The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/13/02

By Glynis

Ziggy just screwed up big time. He has let on that he knows all about Sheila. She warns him that if he says anything about what he has learned about her, she will make sure that something bad happens to him. She wants to make a deal with him. She knows some of his secrets and she won’t tell them if he will keep her secret. She tells him that what he read in the paper wasn’t the way that it seemed. She explains that Stephanie interfered and picked away at everything that she had built in her life. They pushed her over the edge. It all seems like a dream now. She was so angry and confused. She put a gun in Stephanie’s face to get her to leave her alone. Amber stopped her from doing something terrible. She ran away as far as she could go. Erica’s real name is Mary and Sheila’s last name isn’t Lovejoy. She picked that name because it represented something wonderful. Eric taught her what it felt like to feel joy and happiness. She wanted her daughter to feel that same thing. She never thought that she would be coming back to LA but here they are. She things that there is a reason for them coming back. She thinks that it is fate. She explains why Rick and Erica are fated to be together. Ziggy can see what is going on here. Sheila’s dreams didn’t come through and he thinks that she is going to live through her daughter. Sheila says that she wants her daughter to be happy. She explains that Rick is just like Eric and Sheila is going to do everything in her power to make sure that they end up together.

Erica comes to see Rick and he tells her that Amber is settling in now at the rehab. Rick knew that something was wrong but he didn’t know how serious it was. He feels responsible. Erica tells him that he shouldn’t be hard on himself. He trusted her and she admires him. Life is funny. You never know what is going to happen next. One day you can be on top of the world and the next… Erica assures him that everything is okay. She doesn’t need to see him with a brave face. Rick remembers that she has been there all along. She tells him that she was just doing her job. He really appreciates everything that she has done. She walks over to him and touches his hand. She takes the drink out of his hand and offers to refill his drink for him. She walks away and pours him another drink. He thinks that maybe he shouldn’t as he is going to bed soon. She urges him to have another. "What could it hurt?" He tells her that he is totally exhausted. She tells him to go ahead and go to bed. She will be there for Little Eric if he needs anything. He can’t believe his good fortune. There is an awkward moment as he looks at her. "I am really glad that you are here." He goes upstairs and Erica can’t believe how well she handled that.

Rick is in her room talking to her baby when she turns and finds Deacon behind her. He walks in and tells her not to move. He only wants to look at her as she sits on her bed. They start talking the same old talk. Brooke reminds her that they can never be together as Bridget will find out. Deacon says that he will keep the secret. They have to be strong and they will do the right thing. Deacon will do anything for her and if this is what she wants, he will give her that. There is nothing left to say. Brooke agrees.

Bridget drops in on Stephanie in her office telling her that she would like to have a party and she would like to do it now while Amber is in the hospital. Bridget would like to hold a baby shower for her mother. Brooke knows about the shower and she is very excited. Stephanie has a hard time believing that. Stephanie thinks that it is a lovely idea to have a shower for her mother, but Stephanie thinks that she shouldn’t be there. She doesn’t get along with Brooke at all. Bridget reminds her that Brooke does respect her. Stephanie only wants Brooke to respect herself. Brooke has really pulled her life together. Stephanie asks about Deacon and Bridget says that he has been great. Bridget knows that her mother has made some terrible mistakes and she loves her family the same way that Stephanie loves the family. Bridget thinks that Brooke needs some encouragement with the new marriage and the new baby. Brooke would feel good if some of the support that she got came from Stephanie.

Stephanie comes to talk to Brooke. She tells her that she is going to be at the baby shower that Bridget is holding. Brooke tells her that she has made a decision. She is not going to make the mistake of Bridget finding out that Deacon has been having an affair with her and that the baby is really Deacon’s. Stephanie reminds her that if Bridget ever finds out, Stephanie’s wrath will come to the surface.

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