The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/11/02

By  Suzanne

Brooke acts worried about Rick and little Eric.  Rick takes her comments to be a criticism of Amber (which they kind of are).  She also mentions that Erica is attractive and he looks aghast that she would mention such a thing to him.  He wants to go see Amber but the doctors don't normally allow that at such an early stage of rehab.  Amber phones and says that the docs will allow him to visit, but she wishes he wouldn't see her like that.  He just misses her a lot and wants to see her.  Amber looks at herself in the mirror and is horrified by her sloppy appearance.

Kristen asks what's going on.  The group at Spectra tries to pretend it's nothing, but finally Tony tells her that Ridge bought the company.  She figures out that he's out for revenge on Forrester, along with the help of Massimo and Sally.  Ridge pleads with her not to tell anyone because he wants to prove that he can do it without Forrester.  It's a matter of pride with him.  She can't turn down her big brother and agrees.

Sheila gets Ziggy to help her show Erica how a man and women act together (flirting).  Erica is disgusted by it.  Sheila tells her that she'd better grow up and act like a woman, if she wants Rick to see her as one.  Erica tells her off.  Undeterred, Sheila says to use that passion and spirit on Rick.  Erica gets exasperated.  Sheila admires her, saying she's just like her mother and she'll do fine.  Ziggy watches it all with great amusement.

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