The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/18/02

By  Glynis

Bridget has just learned the truth about her mother and Deacon. She continues to listen on the baby monitor. Deacon says that he has made his peace with how things are going to be. He is going to watch her raise their child with Whip and he is going to stay with Bridget. Bridget listens as tears roll down her face. Deacon promises that Bridget is going to be happy. She deserves that. Brooke will take care of his child and she is going to give the baby a good life. The baby kicks and Brooke asks Deacon if he would like to feel it. He puts his hand on her stomach and they both smile at each other. Back in the other room, Bridget is about to puke and she rolls on the floor and crawls out of the room. The baby monitor is left on the floor and the indicating lights show that it has been left onÖDeacon is finished talking to Brooke and they hug. There are tears in her eyes as he holds her close to him.

Eric is glad that Kristen is trying to get along with Amber and help her. She knows that Ridge has lost a lot losing Forester. Eric asks if she has been talking to her brother. He is worried that Massimo has been getting to her as well. Kristen tells him that Brooke is the one that screwed up everything. Why isnít Eric angry with her?

Whip is on the phone trying to be a good husband and thinking up something special for Brooke. Stephanie comes in looking for Deacon. Whip thinks that Deacon is at lunch. Stephanie tells him that the shower was lovely. Whip knows that this isnít a fairytale. Everything in his eyes has turned out better than they thought. Bridget is not going to learn the truth. He is sure that they are close to being out of the woods. Deacon has been the wildcard in all of this but things are starting to change. He has become more accepting of the situation. Brooke has given Deacon no other choice. It is true that Whip and he have become very close. Stephanie knows that Brooke loves her daughter and that has been the only constant in her life. No one wants to jeopardize that for Bridget. Stephanie begs him not to be naÔve. If this comes out, Whipís life is going to fall apart as well.

Bridget gets home and she closes the door and all the windows. She stands in the dark. She remembers the things that her husband said to her mother. "That was the most incredible night that I have ever spent." Bridget falls to the floor crying. Then there is her motherís voice. "Bridget can never find out that I am pregnant with your child." Bridget cries out in pain as she remembers the conversation. All this time, they have been going on behind her back. Bridget remembers her mother talking about terrible mistakes and crying and crying. She only told Bridget that she loves her over and over. Bridget assured her mother that she loves her too and back then she couldnít imagine anything that would get between them. She remembers asking her mother if she was in love with the babyís father. Her mother told her that she was in love with the man. Bridget was glad for her then and she hugged her mother tightly. Bridget rolls over and pukes her guts out at the thought of her husband being in love with her mother. Then she sobs and sobs like a little child. She thought that her mother watching her and thinking was her mother being happy for her to have found the perfect man. That wasnít the reason and she knows that now. She picks herself up off the ground and sits on the arm of a chair. She remembers Whip talking about her finding something out and she walked in on the tail end of his conversation with Brooke and Deacon. She should have put it together but she never thought that her own mother would have screwed her over like that. Eric walks in and finds her crying and saying that she wants to be alone. He wants to know what is wrong. She shouts at him. "IWANT TO BE ALONE DAD!" He moves to her to comfort her and get to the source of her hurt. When he touches her she freaks out. "DONíT TOUCH ME!" She jumps backwards away from him. Eric stares at her in stunned disbelief.

Stephanie is ready to leave Deaconís office as she is alone now and Deacon arrives. She wants to make sure that he is not going to do anything to spoil Bridgetís life. She wonders if he is holding back. He jokes that he is so afraid of her that he is going to behave. Stephanie tells him again that he has a treasure in Bridget. This is his last chance with that girl. She thinks that he will figure things out finally when he loses her. He has to remember that he has a wonderful young girl that is madly in love with him. She hates to see that girl stuck with a son-of-a-bitch like him. If the truth came out, Bridget would probably kill him.

Erica is with Little Eric when Brooke comes down and finds them with the baby monitor. Erica tells her that Bridget was there earlier. It seems that she has left. Erica picks up Little Eric and leaves the house. Brooke looks at the toys in the house and she smiles as she picks up one of them and plays with it. Not far from her is the baby monitor with its lights shining and blinking as it is still on.

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