The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/24/02

By Matthew

Okay, so at the end of Fridayís show, Stephanie was strangling the hell out of Brooke.  Well, the show doesnít start with that scene, but Iíll start there anyway.  Stephanie shouts to a half dead Brooke that she promised her she would pay if Bridget ever found out the truth.  Suddenly, Stephanie awakens from a day-dream/fantasy and says to herself that she would enjoy killing Brooke, but she canít do that right now.  Right now, she needs to buy some time because Bridget isnít ready to deal with her yet.  Brooke really does pull up to the guest house this time and comes running in looking for Bridget.  Again, Stephanie is coy with her as she frantically searches the house.  Stephanie finally explains that there was a boating accident with one of Bridgetís friends up at Big Bear and sheís left to go up there.  At first, this makes no sense to Brooke, but I think she is so relieved, she eventually believes Stephanieís lies.  As Brooke drives away in her car Stephanie glares at her and says that her moment is close at hand and she will pay for what she has done.

Sheila looks out the window of Ericaís apartment and says to herself that things are finally coming together.  Rick is spending another night alone with Erica while Amber is in drug rehab.  Folks, I still donít believe the age thing, but whatever.  It makes Amber seem ancient.

Sheila pulls out a picture of Erica from I guess a few years ago. Sigh, the awfulness of bangs that I think every girl goes through.  Anyway, Sheila says she raised Erica to be a fine woman, unlike Amber.  I think itís funny that Sheila is calling Amber trash. 

Sheila looks at a picture of Rick that Erica hung up and then one of Amber, Eric, and Rick.  She puts her finger on Amber and says she has never been good enough for Rick.  Oh geez.  She puts Ericaís picture over Amberís.  Sheila says that Rick will see Erica is much better suited for him than Amber. 

Over at Brookeís, Eric, Erica, and Rick eat some dinner..on the sofa.  Okay, what kind of moron lets a 2 year old eat dinner on an expensive sofa and not even at a table..or in a high chair?  Anyway, they laugh at how Eric is wearing more of his food than eating it.  They talk about how Eric got his terror streak from Rick and not Amber.  More pointless talk ensues and I assume the writers are trying to show us a developing friendship. 

Erica canít believe they ate the whole pizza and Rick notes that Erica only had 2 pieces.  Eric gets tired from stuffing himself full of pizza.  Erica suggests that they call it a night, but Rick says heíll take him up to bed and be back in a minute.  Erica notes after he leaves that there isnít any place sheíd rather be. 

Erica clears off the table and then daydreams yet again.  In her dream, Rick has a glass of liquor and is talking about the mysteries of life.  Theyíre talking about how Amber has had problems and how Erica helped Rick through the tough times.  Or wait, maybe sheís recalling something that happened during my two week hiatus.  At any rate, Rick comes downstairs and that snaps Erica out of it.  Erica says she is having a wonderful time taking care of Rick and Eric.  She feels kinda guilty that she is enjoying her work.  They talk more about how Amber is so lucky and how Erica would just love to wear an original Forrester dress.  Rick plays it off like it isnít a big deal, but Erica points out that he has always been in the good life and he doesnít know any differently.  After all the talk, Rick suggests Erica try one of Amberís dresses on.  Erica doesnít want to at first, but Rick talks her into it.  Aww. 

Erica comes down in her, eh I mean, Amberís dress.  Itís this long blue dress.  It goes well with her hair.  Rick is taken aback by the dress.  Apparently, itís one of Ericís best designs.  The talk a lot about how Erica looks and feels like a princess.  Erica wants to go take it off, but Rick says she should keep it on for a while.   

Deacon smokes a cigarette in Brookeís office and is in a panic.  Whip tells him he hasnít heard anything from Brooke yet.  Deacon just wants to wait until they hear from Brooke before they do anything.  Whip knows Stephanie will ambush Brooke if she gets the chance.

Deacon deludes himself into thinking that Bridget didnít hear him and Brooke because no one has said anything yet.  OkayÖ?    

Brooke calls Deacon and explains how Bridget didnít hear anything.  They seem too relieved that one of Bridgetís friends could be critically injured.  Brooke says Bridget can never find out about the two of them.  Too late.  She turns the car on and leaves.

Right after Brooke leaves, Bridget runs in and wants to know what Stephanie said to Brooke.  Bridget wants to go after her and talk to her now.  Stephanie tells her to calm down and that sheíll have plenty of time to deal with Brooke.  Bridget remarks "You bet I will."  Haha!  Fight time! 

See u tomorrow.      

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