The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/12/02

By Glynis

Ziggy is searching the computer and he finds pictures of the Foresters on the Internet. He notices that Brooke is really hot. "Hey! How you doing?" As he is searching he finds a picture of a woman with Eric and by zooming in he finds that the woman that he is looking at is Erica’s mom. So she was a part of Forester. He reads up on them some more. Turns out that Erica’s mom was married to the big guy himself. He tries another search and finds many links to do with the Foresters. He finds articles about James and Sheila Warrick. They apparently had a child together. He finds another link to do with Sheila and the police department. She was charged back then with Attempted Murder and Kidnapping.

Erica gets her makeover and Sheila loves it. She is absolutely beautiful. How could any man resist her? Sheila thanks the ladies for their good work and she pays them for coming over and doing this for her. They came on short notice and did a swell job. Erica continues to look at herself in the mirror. The ladies leave and Sheila tells her daughter that the evening is going to be special for she and Rick. Rick doesn’t need her that night. Deacon and Bridget are watching the baby right now and then Rick is going to watch the boy himself. Erica can’t listen to this because Amber and Rick are going through something terrible right now. She doesn’t want to have experience breaking up marriages. Sheila tells her that Rick and Amber are going to get divorced anyway and girls are going to line up to get with Rick. Erica doesn’t know how to make herself available. Sheila says that she should show up at the house anyway and make herself available. Who can Rick talk to? Sheila tells her that she needs to be a supportive, loving friend. She is told to go over there and show Rick how she feels. Her mother has been coaching her along. Erica agrees to do it and Sheila hugs her daughter pleased at what is about to take place.

Rick hugs his wife telling her that she looks wonderful. She is in rehab and doesn’t really look all that glamorous right now. She has made some friends already. She has a roommate and Rick is surprised that she has to share a room with someone. He touches her face telling her that she is beautiful. He misses her. She miles at that.

Sheila is alone now and she talks to herself in the mirror. Erica is going to do so much better than Sheila did with Eric. As she is talking with her back to the door, Ziggy walks in looking down at his printed pages from the Internet. He blurts out without looking up. You are not going to believe this. Your mother is not the woman that you think that she is. She is a convicted criminal. That is when Ziggy looks up to see Sheila staring at him in her menacing way. "Really?…You don’t say…"

Rick has returned home and he has a drink. He finds a note telling him that Brooke and Whip will be working late. Rick seems to have to spend another night alone. Rick picks up one of Amber’s designs. "How much longer Amber?" Just then, there is someone at the door. Rick opens the door to find a very sexy looking Erica standing there. He looks her up and down. "Hi Rick…I was wondering if you could….use me…tonight.

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