The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/23/02

By Matthew

Erica gets in a panic when she sees Ziggy lying on the floor, motionless. She bends down to see if he is okay. He doesn't respond when she demands that he answer her.

Erica realizes Ziggy could be dead and reaches to feel his wrist for a pulse. Thankfully, there is one and she realizes she had better call 911. She gets up and turns on the light and notices what a disaster her apartment is at the moment. Finally, she calls the police. For some reason the police don't answer after a few rings and before they can answer, Ziggy groans. Erica hangs up and goes to check on him. When she runs over to see him, he jumps back in fright. Then as she shoves three fingers in his face asking how many he sees, he correctly answers and shoves her hand back. Neither of them knows what happened. Erica goes to get him some ice, but brings back frozen peas. He seems a little too picky about how it isn't real ice, but takes it to his head anyway. Erica says he'll need to tell the police what happened. Ziggy becomes a little upset about her calling the police, but relieved when she tells him she hasn't called them yet. She wonders who would do this.

Erica says there isn't anything missing from her apartment. Not even her TV! Ziggy concludes he must have scared the guy off before he had a chance to do anything. Erica says the dude was still there long enough to destroy the place. Ziggy asks Erica if she is into drugs, but she says that isn't it. Ziggy doesn't know why this happened. He notices a 20-dollar bill that wasn't stolen by the intruder and says that really doesn't make sense. Erica suddenly realizes something and starts freaking out. She digs through a box with papers in it.

As Ziggy comes over to see what Erica's problem is, she gets up and runs to the door to lock it and closes the blinds. Ziggy says the intruder couldn't have been a woman, but did notice a floral scent when he was in the apartment. Erica tells him her mother has found her.

Over at Forrester, Deacon looks at an article about Brooke getting married to Whip. He can't believe she actually went through with it. He's smoking too. Oh the poor rebel without a clue. How pathetic you have become. Rick comes in and says he shouldn't be smoking in there, but is pretty lenient and leaves it at that. He realizes he is upset about the wedding, but rationalizes that at least Brooke's baby has his father. Ooh, burn Deacon! Rick came in to fill out some orders for Amber's line. Rick is concerned because Amber is getting any better. Deacon says they are working well together and if Ridge could see them now. Rick informs him how condescending and bitter Ridge was when he called him to tell Rick to watch his back. Deacon tells him not to take Ridge's warning lightly.

Deacon tells Rick it would be a mistake to underestimate Ridge. Rick says as long as Ridge is pushing papers over at Marone, he isn't concerned.

Deacon isn't comfortable with Ridge hanging on to all this anger. Rick thinks they did him a favor by getting him an easy job at Marone. Deacon decides to go home to Bridget and Rick won't be far behind him on his way home to a sleeping Amber.

Over at Spectra, Darla makes some notes about a dress that needs altering. Then, Clarke and Tony come in and say the "prototype" dress is ready. Sally and Mass are there too. Sofia comes in to model the dress and man is it stellar. It's a white evening gown with silver trimmings. Sofia's skin tones go well with it too. Everyone loves it, but Ridge doesn't say anything. Mass asks him what he thinks.

Ridge says that the dress' neckline is not what he designed; he wanted more of a "V." Darla, per Clarke's instructions, runs over to take notes with a frightened look on her face. The seam in the back in mismatched and apparently you can see it all in the drape. Guiseppe, Spectra's best tailor, did this, but Ridge says it isn't good enough. He says the straps need to be closer to the neck and there needs to be two more darts (I don't know what that is) in the back. He asks Sofia what she thinks and she agrees the straps could be further off the shoulders. Ridge also doesn't like the fabric and wants it sent back. He gripes on for a while, but says for a first run, this is not half bad, and a quote. Everyone is overjoyed to hear a positive word out of his mouth. Me too.

Ridge tells everyone it isn't a matter of him liking the dress, but it being perfect. He wants them to have the best damn collection ever to knock Forrester of its pedestal. Ridge wants to go in full production and Mass gives the green light. Clarke and Tony start to make the changes on the dress. Sally calls Guiseppe to hire expert tailors and seamstresses while Ridge recalls his fight with Deacon that left his hand impaired. He damns Deacon to hell.

At Insomnia, Deacon orders a coffee to go and sees Ridge working. Ridge spots him too. Great. For some reason Deacon goes over to talk to Ridge. Ridge asks about Forrester and the "Amnesia" collection. (Snicker). Ridge says Deacon was Bridget's mistake, but now he's everyone's mistake. He tells him that all of them including, Whip, Amber, and Rick think knocking up teenagers qualifies them to run a business. He vows to rip apart their lives like he did.

The new Daytime promo is "Get it on." Tomorrow, Deacon and Ridge get it on, but in a fighting, not sexual kinda way. :) Night!

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