The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/17/02

By Glynis

Taylor comes to see her husband and hears about the shower. Stephanie was there and he is not surprised. She tells him that they have to talk. Taylor feels bad for Amber and her problems. She knows that her husband has problems of his own and he is angry and wants retribution. That bothers Taylor very much. She thinks that he competing with Forester turns her on. She walks to the door and locks it. He can’t believe that she is in his corner and feels sexy for him, as she has been sympathetic to the Foresters lately. Who cares? When Taylor is hot, she is hot. She moves to the portrait of Ridge on the wall and remarks that he looks like a lion that is ready to pounce. That is the way that Ridge is. When he sees something that he wants, he goes and gets it. She turns to him and rubs his big, strong and powerful shoulders. She says a lot of sexy talk and they finally break out laughing and then kissing. The make hot sweaty sex in the office. It has been a while since they have done that. This is a special occasion. Ridge would like to make this a new habit. The décor at his new office is really different from his old office.

Whip is at work talking messages for Deacon. Whip is worried that Deacon is with Brooke again. Meagan thinks that he shouldn’t worry about Brooke screwing up again. Whip is happy to learn that the shower went well. There were some wonderful gifts. A baby monitor was one of them. Meagan can’t remember seeing Brooke that relaxed and Stephanie was incredible. She told Brooke that she has earned respect. Whip knew that this party was a good idea. He feels that everything is going to come together. This couldn’t have happened if she was with Deacon. Whip is sure now that marrying him was the best thing that she could have done. Meagan agrees. The party made a good impression on Brooke and Stephanie even made a speech. Brooke is not over Deacon but she is committed to the marriage. Meagan thinks that Whip is not totally out of the woods yet. She doesn’t want him getting overly confident. The feelings involved will not disappear overnight and Brooke is not going to jump into being a wife overnight. Brooke will need a little more time to see what is right for her. Whip is sure that if they can keep a lid on this until the baby is born, everything will be all right. Meagan would like all the bad things to be over for everyone’s sake. Meagan wanted Brooke and Deacon together once but that was a very long time ago. Bridget could never handle something like this. Bridget might not be able to trust anyone if the truth gets out.

Bridget is listening to her mother talk to Deacon on the baby monitor. She hears her husband tell her mother that he loves her more than anyone else. Deacon and Brooke are finished talking. Bridget is the most important thing in Brooke’s life and she will not let her daughter down. Bridget doesn’t get what is going on. What does Brooke’s marriage have to do with her? Deacon is telling her mother that he knows her. Everything that they have gotten has been because of them fighting. "…When I think about everything that we have done, we have done out of love. I admire that about you and I love that about you…You have made your decision and it is settled." Bridget has to wonder what her husband means by saying to her mother that ‘it is settled." Brooke doesn’t think that they should talk about this anymore. He doesn’t want anymore tension with them. Bridget continues to listen.

Brooke: I guess that it has been a while since we have had a normal conversation.

Bridget thinks that they have had an argument and they are making up.

Deacon: If anyone told me that things would have worked out the way that they have, I would have laughed in their face.

Brooke: You have made me happier than I have been in my whole life. I needed you. I didn’t’ mean for things to get so messed up. I couldn’t help myself. You were so gentle and compassionate.

Deacon: that was the most incredible night that I have ever had. I will never regret making love to you Brooke.

Bridget has her confirmation now. She can barely breathe after hearing what she has just heard. Her eyes are as big as saucers. She thinks that maybe she heard them wrong.

Brooke: I finally found someone that I finally got a connection with. I just can’t believe that it is with my daughter’s husband.

Deacon: Nothing will ever change the way that I feel for you.

Brooke: I have to protect my daughter. We have to stick to the plan. I am going to feel guilty about this for the rest of my life. Maybe I could have said something to her.

Deacon: That is all behind us now. We can never allow Bridget to find out the truth.

Brooke: She would never recover. Promise me that you will never say anything to Bridget. Bridget can never find out that I am pregnant with your child.

Bridget is holding the baby monitor at this time and she drops it when she hears her mother say that she is pregnant with Deacon’s child.

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