The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/20/02

By Matthew

Well, itís another sad day in the world of Bridget. 

Bridget is pretty angry with Stephanie for keeping the affair a secret and wants to know how it happened.  Stephanie explains that she found out about it after it was already over.  In her mind, the best thing to do was give Bridget and Deaconís marriage a chance to work itself out.  Stephanie does admit that she shouldnít have told Bridget she was being paranoid before.  Bridget wonders how Brooke could do this to her.  She recalls going to her when she and Deacon were having sex problems.  Stephanie tries to get Bridget to realize that all that isnít important, even Brooke and Deacon, what is important is what she is going to do now.  Bridget canít even think about that.  She adds that no matter where she goes or what she does or who she is around, sheíll always remember the pain, shame, and disgust she feels at this moment.  In an emotional moment, Stephanie exclaims that Brooke is not a fit mother and that if Bridget wants, sheíll (Stephanie) be there for her as her mother.  She actually says sheíll be her mother.  Interesting, but of course very sad. 

Meanwhile, at Brookeís house, Whip comes downstairs to a panicky Brooke.  She asks him where he and Erica were and explains she could hear them very well.  Whip thinks her being upset has to do with some movie Whip panned, but nah that isnít even close.  She explains that someone might have overheard her and Deacon talking earlier because of the monitor.  Whip gets a little upset, but remains in control and calls Erica down to ask her if she heard anything.  Erica explains that she and Eric were out by the pool most of the afternoon and didnít hear anything important.  Whip is relieved, but Brooke asks Erica where Bridget was.  She thinks she was in the living the baby monitor.  Erica leaves and Brooke is mortified that Bridget might have overheard the two of them talking. Whip wants to know exactly what she and Deacon said to each other.  Brooke says that is moot, because if Bridget overheard the conversation, she most definitely knows the truth.  Yep. 

At Bridget and Deaconís beach house, Deacon attempts to marinate some Cornish hens (I think) in beer?  He tries reading the recipe but is confused and wonders how after working in bars and restaurants for years, he never learned anything about cooking.  Geez, start off with something a little easier, like spaghetti or even pork roast.  Megan comes over, much to Deaconís relief to help him out.  She explains how to tie the wing or the bird to something.  Eh, irrelevant I suppose.  He isnít eating dinner with Bridget.  Megan even corrects him that if they wash their hands they wonít get Salmonella (he thought they would get Botchalism) Hah!  They start talking about how he is trying to move on with Bridget.  If the truth got out it would destroy Bridget and worse, it would destroy Brooke.  He canít believe he pressured Brooke so much and realizes she could have lost the baby.  Megan is proud of him for moving on.  Okay time out!  These people, including Megan have nothing to be proud of.  Meganís pretty guilty of hiding the truth for months and months. Sheís lied to everyone.  Deacon flip flops so much, he reminds of Bill Clinton.  Argh.  Anyway, Megan suggests that Deacon go on one of Bridgetís modeling trips.  She says that something good may come out of their marriage.  You never know right? 

Okay, tomorrow, eh today, more "Get it on" promos about how Brooke doesnít want to lose her daughter and if she could forgive her, she would do anything.  Yeah yeah

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