The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/21/02

By Matthew

Ah, the joys of Friday, but tell me is this really the first day of summer?

Brooke tries to get in touch with Bridget, but no one has heard from her and she isn’t answering her cell.  Whip’s with Brooke in her office, and he isn’t too pleased with her.  He berates her for her behavior and being with Deacon alone.  Just then, Deacon and Megan come in.  Deacon asks if they have found Bridget, but nope.  Deacon asks her where she is tried to reach her.  Just about everywhere.  Deacon adds that Bridget does like to go to the beach when she is upset, but Whip says that is no help. Deacon and Whip get into a shouting match, but Brooke quickly fizzles it out and says they are not helping.  Then, Eric comes in and tells them that Bridget is at his house.  She runs to call the house, but Eric says that she is very upset.

In the guest house, Stephanie holds Bridget on the sofa, but she notices how late it is.  Stephanie says she has all the time in the world.  Stephanie adds that Bridget shouldn’t stay here, b/c Brooke and Deacon will come looking for her.  In her mind, facing the two of them later is the better decision.  Stephanie says Bridget has to make some decisions about where to go and what to do.  Bridget says she knows exactly where she is headed: the front page of the tabloids.  She calls Deacon an ass and thinks he never cared about her, but what she really doesn’t understand is her mother’s actions.  Stephanie tells her to forget about Brooke and start thinking about herself.  She adds she shouldn’t even talk to her again.  Bridget angrily replies that Brooke doesn’t get off that easy.  Ooh yeah! 

Eric says that he doesn’t know what is wrong with Bridget.  He thinks Deacon should know what is going on.  Brooke is horrified to know that Bridget specifically asked Eric not to call her.  Brooke immediately rushes out to the house to find Bridget.  Deacon wants to go, but Brooke tells him she will handle it. 

Stephanie doesn’t think she is ready to talk to her mother.  Bridget says she will never be ready to deal with this situation.  Stephanie wonders what Bridget expects her mother to say because she’s dealt with Brooke before.  First, she’ll deny it, then she’ll confess and last she’ll make excuses about how they love each other.  Same stuff with Thorne and Ridge.  Bridget recalls how Deacon begged her for another chance at the hospital.  She didn’t think she had anything else to lose, but boy was she wrong.  She’s lost her mother.

In her car, Brooke is terrified about Bridget knowing about the affair.  Brooke recalls her words to Deacon that Bridget overheard.  She apologizes to Bridget over and over again. 

Eric tells Megan to call him as soon as she has heard from Bridget.  Whip tells Deacon to go home and start packing.  He then shouts at Deacon for his stupidity.  Megan lays into him about how he isn’t helping and they don’t even know if Bridget knows the truth yet.  Deacon says it was accident, but Whip lays into him about how he has ruined Bridget and probably Brooke.  He tells him to get the hell out of their lives. 

Stephanie invites Bridget to stay at Mass’ with her.  She’ll have privacy and she won’t have to deal with Brooke or Deacon.  Bridget wonders if it is right to leave the two of them in the dark, but Stephanie reminds her they did that to her.  Bridget smirks that they will probably enjoy the time alone together.  She thinks that it’s a good idea to go to Mass’.  She needs some air and Stephanie suggests the pool.  Stephanie wonders when Brooke will ever stop destroying lives.  The phone rings and its Eric.  Stephanie lies and says she doesn’t know what is going on with Bridget.  He informs her that Brooke is heading over.  Eric warns her not to cause Bridget more stress by getting into it with Brooke.  She promises to do what is right for Bridget.  After the phone call ends, Stephanie adds she’ll do that even if it means she has to kill Brooke.  Whoa. 

Brooke’s still in her car and is thinking that Stephanie is poisoning Bridget against her.  She wonders if she is too late and has lost her daughter. 

Whip lashes out at Deacon and says everyone will want Brooke’s blood after they find out. 

Stephanie says that she promised Brooke that if Bridget ever found out, there would be hell to pay.  She recalls telling Brooke that the wrath of God had nothing on her.  Just then, Stephanie sees Brooke’s car pull up.  She knows she has to wait though before she destroys Brooke.  She has to take care of Bridget.  She glares out the window in spite of all that though. 

Deacon thinks Brooke is in danger and wants to go help her.  Megan says that is a bad idea and he shouldn’t do that.  Since Bridget is there too, she will keep Stephanie in check when it comes to Brooke. 

Uh-oh.  It’s show time.  Stephanie is coy with Brooke when she comes in.  She doesn’t tell her where she is or what happened, at first.  Stephanie tries to leave, but Brooke stops her and says she has to know what happened.  Brooke wants to help Bridget.  Stephanie says the last thing Bridget needs is Brooke’s help.  Stephanie says Brooke is a slut who chose Deacon over her own daughter.  She then calls her a whiner who is always in love when Brooke tries to explain.  Brooke wonders why she is being so mean to her when she was nice earlier.  Stephanie says she was a fool for ever believing Brooke could do the right thing.  Finally, Stephanie admits Bridget knows the truth.  Brooke tries to leave to find Bridget, but Stephanie won’t let her go.  She slams the door and says she isn’t going anywhere near Bridget. She won’t let her kill her.  She then proceeds to grab Brooke by the neck and strangles her to the ground.  Geez! 

How crazy is that?   Have a good weekend!   

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