The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/3/02

By Suzanne

Sheila talks to herself some more about Erica getting together with Rick and wondering how she will get rid of Amber.  She tells Erica that they will stay in Los Angeles after all.  Erica is thrilled and leaves for work.

Amber is a nervous wreck at home and keeps thinking about the baby's coffin.  She phones Ziggy and tells him that she's dropping by his place so that she can get more pills.  Rick wants to go into work with her.  Little Eric comes downstairs.  Erica arrives and Eric is happy to see her.  Amber ignores her and tells Rick that she has an errand to run.  She blows him a kiss and she's off.  Rick shakes his head, not happy.  He talks to Erica for a few moments about how he and Amber are not getting much sleep and he's glad she's off the pills.  He seems a little embarrassed about sharing his secrets with her, but she assures him that's what friends do.  He kisses Eric and goes off to work.  Erica wonders to herself what's going on with Amber.

Amber goes to Ziggy's apartment building but doesn't know where he is, so she wanders around, calling his name.  He comes out and tries to talk her out of taking the drugs.  He says he's not really a drug dealer and he doesn't want her to get hooked on them.  He says he knows who she is.  She gets mad and yells at him, saying she doesn't need his advice and he doesn't know what pain she's in.  She throws money at him and grabs the pills, then leaves.  Sheila watches them through the blind, having heard Amber's voice, and wonders what's going on.

After Amber leaves, Sheila opens her door and asks him in.  She asks him what his business was with Amber.  He doesn't want to say.  She wants to know how he's connected to her.

Somewhere in some trees, Amber opens her pill bottle but it spills on the ground.  She picks them up off the dirty and eats them (eeeuwww!), and dirt gets on her face.

Sally, Darla, Sofia, and Clarke are celebrating at a restaurant with a lavish breakfast buffet at their table and glasses of champagne.  Sally is treating because of the big pile of money she got from Ridge.  They make a lot of jokes about the lean times and weathering the storm, and how everyone is going to be doing well now at Spectra.  Brooke and Whip come in.  He is taking her to breakfast, which seems to move her.  Sally sees Brooke staring at them from across the room.  Sally is kind of drunk so we don't really know what she's seeing.  The others caution her that she shouldn't be talking about the money she got from Ridge because he wants to surprise Forrester with his attack.  Sally goes over to Brooke's table, with Clarke following.  She tells Brooke off and threatens Whip.  They get suspicious that she has something planned, but she keeps mum.

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