The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/4/02

By  Suzanne

Sally finishes insulting Brooke and Whip, and goes back to her table with Clarke.  He wants to finish toasting but she says she'll save the expensive bottle for when Brooke is brought down.

Brooke tells Whip that Sally still holds her responsible for her daughter, Macy's, death.  Brooke wonders if her threats were empty or not.  Whip tries to get her to stop worrying and cheer up.  They talk about her children and their relationship.  He compares their marriage to Rick and Amber, saying that they got married because of a baby, too, and he was in love with someone else, yet it worked out for them.

Rick has a meeting with Kristen and Thorne; they want to talk about Amber, and so does Eric, but he was called away.  Rick is stunned to find that Amber never showed up at the important meeting.  Thorne and Kristen are angry at Amber and wondering what's going on.    They suggest that maybe she should back out of her clothing designing job, but Rick protests that it's all that's important to Amber right now.  Thorne doesn't think they should risk the Fenmore deal on Amber's erratic behavior.  Kristen tells them both to stop it and says that it's too late to pull the plug on it now.  Rick says he'll talk to Amber.  They make some plans for working around Amber.

Erica brings little Eric into see Amber, but she's not there, Megan tells her.  She suggests they visit Rick instead.  Erica hears some of what is said above.  Erica gives Rick some sympathy after his meeting.  Rick talks with little Eric and thanks Erica for bringing him in.  Erica offers to stay later in case they need her to stay with Eric.  He thinks it's a great idea.  She swears not to tell anyone about his problems.  They hug.

Ziggy wonders why Sheila is so interested in Amber.  She says it's because she is involved with her daughter.  He can tell by the way she talks that there's more to it.  She can tell that he knows more about Amber, too, when he says she has demons and is going through a tough time.  She threatens to call the tabloids, so they can investigate.  He tells her about Amber's miscarriage and she realizes that Amber is a drug addict.  She is positively gleeful about it, and especially what it means for Erica.  She says Amber is about to get what she deserves and it's not Rick.  She thinks Rick and Erica should get together instead.  Ziggy thinks her idea is outrageous.  Sheila talks about how this was "meant to be" and he thinks she's nuts.  He says no wonder Erica ran away from home.  Sheila says she wasn't a perfect mother.  She made a lot of sacrifices for Erica but Erica often had to pay the price for her mistakes.  Ziggy has no idea what she means.  She wants to make it up to her.  Ziggy suggests she get her a puppy instead (LOL!) and says that her daughter doesn't seem like the homewrecker type.  She's not, Sheila says, she's a "real lady", which is why Rick will fall for her.

Alexandra tries to chat with Amber about what's going on in her life but Amber doesn't want to talk about it.  Alexander can tell something is wrong with her.

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