The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/22/02

By Matthew

This cold in May?!?

Whip and Brooke arrive at their honeymoon location. The exterior looks exactly like the Spa Ojai. Whip wonders why she picked this spot and this spa? Whip says he can feel Deacon's presence and guesses the two of them had sex in here the last time they were there. Nah, just kissed WAY TOO MUCH!! Whip says that means there is hope for the two of them tonight. Hah! I doubt Brooke'll let you anywhere near that.

Brooke says sex isn't at the top of her list because she is 6 months pregnant. Whip gets angry about how she looked at Deacon throughout the whole ceremony even when she was saying her vows. He asks why he should stay here tonight. He tells her he cares for her. He goes to take a shower and wait until she comes around. Before he does, he finds a present in their luggage. It's from Bridget and hubba-hubba it's a sexy maternity nightie. He tells her she should do her daughter the honor of putting it on right now. Brooke's a little less than thrilled.

Brooke says Whip is just going to have to take that cold shower. When he gets out, she'll be in bed, asleep. Whip wants to just share a bed, but not do anything. Whip says if she would meet him halfway, they can make this work. Bridget calls Brooke and long story short, Brooke gets sad and cries and sobs forever.

The wedding decorations are being taken down as Rick asks Erica how Little Eric was. He was pretty good, as was the wedding. Rick takes him upstairs and Erica talks to Amber for a minute. She asks her if she enjoyed herself at the wedding, to which Amber sarcastically replies that Brooke Logan weddings are like earthquakes. She then tells Erica she knows where the door is and marches upstairs to take a bath. [CAT HISS]

Erica starts to leave when Rick comes downstairs. He realizes something is wrong and she asks him if Amber is mad at her. She tells him she was kind of rude to her. They discuss Amber's condition and Erica is sure she'll come around eventually. Rick asks Erica if she would like to be a full time babysitter for Eric. Erica is overjoyed and accepts. She leaves to go home and is all smiles as she walks out the door. One note, Erica mentions her mother couldn't be any better than Amber's mother. Oh yeesh, that's pretty bad. Erica doesn't say too much more about it though.

Hey it's Ziggy! For some reason, he comes to check up on Erica and knocks on her door at the apartment complex. All the lights are out and man do those bars on the window look better from the outside or what. I guess he knew she was going to the wedding, but thought she would be back from it by now. When she doesn't answer and banging noises are heard coming from the inside of the apartment, Ziggy becomes concerned and takes his key and goes in the apartment. He calls out for her and I can kinda see the place looks trashed. Uh-oh.

Ziggy calls out for Erica, but she doesn't answer. Then he calls out that he knows there is someone in there. Oh boy, it's adrenaline overdrive now. He asks the "dude" to come out now. Then, he takes his very big key chain that has all the room keys on it and fixes it between his fingers to kinda give him a "brass-knuckles" advantage. He quickly jumps behind the door, but no one is there. As he's talking to the intruder, he slowly searches the apartment. He tells the intruder that he made a mistake breaking into this apartment, because first of all, people don't break into his apartment complex, and second, this particular tenant is a teenager and doesn't have much to steal. Last, he adds he doesn't want to mess with him. Yeah, I wonder if Ziggy could put a hit out on someone? The intruder outsmarts him by sneaking up behind him, right near the couch and knocking him with a flashlight. Ouch. His lights are out, at least temporarily. The intruder, who looks like a woman, by the way (from the hand shape) takes Erica's apartment key from Ziggy's key chain and hightails it out of there.

Bridget thanks Stephanie for giving her a ride home from the wedding. She's kinda tiffed Deacon left her stranded at the reception, I'm assuming? Its already night and it wasn't that late when the wedding ended. Stephanie tells her not to be hard on him, but Bridget thinks something weird is going on between Brooke and Deacon. Oh no.

Bridget complains about how weird Deacon and Brooke were acting at the wedding and also how the how family couldn't come together to really support the marriage. She does thank Stephanie for her support. Stephanie says they've all had enough of scandal and once they get to know Whip, the family will come together. Bridget still can't shake the feeling that there is something going on that she doesn't know about.

Oh yeah, on the short opening they're alternating Ziggy and Erica's picture, but still no Zende. Man I remember the days when there were just 14 cast members, 2 years ago after Macy died. Now, there's like 20.

Erica gets home and is shocked to see her door open. She can't remember if she actually left it open our not when she left. She assures herself she wouldn't have done that and thinks of getting Ziggy, but then tells herself to get a grip and that she probably was in a rush and forgot to close it. I've done that before, at least the "Did I lock my car door?" thing. She slowly walks in and gasps as she sees Ziggy lying on the floor. She realizes it's him finally.

Poor Ziggy!


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