The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/19/02

By Matt

Well hey everyone…it’s good to be back.

Okay so what’s been going on lately on B&B? Well Bridget just found about her mom and Deacon.  Ouch!

Bridget’s pretty hysterical with Eric at the beginning of the show. Eric thinks Deacon has done something, but Bridget denies it and wants him to leave right now.  When Eric offers to call Brooke, Bridget has a fit.  She kicks him out right then and sobs.

Brooke, who looks so much more pregnant now, calls Bridget’s cell but gets her voice mail.  She gets mushy over the phone and thanks Bridget for the baby shower.   Erica comes down and overhears part of it.  Brooke is a little surprised to see her, but didn’t mind her overhearing.  Erica came down to get the rest of baby shower presents, but Brooke says she got two of the same thing and she should leave one of them to be exchanged.  When neither of them can find it, Erica guesses Bridget got it when she was back.  Brooke is surprised to hear that Bridget came back.  Erica eventually finds the toy and heads up stairs.  Whip enters the house and wants to get naked with Brooke.  Same ol Whip.  He doesn’t believe Brooke when she says they aren’t alone, but is surprised to hear Erica’s voice over the baby monitor.  Why did they even leave that thing on?

Brooke explains that the voice is Erica’s on the baby monitor.  Whip says they should just swim now.  At first she doesn’t want to, but after Whip whines, Brooke gives in.  Whip remarks what a good mood she is in.  They talk about Bridget some.  Brooke realizes she did the right thing and after talking with Deacon, thinks he feels the same way. 

Eric is relieved to see Stephanie at the house.  He called her over because something is terribly wrong with Bridget, who is in the guest house.  Eric asks Stephanie if something bad happened at the shower.  Nope, not that she could tell.  Stephanie wants to go talk to Bridget and advises Eric not to call Brooke.  It’s obvious she doesn’t want to talk to Brooke.  Stephanie leaves for the guest house and prays Bridget didn’t find out about the affair.   

Bridget sits on the couch and hugs a pillow.  She whimpers that Deacon and her move were together.    

Stephanie tries to get Bridget to open the door.  Bridget recalls Brooke’s words about how the secret must be safe with her, Whip, Deacon, and Stephanie.  Bridget realizes Stephanie knew about the affair and angrily glances at the door.  Bridget tells her to go away, but Stephanie insists she let her in.  She tells her how Eric wanted to call Brooke, but she stopped her.  Stephanie says she just wants to help her.  When she gets no response, she turns around to leave.  Just then, Bridget opens the door. 

Bridget asks her sarcastically if she really wants to help her and then halfway closes the door.  Stephanie follows her in.  Bridget angrily reminds her how Stephanie told her she was being paranoid when she thought something was wrong between Brooke and Deacon.  She tells her she admired her for her honesty.  She even laughs at herself at how bad she is at judging people.  Things get a little physical when Bridget demands that Stephanie tell her what was going on and uses her finger to emphasize her anger.  Bridget remarks that Brooke was right that Stephanie was evil and manipulative.  She also admits that she was right about Brooke being a whore.  Bridget collapses into Stephanie’s arms sobbing. 

Brooke explains how she and Deacon platonically talked about how they were over each other and how important Bridget is to both of them.  Deacon even apologized for how he got mad after Brooke was married.  Whip explains that he was talking to Stephanie about how careful they need to be.  Brooke says they had the door closed and they were talking very quietly.  Whip decides not to make this an issue and goes to change into his suit.  Brooke thinks they should call Bridget and have her come over.  Whip explains that Deacon and Bridget never ate lunch, because he couldn’t find her.  Deacon eventually went to a meeting.  Brooke wonders where Bridget is.

Brooke calls Megan to see what’s going on.  She’s also looking for Bridget.  Megan hasn’t seen her and remarks that Deacon was looking for her.  Eh, no biggie.  They finish talking and Brooke speculates that Bridget is taking a nap or something.  Brooke lies down on the sofa.  She listens to Erica and Whip talking over the baby monitor and then it hits her.  Bridget might have heard her and Deacon talking! 

Stephanie asks Bridget how she found out.  Stephanie becomes angry when she hears that Bridget overheard them talking about making sacrifices.  Bridget is even more horrified to hear that Deacon loves Brooke and that her baby is his child.  She cries and cries. 

Get it on!  Tomorrow, Brooke is in hot water! 

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