The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/31/02

By Matthew

Hah! I knew it! Erica was daydreaming! Rick snaps her out of it and tells her she can go home now, but does add they can put her on the Forrester payroll so she can get benefits. How wonderful for her. A babysitter with benefits.

Sheila nervously waits for Erica to come home and recalls a tender moment with Eric where he professed his undying love to her. Sheila canít believe she is back in LA after all these years. She says she still loves Eric.

Brooke and Eric share some words about Sheila Carter and about how Stephanie brought up her in an argument with Eric. Brooke says that Stephanie is just trying to guilt trip and already hurt Eric and that Sheila was a very complicated easily set off person.

When Erica gets home, Sheila tells her to pack her bags: theyíre going home. Erica explains how Amber flipped and fired her, but Rick stuck up for her. She admits she has been daydreaming about him, but knows they could never have a future. Sheila isnít so sure, but decides to consider staying in LA. Overjoyed, Erica runs to take a shower. Sheila imagines a wedding between Erica and Rick. Sheila is hiding behind a door listening, because the Forresters would flip if they saw her. Itís a beautiful ceremony. When she comes back to reality, she realizes they must get rid of Amber. Oh boy, one week of being here and already back to her mental state. Ouch.

Amber is a little less than thrilled when Rick tells her he didnít fire Erica, but agrees they need the help. She also apologizes for overreacting earlier that day. When Rick asks her about the pills, she agrees they affect her mood, but she is still in so much pain and canít stop taking them. She wants things to go back to the way they were. She asks Rick to never lose faith in her. Rick promises that for her.

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