The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/28/02

By  Matthew

It’s finally a new day in LA!

I guess Sheila decided to stay the night because she’s cutting an apple in Erica’s apartment. She carelessly cuts her finger and somehow that reminds her of when she shot Stephanie. During the flashback you can actually see the blood explode from Stephanie’s chest. After being shot, she tries to crawl up the stairs. Back in the present, Sheila reminds herself she had to do that to get Mary, aka Erica away from the Forresters. She wonders how they sunk their claws into her again. Erica comes out in a dress more suitable for a nightclub than a baby, but whatever. She’s got the body. Sheila apologizes for getting angry the other night, but Erica understands and says she should have called. There’s a knock at the door. Hey it’s Ziggy! Erica reminds Sheila that she hit him over the head the night before. Sheila goes to hide in the bathroom when Erica answers. Ziggy’s not alone. He has 2 cops from the LAPD. Doh!

Erica angrily asks Ziggy if he called the cops. Not a chance. Apparently one of Erica’s neighbors heard all the yelling the night before (Sheila and Erica) and was worried. I don’t know why she would call the cops the next morning. Erica explains that nothing really happened and that she is fine. She says she’s in a bug hurry, but after the officer’s persistence, lets them into her apartment. Officer 2 asks Erica who caused the disturbance and Erica admits it was her mother. Sheila, who is hiding in the shower, nervously watches.

The officers question Erica about her mother. Erica comes up with a story about how she borrowed some jewelry from momma without asking and she came over to look for it. She says the placed wasn’t trashed, but only messed up a little. Ziggy spots Sheila from a reflection in a mirror and gets the cops to hurry on out of there. After they leave, Ziggy points out that Erica is nervous around cops. Erica says she is leaving soon and with that Ziggy leaves too. Sheila runs out and says they are leaving right now.

Erica tells her mom to calm down and angrily says that if she wanted to do what was best for her, she’d never have left LA in the first place. She says LA is fun and doesn’t want to go anywhere else. Sheila reminds her that she left school in the middle of the semester and asks her how she is going to get into college. (Oh so she is a teenage run away) Now everything makes sense. Erica explains that Amber never went to college with sets Sheila off on a rant about her. Erica lays it on the line and says she isn’t ever going home.

Sheila asks Erica if that is how she normally talks to her. Erica apologizes but asks why she has to be so mean about Amber. Amber is her friend and it hurts her to do that. Sheila says that she’ll give Erica a week to work for Amber and then she’ll be begging her to take her home after dealing with Ms. Ambrosia Forrester. Erica is overjoyed and leaves for work.

Amber nervously looks at her near empty medication bottle. She dumps out the last 4 pills, but then puts them back. Rick comes down the stairs and asks how many she is taking these days. Amber reveals that she has just quit them and they probably had something to do with her mood swings. Amber says she is feeling better today and says she was being irrational not to trust Erica. Rick points out that Erica would have been checked out before being hired at Zende’s school. Yeh… I already commented on the travesty of the public school system there. Amber is still worried about leaving Eric again.

Amber brings down Eric and reminds him who Erica is and tells him to be a good boy. Amber leaves for work and Rick starts to put on Eric’s floaters, but notices Amber’s pills on the table and puts them atop the fireplace mantle to keep out of Eric’s reach.

Stephanie enters Mass’ office to talk to him about her chat with Eric last night. He knows everything he needs to by seeing that she still has Eric’s wedding ring on her finger. Hmm.

Stephanie says she is confused. Mass says it is a black and white situation for him. He doesn’t see how she could love Eric after all the terrible things he did. Sheila is mentioned once again.

Erica rings the doorbell and is let in by Rick. She sees Little Eric and notes how cute he looks, but Rick responds, thinking she was talking to him. Oops. Erica goes to change into her swimsuit and Rick takes Eric to get some breakfast.

Rick goes over all the phone numbers even where the nearest and second nearest hospitals are. Yikes. Erica says that no one is more paranoid than her mother. Rick notes that she has a strong foundation and her mother must really love her. Rick starts to walk towards the door when Eric tells Erica that he wants to go to the pool, and now. With that, he rips off whatever Erica had over her bikini. Erica tries to play it cool and Rick’s eyes almost pop out of his head. He tries to keep from laughing and from hanging his tongue out. He leaves and Erica puts his floaters on.

Sheila looks at some of Erica’s pictures of Amber and Rick on the wall and says that if anyone ever recognizes her from her past, she’ll be in prison forever. Then, Erica will be sent to live with her father, James. She refers to him as a bastard. He lied to her by pretending they could have a future. Hmm, didn’t he leave Maggie for her? She flashes back to when she was about kill herself and James tried to talk her down off the ledge. In the present, Sheila wonders how he would feel knowing he renamed his daughter after Eric, the only man who ever loved her. What about Scott? Sheila says that she and Eric were only married a few months, but she’ll live off those memories forever. Apparently, Eric didn’t see Sheila as just a nurse, but also a person. No one ever said Eric was a smart man. Sheila creeps me out by saying she likes to think of Erica as their (hers and Eric’s) child.

Erica calls Sheila to check on her. Erica admits that she loves her job and says Rick really talks to her like a person. (See the generation parallels here?) When Erica mentions that she was made to feel like a princess (just as Sheila had said Eric made her feel), Sheila gets a little upset, but Erica doesn’t notice it before she hangs up. Just then there’s a knock at the door. It’s Ziggy. He knows Sheila is in there and shouts “Mrs. Lovejoy!” He lets himself in with his new key and slowly looks around for her again. He checks out the bathroom and the shower and is puzzled by her not being there. We see the closet shudder creak open and Sheila watches Ziggy. He walks out and sees the closet and goes to check it out. He talks out that he’s going to have to call the police and tell them all he knows. He opens one side of the closet and looks in. No Sheila. Suddenly, she hops out (in a scream) and with a knife and tackles him to the floor. She gets on top of him and puts the knife to his throat and says he cannot talk to the police by his own will or hers, meaning she slits his throat. Ouch. Ziggy didn’t bargain for this.

See ya later.

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