The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/24/02

By Matthew

Well hey folks. What awaits is an exciting episode of B&B!

Ridge and Deacon continue their angry discussion. By the way a terrible storm has struck the LA area and we hear a tremendous amount of thundering throughout the entire show. Ridge says Deacon is the scum of the earth and his day will come very soon. Deacon scoffs at this and says Ridge is all talk.

Deacon offers to let Ridge hit him if it will end this grudge match between him. After he declines, Deacon asks him when he will let go of all his hostility. Ridge says that one day, one day very soon, it will all be over.

Mass fixes Stephanie a drink at his place and says she could use one after today. He's referring to having to be around Eric. She informs him he is coming over to talk to her, to which Mass replies that she must end the marriage once and for all tonight.

Mass reminds Stephanie of Eric's other wives, including Brooke and the nutcase Sheila. Is she still on Port Charles? Eh, anyway, Eric shows up, finally, and tries to convince old Steffers to come home.

Eric wants another chance for their marriage and says it isn't too late. Stephanie disagrees and says it is.

The storm continues at Rick and Amber's place. She apologizes for her behavior at the party last night and during the wedding that day. She is also ashamed she couldn't take care of their own son.

Rick says it is okay for Amber to need help after their tragedy. They have a rather sweet scene that ends with Rick promising to always be there for Amber. Aww.

Alisa calls Erica and leaves her a message because she is too frightened to answer. Erica listens as Alisa warns her how angry her mother is and reminds her how her mother gets. What does that mean? Is she a mental case?? After the phone call, Erica says she can't go anywhere and hears the wind blowing at the branches against the window and becomes frightened. Erica realizes her mother couldn't have found her that fast and tells herself not to worry. There's a knock at the door. Hey it's Ziggy! He's pretty soaked from the rain, but Erica doesn't know it's him and threatens to call 911. Finally she lets him in. They talk about the intruder and Ziggy believes whoever came in was a burglar. He asks her why she is so scared of her mother. Erica doesn't tell him anything, but informs him she doesn't think it was mommy-dearest either. Ziggy offers Erica a place to stay the night and although he jokingly offers her room in his bed, he says it's non-sexual and just doesn't want her to be alone, or him for that matter. In the end though, she decides to stick it out by herself. Ziggy tells her to be careful and leaves. Erica locks the door behind him.

Erica hears some noises and thinks it's Ziggy again coming back to persuade her to stay at his place. She realizes it isn't him and becomes frightened. Then, and this is so creepy her mom gets in as the lights go out. Erica tries to get a flashlight to see and then her mom grabs her hand. She says she may have thought she was rid of her, but she had better think again. OH NO!! Guess who the mother of the year is?? None other than Shelia Carter! I knew her voice sounded familiar. That's why Mass brought up Sheila in his discussion with Stephanie. Oh this is so creepy. I'll give my commentary on how the numbers add up on Monday. Have a great Sunday!

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