The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/27/02

By Matthew

All right folks itís B&B time!

Hereís my commentary on Sheila Carter being Erica Lovejoyís mother.

The writers did a good job of setting up the story. The childís name is Erica in honor of Eric Forrester who Sheila was married to a few years before Mary/Erica was born. Erica mentioned to Ziggy that although she had lived in LA once as a baby, she and her mother moved away and she doesnít remember any if it. There has been no mention of Ericaís father. Her motherís identity was kept quiet until now and I knew that voice over the phone demanding Erica to come home sounded familiar. One more point is that Erica mentioned her mother always bought the fashion magazines and probably sparked her interest in the Forrester. Sheila probably just wanted to keep tabs on her former family/enemy. Also, this explains why her mother didnít call the police when she disappeared. Old Sheila wouldnít dare call the police, heh kinda like Ziggy. Hereís what doesnít make sense: the time frame. If ever there was a huge ďage-up,Ē this was definitely the biggest Iíve ever seen. Remember, Sheila fled with Mary, after shooting Stephanie, in 1998. Thatís only 4 years ago. Iím still confused about Ericaís age. Iím not sure if she is run-away (meaning sheís under 18) or sheís just been wasting her young adult life away in Mystic. She could be like 18 on the dot. At any rate, my opinion of Erica has changed because I can see why she would want to get away from her psychotic mother, though I doubt she knows how evil/crazy her mother really is. I shudder to think. Also, I hope this explains Ericaís obsessed nature; after all she was raised by Queen Obsessed.

Now, on to the recap.

Sheila/Erica mother is standing with the flashlight to her face and soaking wet from the storm. Erica is freaked out by her and tries to make a run for it. Sheila chases and then grabs her, but during their struggle, is pushed to the floor by Erica. Oh god, I get chills when they show Sheilaís face illuminated by the lightening as she glares from the floor.

Sheila tries to get Erica into the car, but she just wants to talk and refuses to go, especially in this weather. Sheila points out they could have talked over the phone and Erica apologizes for not calling. Sheila tells her she had a job, friends, and a place to live back in Mystic and doesnít think itís so glamorous out here. Erica informs her she has a job working for the Forresters. That gets Sheilaís attention and Erica points it out.

Erica tells her mom about the Forresters she has met. She says Amber isnít bitchy like she always told her she was. Sheila thinks she is lying about all this and doesnít want to hear anymore. Erica points out that Sheila got her hooked on the Forresters and she is just as interested in them, even though she says she just bought the fashion magazines for the fashion. Sheila has had enough and starts packing Ericaís things. She says they left LA to get away from superficial, shallow people like that. Erica says she doesnít know anything about them, but we all now that isnít true.

The lights come on and Sheila tells Erica to get herself together because they are going home. Erica says she is a paranoid hermit and she isnít going anywhere with her. When Sheila says that the Forresters donít really care about her, Erica asks how she would know. As Erica rants, Sheila recalls her wedding with Eric. Then Erica brings up Stephanie and how she has totally misjudged her. Sheila recalls and few run-ins with her. One where Stephanie, in a fit of rage, tries to strangle Sheila. Then the other two are times when Sheila was fighting/trying to drown Stephanie. Erica says this is a chance for them both to start over. She asks her what she is so afraid of and what happened in LA that was so terrible.

Erica asks about her father. Is he in LA? Sheila refers to James as a lying bastard. Ouch. Sheila still doesnít believe Erica is a Forrester nanny. On cue, Rick calls Erica and leaves a message on her machine telling her to bring her bathing suit tomorrow because Eric lives in the pool. Sheila is shocked that Erica was telling her the truth, but still wants to leave. Erica begs Sheila to stay with her in LA. (OR not take her back to Mystic.) Sheila looks out the window while trying to make her decision.

Stephanie says she doesnít want their marriage to be over, but isnít being fair to Eric or Mass. Eric says it isnít about being fair to either one of them, but rather being fair to her. He asks her if family is still important to her and if it is, he is the man for her, not Mass. She says she doubts his sincerity about family after everything that has happened in their marriage. What the board meeting thing? Címon Stephanie.

Stephanie says that Ericís actions speak for themselves during their marriage and on top of that, when Ridge needed him, he failed him. Eric says he regrets leaving Stephanie for Brooke, but she says itís more than just about Brooke. Just because Brooke is the only one they have to deal with right now, doesnít mean sheís the only one. Thereís Beth Logan, Lauren Fenmore, and Sheila Carter. Stephanie says she tried to warn Eric not to marry her, but he did anyways and then she tried to kill her twice. She knows Eric is a man and likes to see beautiful women, but he should not touch. She says he probably needs to talk someone about his destructive pattern. Okay, wait since they were married the last time, has Eric cheated on Stephanie? I donít think have been any other women since Lauren, right? I donít know why she is bringing this up now.

Amberís lying in bed, but looks in pain. She gets up to go check on Eric, but Rick comes in with some tea and says Eric is fine. At first Amber says she doesnít need relaxing, but then changes her mind and takes the tea. Tomorrow is her first day of work, and although sheís not sure she is ready, she knows she has put it off to long. She goes on to say she feels guilty about not spending time with her son. And now, sheís going to leave her kid with a complete stranger. Rick doesnít feel Erica is stranger, but Amber points out they really know nothing about her background at all. Good point.

Amber wants Rick to call Erica and tell her not to come. Sheíll just take Eric to Forrester daycare. Rick says he wants Eric to have one on one time and doesnít want to do that. The talk about how Amber will eventually get better and she has that fighting spirit. Rick brings up how she donated a kidney for him without even thinking and how she risked her own life to save Stephanie from Sheila. Interesting on the timing of this subject isnít it? Amber recalls how she knocked Sheila to the floor when she was about to shoot Stephanie again. Amber says she wish she could have done more to help Mary. Rick points out how terrible of a mother Sheila would be and Amber thinks poor Mary is probably as nuts as her mom is.

Rick thinks they should give Erica a chance. She slowly agrees she needs the help and goes to sleep.

Hope you had a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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