The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/26/02

By Matthew

At Deacon and Bridget’s, Deacon swears that Bridget should call.  Brooke tries to calm him down.  She’s the calm one this time.  Deacon says that no matter what happened, Bridget should have called.  After she tells him about how Bridget picked up her call, but didn’t say anything, he’s even more concerned that something is wrong.  He tells her that the funny feeling she had earlier may have been right on the money. 

At Mass’, and on the balcony, Bridget recalls when she went to Brooke for sex advice a few months ago.  You know, when Deacon and she hadn’t done the nasty in over a month.  Brooke is of course uncomfortable and says she doesn’t have time to help her.  Coming back to the present, Bridget cries that she trusted Brooke.  Then she recalls when she gave Brooke the cute wedding presents.  That teary memory makes Bridget sob and sob. 

Mass and Stephanie talk about Bridget’s situation.  Stephanie is the most concerned that the baby Deacon and Brooke are having will be a constant reminder of how they betrayed Bridget.  Mass can’t believe that Brooke has caused so much pain in her life.  Stephanie wants Bridget to talk to Taylor before she talks to Brooke.  She just doesn’t know what would happen if Brooke and Bridget were in the same room.  Just then, Bridget comes out and wants to borrow Stephanie’s car; she wants to go see Brooke. 

Eric’s working in his office and he notices Bridget’s picture.  He of course is very worried about Bridget.  Kristen comes in and is a little perturbed to see her dad still there.  She wants to help him, but he says she can go on home to Tony and Zende.  Speaking of Zende, Daniel Smith is off the cast list.  Maybe I don’t understand contracts well, but all that time while "John Q" was out, he was on the cast, but never on the show, then, they take him off the theme song during the whole Erica thing, and now he’s totally out.  What’s up with that?  Kristen is concerned that they have put too many of their "eggs" in one place with Amber’s line.  She feels they are stretching themselves too thin with Amber in rehab.  I think she’s just worried about Ridge taking over Spectra. 

Brooke realizes that they have to do something.  She wants to go up to Big Bear to see her.  Deacon isn’t for it all, but Brooke is adamant.  She wants him to stay in case Bridget calls.  She leaves for the mountains. 

Stephanie doesn’t want Bridget to go over there, but does suggest talking to Taylor.  Bridget doesn’t want anyone else to find out about the affair.  Mass points out that everyone will know eventually.  Once Brooke knows the secret is out, she no longer needs to keep her relationship with Deacon a secret.  Oh gross, that’s pretty low for Brooke even.  Stephanie doesn’t know what Brooke would do, but knows Bridget needs time to deal with this before she goes over there. 

Taylor pays Eric and Kristen a visit.  Kristen is less than thrilled to see her.  Eric questions Taylor about what Ridge is doing at Mass.  It’s a nice questioning, not like he’s fishing for info or anything.  Kristen rolls her eyes with Taylor says Ridge is working on an acquisition of a company.  Eric has to take off for something, but is glad she stopped by. 

Outside of the office, Brooke calls Eric on his cell.  She’s in the car on her way up to Big Bear.  She tells him why she’s going up there, but nothing makes sense to him.  He doesn’t think there was an accident, because Bridget was too distraught for that.  She is adamant that she will find Bridget up at Big Bear.  Eric tells her to call him once she has found Bridget, but she hangs up.  She tells herself she’s going to find out what the hell is going on. 

Mass tries to level with Bridget about going over to see Brooke.  Bridget is too angry and even lashing out at Brooke won’t make her feel any better.  The thing to do now is to let him and Stephanie help her and then they can all sit down and decide what to do together. 

Kristen is very abrasive with Taylor during this scene.  Taylor tries to convince her that Ridge is trying to restore honor and dignity to Forrester Creations and their dad.  Kristen doesn’t quite see it that way.  She says the only reason she didn’t blow Ridge out of the water was because he is trying to show the world that tradition will always outlast the new trends.  That doesn’t mean though that she’s going to do nothing.  She tells Taylor she’s going to work her ass off on this collection and it will be great.  Kristen is pretty much a bitch and Taylor manages to keep a happy face and not return the bitchyness.  Woof! 

Deacon calls Brooke at Big Bear and she relays that no one has been up there for weeks and there is still no sign of her.  She called the hospital and they said visiting hours are over.  Brooke gets a beep and wow it’s Bridget.  She tells her to stay put up at Big Bear and that she’ll be up in a while. After getting off the phone, Stephanie pleads with Bridget to wait and not face Brooke yet, but she is adamant she will face her mother.   

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