The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/29/02

By Matthew

Sheila has poor Ziggy with a knife to his throat. She tells him he better do a damn good job of convincing her that he won’t go to the police. She says if he doesn’t, she’s cutting his Adam’s apple out and eating it for breakfast. Ouch!

Over at Forrester, Rick and Chuck say hello. Chuck is there to talk to the board about how Amber’s line did in the stores. Bridget and Deacon come out of the elevator after the other two go in the meeting room. Bridget points out that other lines have gotten great reviews but flopped in the stores. Megan stops Deacon to tell him something and he manages to get rid of Bridget. Megan tells him that Brooke is coming back from her honeymoon, early, for this meeting. Deacon hopes this means she has left Whip. Eric calls Megan into the room.

Whip gives Brooke a massage. He says they shouldn’t have left early. She was finally beginning to relax, but now all the tension is back. She isn’t sure if she is ready to see Deacon again, but thinks Deacon will respect the boundaries of marriage. Whip points out that he didn’t do that with his own marriage. He thinks they should tell Deacon they had lotsa sex and then he’ll finally leave them alone. Whip offers to make that idea the truth instead of a fib, by going at it right in Brooke’s office. She declines of course, but says she is finished with Deacon.

Amber makes it to the meeting and says to Rick that she is fine without her pills. Chuck says the key to a new line like this isn’t just in the selling numbers, but what people think about the items, i.e. what is connecting with them. Just then Brooke comes in the room and everyone is surprised to see her. Deacon looks overjoyed, but his expression sours when he sees Whip with her, especially when he hugs over her.

Brooke says she came back to hear about the line. Chuck tells them they have exceeded sales projections for the month, by “a lot.” Real descriptive Chuck. Rick stands up and does a “take that Ridge!” Thorne and Eric look a little displeased by that. Rick congratulates Amber. Amber looks like the news isn’t even sinking in.

Chuck breaks it down for them. Chuck ranked the designs by sales and customer appeal. Sometimes the rankings don’t coincide. For example, the feather top had the lowest sales, but high customer appeal. Women love it, but don’t think they have they body to pull it off. Deacon angrily stares at Whip and Brooke throughout the scene. Whip notices and congratulates Deacon for suggestion they use the feather top in the video. Bridget hugs her husband for that smooth move. Chuck remarks that the highest selling item wasn’t one of Amber’s designs but rather a handbag. Apparently, the Ambrosia name is enough to get people to buy. When Eric tells them they’ll cut production, Rick doesn’t understand. Whip explains that they need to cut the supply to increase the demand and therefore the price. God, does he actually go to school or just get someone to sign the roll for him. I’m not even a business major and I figured all that out. Basically they want to milk it for all its worth. Eric congratulates them, but says they’ll have to work twice as hard to beat it for next time. The meeting ends and Amber decides she wants to go home and check on Eric. Rick says he won’t be far behind. Deacon sits down next to Brooke and says they have to talk. When Whip calls for Brooke, she replies and totally ignores Deacon. Hah!

Deacon corners Brooke into Eric’s office. He asks her what the hell happened to their plan. Brooke implies that she and Whip had sex. Deacon doesn’t believe it and tells her to tell him it isn’t true.

Erica is sitting by the pool staring off into space when Little Eric throws a big beach ball at her. That knocks her out of her trance and she remarks that he is quite a pistol. She tells him they’ll play after she puts her sunscreen on. She tells herself it isn’t fair that she can’t enjoy her first day of work for Amber. She says her mom is the one who really needs the babysitter. Shyea.

Ziggy tells Sheila that he was never planning to talk to the police. He was just trying to get her out of the shadows. Sheila said his plan worked and sarcastically remarks how clever he is. She lets him go and Ziggy shouts out a “Whoo!” like he’s at a football game. Okay. He jokes that he likes a girl with an edge, but this is ridiculous. Gotta love Ziggy’s comedic relief. He then says that she probably doesn’t go on a lot of second dates.

Sheila finds it odd that after threatening his life, he would find her appealing. He says that he had it coming since he purposely tried to bother her. Sheila tells him they won’t be around long, but Ziggy says it would be wise to let Erica figure out for herself how terrible the Forresters can be.

Sheila realizes that he may know something about the Forresters (but hides the fact that she knows a lot about them), but then says someone like him would know nothing about them. He decides to leave while he is ahead or rather while he still has his head. Chuckle. Sheila is completely flabbergasted. I gotta give it to Ziggy, he’s got some big balls to be calm about Ms. Carter.

Erica and Eric get done swimming and she asks him what he wants for lunch. Hot dogs. Kids favorite after pizza. Erica tells him she’s going to make a phone call and then she’ll make them for him. He’s right by the pool and she walks off, but still close enough to see him and makes her call. It’s to Sheila at her apartment of course. Sheila is freaking out over her encounter with Ziggy and wants Erica to call Rick and Amber and tell them she is sick and has to come home. Erica invites her over to the house for lunch, but Sheila nixes that idea. Erica walks off to the side a little and asks her why she is doing this. As she’s talking, Eric looks at the water and the balls in the water. Uh-oh.

Amber comes home in what I would call a panic looking for Eric. She can’t find him in the living room, but decides to take one pill so he doesn’t see her like this. She can’t find them at first and goes a little nutty, but finds them on the mantle. She swallows one. How do they swallow those hug pills without water?

After the break, Amber nervously walks around and realizes she’s gonna have to take more pills to calm down. She’s pouring them in her hand, when Little Eric, from outside, yells “Crash!” Amber drops her pills and goes running toward the sound in a panic. Erica is close enough for my desire to Eric, but maybe she could have been closer..and not on the phone. Amber runs out to the pool and sees Eric without his floaters, right next to the water. Erica spots Amber and tells Sheila has to go and hangs up. She walks over to Amber and says hello. Amber sends Eric into the house. Amber freaks out that Erica left Eric alone by the pool. Erica tries to explain that she was on the phone right nearby and could see him the whole time. Amber freaks out the she was on the phone and tells her to leave right now. Erica runs inside in tears.

Erica walks in to the house in tears and gets her things to go. As she is getting her things, she sees the pills and pill bottle on the floor. Just then, Rick comes in and asks her what’s the matter. Amber walks in and says that Erica left Eric by the pool alone. Erica explains she didn’t see her, but she was there. Erica suggests they talk about this when she is feeling better. Amber becomes hostile and says that she feels completely fine right now and doesn’t like her insinuation. She goes to hit Erica, but Rick stops her and holds her back and attempts to calm her down. The last thing I hear Amber say is “Get out of my house!” Meow!


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