The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/14/02

By Glynis

Deacon is at work listening to Whip on the phone. Whip is on the top of the world. Deacon thinks that he is slick. Whip is good at what he does. Deacon tells him that he almost bought it about the honeymoon, but he knows Brooke so well. He is sure that Brooke didn’t sleep with him. He reminds Whip that the baby belongs to him. Whip tells him that Bridget is having a shower for her mother and he is sure that Brooke is having the time of her life there. Deacon thinks that the shower is not the family gathering that Whip thinks that it is. Whip thinks that the shower is going great and wouldn’t be if everyone thought that the baby was Deacon. Whip knows that Bridget, Brooke and Stephanie are going to be getting along great because of them thinking that the baby is Whip’s. This is the end of the line and Deacon shouldn’t get his hopes up because there is no way that Brooke will betray her daughter now. Deacon thinks that going on with this charade is not the answer. They are only prolonging the inevitable. Whip tells him that Brooke doesn't want him and doesn’t want anyone to know that he is the father of the baby. Deacon thinks that Whip is going to wish that he had shut Deacon up.

At the shower, all the ladies are having a nice time. It is time to open the presents. She gets a baby monitor from Bridget and a crib. Stephanie watches Brooke and seems to be in deep thought. Meagan tells Brooke that something special is coming up. Brooke opens an envelope and gets a coupon for 5 free massage treatments. Meagan thinks that it is time that Brooke puts up her feet and relaxes. She wants Brooke to relax and enjoy her pregnancy and time with her little one. Brooke is very grateful for the gift. The next gift is Stephanie’s and she announces it as Brooke is opening the box. It is a beautiful book about the baby. Everyone at the party loves the gift. Stephanie knows that everyone was surprised that she showed up to the party but she realized that baby showers are not about the past, they are about the future. New baby, new beginning. She knows that Brooke is going to be the same person and always get herself into the same situation. She tells Brooke that she is a good mother and always puts her children’s needs ahead of her own. She wants Brooke to write in the baby book and remember what a wonderful family she has and what a nice life she has for the new baby. Bridget leans over to her mother and hugs her.

Erica watches Little Eric and she realizes that she can hear the women in the other room at the shower on the baby monitor. Erica listens to the women…Brooke is thanking people for being at the party and she hugs each and every one of them as they leave the house. Brooke is finally left with her daughter, Taylor and Stephanie. Bridget tells her mother that she is the lucky one. They have had their problems but that is always the case with mothers and daughters. The tension has disappeared between them. Taylor smiles as she watches them. Bridget trusts her mother and respects her. Bridget tells her mother that she is the one sure thing in her life. She can always count on her mother. She never thought that she would be able to say that to her mother. Look at where they are now. Bridget is so grateful and proud. Her mother has made her happy. Brooke knows how happy her daughter is. The women hug as Taylor and Stephanie watch on…Erica hears the women talking and thinks that what they are saying is so beautiful. She thinks that Little Eric is so lucky as nothing bad could ever happen to him in a family as great as this one…Brooke thanks Bridget for the party but Bridget has to go and meet Deacon. Brooke pushes her out to meet her husband. Kristen and Taylor say their good-byes and leave and then Brooke is left with Stephanie. Stephanie says very nicely, "Goodbye…" Stephanie knows that Brooke is going to have a lot to look forward to. Stephanie knows that she and Whip are going to give the baby a great life. Stephanie leaves the house and finally Brooke is alone. Erica appears and offers to help clean up. Brooke says that she doesn’t have to do that. The party was amazing. Brooke has to agree. It really was.

Whip is in his office when Meagan arrives. Whip asks if Deacon was at the house where the shower was. Meagan assures him that Deacon isn’t there. Whip can’t help worrying. Meagan says that she was watching Brooke that day and there is no way that Brooke is going to jeopardize her relationship with Bridget.

Brooke is alone in the nursery when Deacon shows up. He says that he was looking for Bridget. Brooke tells him that Bridget is at the office. He wants to know about the shower and learns that it was incredible. Bridget really is an amazing girl. Deacon knows that and agrees.

Bridget arrives at her mother’s house looking for Deacon. His car is outside but Erica hasn’t seen him. She is in the same room as the baby monitor and she hears Deacon and Brooke talking on the monitor. She sits beside the monitor and listens to them talking. She thinks that it is so sweet. Then Deacon says that he would like to talk to Brooke as he has her alone. That catches Bridget’s attention. "The last time that I was in this house…I didn’t think that you were going to come down the stairs. Whip is not the guy for you. Are you not going to remember how you got involved with this guy? He schemed to get you to marry him. I know that you think that this guy loves but you have to know that this guy can never love you as much as I love you…" With those words being said, Bridget is so stunned that she falls from her feet. Lucky for her the chair is there to catch her fall. She is stunned and the words are still ringing in her ears. A tear falls down her cheek.

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