The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/5/02

By Glynis

Brooke talks to Rick about Amber and she and Whip can see that he is very worried.  He assures them that he is going to be fine and they leave.  Erica comes over to Rick to assure him that everything is going to be okay.  Rick tlels her that Amber missed a marketing meeting that morning. She is a whole different person and Rick doesn't know what to think.  Erica would like to help.  Rick would like to talk to Amber's doctor.  Erica tlels him again that whatever Amber is going through is not his fault.  The phone rings and Rick answers to Amber's doctor.  He tells the doctor that Amber is still depressed and that he is concerned about the pain pills.  The doctor tells him that she is not taking anymore pills.  Rick is stupified.  The doctor tells him to make sure that Amber calls him for an appointment.  He gets off the phone wondering where the hell his wife is.  He is angry and gets ready to go and get Amber.  He explains that Amber hasn't been given any pills.  She is all drugged up and he has to find her. Erica assures him that she will be there when he gets back.  She will call him if she has to.  Rick leaves.

Brooke gets home with Whip and they both get ready for bed. She doesn't want him getting ready for bed in the same room with her. She has had enough surprises for one day. Whip is hurt by her saying that but says nothing.  Whip returns wearing a blad negligee. He looks pretty funny and he plays up to that.  She assured him earlier that she wouldn't share her bed with any maybe she will share her bed with another man.  Brooke giggles at that.  Brooke finds him interesting.  It doesn't matter though, he still has to sleep on the floor.  He insists on getting a hug and Brooke gives him one.  They both feel 'something' funny and Brooke moves back away from him. 

Deacon can't get his mind off Brooke.  Meagan tries to get him to think of something else.  Brooke is married now and he can't think of nothing else.  He doesn't want Whip touching her. She told him that they made love.  He is not sure if he believes her or not.  Meagan thinks that if she said that it must be true.  Deacon can't believe this.  He thinks that Meagan knows more than she is saying.

Erica is playing with Little Eric when Amber comes home all drugged up and she is really whacked out.  Erica asks her where she has been.  Amber ignores her and goes for Little Eric playing to him and singing, "Yes, sir...That's my baby"  She shrieks and screams and acts like a drunk.  Erica just sits and watches.  She gets to her phone and calls Rick telling him that Amber is there.  He asks her to stay there until he gets home.  She assures him that he will soon be there.  Erica returns to the other room and finds Amber hardly able to stay awake as she plays with Little Eric.  She looks very unhappy at the way that Amber handles things.

Later Rick arrives and learns that Amber has taken off.  Erica is upset because Amber seems to hate her and doesn't want her there.  Erica is crying and Rick gives her his shoulder to cry on.  He only cares that she stays with him and helps him out.  She agrees to do so.  His family is falling apart and she is the only stable thing that is there and he needs her as well as Rick. She hugs him.

Amber has found her way to a door and she bangs on it. She can barely stand up and she cries out, "Help me please".  She falls to the floor with her hair matted and sweat all over her face. 

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