The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/25/02

By Matthew

Stephanie brings Bridget to Massí.  Bridget canít believe Brooke did this to her and Stephanie cannot give her any explanations right now. Although Bridget doesnít feel she should be there, Stephanie reminds her she needs time to deal with the situation before she sees Brooke.  This is the perfect place for her to do that.  Mass says she can stay in the guest room. 

Bridget gets herself settled in the guest room and is very upset.  Stephanie offers to call Taylor, but Bridget would rather be alone.  They leave her alone.  Bridget cries into the night. 

Alone, Bridget recalls her impromptu second wedding to Deacon after Kristen and Tonyís wedding.  She realizes all of Deaconís promises were lies.  More crying ensues and you get the picture. 

Mass is in total disbelief that Brooke could do something like this to Bridget and doesnít think sheíll ever recover from this trauma.  Stephanie assures him that she will get Bridget through this nightmare. 

Stephanie explains how she had to lie to Brooke to buy some time for Bridget.  It took a lot of her strength not to blow Brooke out of the water.  Mass is impressed, but Stephanie says it was what she had to do for Bridget, who she loves very much. 

Deacon and Brooke talk about how Bridget does not know the truth about them.  Brooke doesnít feel everything is right, but after Deacon talk with her, knows Bridget is okay.  They are both relieved that Bridget did not find out the truth.  I still think itís funny theyíre happy one of Bridgetís friendís is seriously injured.  In spite of being relieved, Brooke wishes Bridget would call her.  She just needs to hear she is okay.  Same old conversations continue "Bridget can never find out.." yada yada yada. 

Erica and Rick continue their evening.  Iím not going to bore myself with all the details.  Erica continues to act all giggly about having this wonderful blue dress on.  She feels magically and so on.  The talk moves over to Ericaís mom and how she made her take dancing lessons as a kid.  Rick notes that Ericaís mom and his dad would probably make a good team (neither would let their children quit on things).  Get the oh so subtle irony?  Cute.  The most interesting thing during the evening is when Erica admits to Rick she has a crush on him.  Haha!  Rick takes it all well and enjoys all of Ericaís wonderful compliments.  They keep things rather platonic throughout the rest of the evening and Erica goes to change.  She exclaims to herself that this is a great night. 

At the end of the show, Brooke gets a cell phone call from Bridget.  Brooke desperately yells into the phone for Bridget.  Bridget screams that Brooke is no longer her mother!  Oh no! 

All right, see you tomorrow. 

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