.  It wasnít just what Stephanie would say, but also what teachers, coaches, other kids, and even strangers in the market would say.  Bridget would tell them they didnít know her mother, but now she has realized that they were all right.  She touches Brookeís abdomen and Brooke backs away.  Bridget tells her she knows the truth.  Brooke is horrified. 

Hey, I just noticed that John F. Smith no longer writes for the show, but is an "Executive Story Consultant" now.  Only 2 writers now?  See ya later! 

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