The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/30/02

By Matthew

Amber blasts Erica for not being near Eric while he was next to the pool. Erica says she was no more than 10 feet away from him and never took her eye off of him. Amber says itís too late for excuses because she is fired and orders her out. Rick wants to hear Ericaís side of the story. Amber gets angry that Rick doesnít believe her. She says she doesnít need any help taking care of her baby and when she walks off, she stumbles near the couch.

Amber gets agitated that Rick thinks she is drunk, too. She merely tripped. Yeah, on pills. Rick notices the pills on the floor and asks Amber if she took these. Amber says she is pain and when Rick tries to help her upstairs, she screams she is fine and stomps up the stairs.

Amber is in a panic and says she canít keep doing this to Rick. She has to be better.

Erica and Rick talk about Amber over their lunch. Apparently, Amberís mood swings and temper are driving him nuts. Erica thinks heíll get through it, especially with his high sense of pride and integrity. Rick says they are lucky to have found Erica and he doesnít know if he could have gotten through this alone. Erica says if he needs anything at all, all he needs to do is ask. Something happens and Iím not sure if Erica is daydreaming, but Rick drops his salad to the floor and kisses Erica, who promptly drops her plate.

At Ericaís place, someone knocks on the door, and when Sheila looks through the peephole, she groans. It must be Ziggy again. Hey, it is Ziggy, with a 6-pack, too! Even though Sheila tells him to get lost, he pushes his way in. Sheila says she was reading and Ziggy notes that both she and Erica have the same taste in reading material. Sheila asks Ziggy what he meant by the Forresters having demons. When he evades the question, Sheila demands he tell her what is going on right now. Ziggy looks a little less than scared.

Ziggy is coy with Sheila about what he knows. He says Erica needs to figure out the Forresters demons on her own. He also says that the two of them are more jaded than Erica. He then asks if there is a Mr. Lovejoy. Oh man, Ziggy and Sheila? Bleh. He pops open a beer when asks her that. Sheila says there used to be one, until he made the mistake of yanking her chain. Yikes. Ziggy wants to know why she is so interested in the Forresters. Sheila doesnít answer but says he knows nothing about them because they would never associate with a nobody like him. Ouch. Ziggy angrily says he knows tons about them and stuff you wouldnít read in those silly magazines. He gets a cell phone call and walks out in a huff. Itís Amber. She needs more pills and fast. Ziggy seems annoyed that she had called and says he canít get any tonight, but says they can meet tomorrow. After getting off the phone, Amber says this is the last time sheíll do this and then sheíll stop. She flashes back to her babyís graves again like the other times.

Erica apologizes to Rick for upsetting Amber. Rick says they should apologize to her for Amberís behavior. Sheís being irrational. Erica says itís okay, but she just didnít want to leave and for them to think sheís a bad person. Rick invites Erica to stay on as the babysitter and to join him for lunch. Apparently, he got Cafť Russe takeout. Mmm.

At Forrester, Megan comes in looking for Deacon in his and Whipís office. Megan is looking for Brooke too and is concerned they are together. Whip isnít worried because he knows Brooke has moved on. Megan points out that Deacon doesnít see their marriage as a real thing, but Whip says heíll learn from Brooke that it is real, soon enough.

Megan realizes that Deacon must think their marriage is real before heíll move in. She deduces todayís entire episode my stating that Brooke must tell Deacon that she and Whip did the nasty. In essence, sheíll have to break his heart. Oh..poor baby. I wuv you Deacon.

Deacon begs Brooke to tell her that she didnít sleep with Whip. Just then thereís a knock at the door. Itís Greg. You may remember he was the little underling that managed to screw up Ridgeís plans by taking an order from Brooke just before the board voted to change the articles of incorporation. Heís looking for Eric, but Deacon takes care of it. While he does, Brooke thinks to herself that she didnít sleep with Whip, and how could she when she is so madly in love with Deacon? Bleh. After Deacon gets Greg to leave, he tells Brooke to look him in the eye and tell him she slept with Whip. Brooke says itís simple because they were on their honeymoon and of course they made love. Deacon has a mini stroke.

Deacon canít believe Brooke would do that. Brooke says she has to move on and tells Deacon to leave. Deacon states he isnít leaving until she explains herself. Right now. They argue about the merits of her sleeping with Whip and about Whip himself. The icing on the cake for me is when Brooke tells Deacon she is falling for Whip. Hah! Take that scumbag.

Deacon asks Brooke if Whip touches her the way he touches her. Just then, Whip joins the party. He asks Brooke if she is okay. Whip rubs it in to Deacon about how the two of them shared such a great connection. Deacon angrily says this whole thing makes him sick and storms out. Whip tells Brooke she did the right thing.

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