The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/10/02

By Glynis

Rick tells his mother that he has Amber settled in and he is going to be there for Amber. Erica is helping to take care of Little Eric for him. She will even stay overnight if necessary. There is something that would be good for Amber. She let Forester down and would like to keep the designs going while she is away. Brooke thinks that is possible. Rick is still sure that the Ambrosia line will be a great success.

Ridge is at the office at Spectra and Massimo is there too. Sally has been doing some redecorating in the office and a little touch up on herself as well. When you got it, you got to flaunt it. Darla goes to get refreshments for everyone. Ridge wants production sped up. They are going to review all the fabrics and designs. They are well on their way to making Spectra the premiere fashion house in the business. They are going to produce a quality product. Everyone gets moving and into action. Ridge stands off to the side and knows that quality and Spectra are going to be one and the same. He can’t believe that he is saying that. Later they have a meeting. Tony is not happy that hiss wife’s company is going to be run out of town by Spectra. Darla doesn’t see how Forester is going to be doomed. Ridge explains that in a year, Amber’s fashions are going to be a thing of the past. If teenagers stop buying Ambrosia, Forester will not be able to survive. Ridge shows them a gown that he designed. This type of gown is the type that lasts.

Kristen arrives to see Tony but she is not let into the office. Kristen finds this very mysterious. Tony assures her that everything is okay. He tells her goodbye and closes the door. Tony hated having to lie to Kristen but it was necessary. They get back to work…Kristen goes to the elevator but it is full and she can’t get o. Sally looks out the window and thinks that Kristen is gone. She tells Ridge that all is clear. Everyone in the office has to keep Ridge being at Spectra a secret. Kristen would tell Forester that Ridge was there and give them a heads up…Kristen is outside the office undetected. She is looking at pictures of designs outside the office and she hears Massimo’s voice. What is he doing here…Massimo is telling Tony that he has to separate his business decisions from his personal decisions. He is telling Tony that Ridge is the key to his success. He can’t see that yet, but Massimo is sure that he will. The door opens and Kristen demands to know why Tony is meeting with Massimo. Everyone stops and just looks at her and then she sees Ridge in the room. "Oh my God! Ridge! What the hell are you doing here?"

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