The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/21/02

By  Matthew

Let the wedding go on and on and on.

Brooke continues her march down the aisle. She gets glares from Stephanie and a worried look from Megan. Brooke starts to tear up a little. Oh boy. I read somewhere that Katherine Kelly Lang sometimes can’t drive home because of all the drop she has to put in her eyes to make her cry so much. God, that has to be a bitch.

Erica can hardly contain herself as she listens to the wedding from the bedroom. She then turns to Little Eric who is playing on a bed and whines how she’s upstairs and not down there with everyone else. Then she snaps out of it and says she is being silly and should be grateful to be in the same house. She looks at Rick’s baseballs and what I assume are his tennis trophies and then a picture of just him. She becomes worried when she thinks about her mom coming to town. She tries to tell herself that her mom will never be able to find her.

Erica snoops some more and looks through Rick’s yearbook from hi senior year in high school. He was from the sacred Class of ’99, like me. Hmm, but still he’d only be 20-21 this year, NOT 22, like Stephanie said. Maybe she had a brain fart, or the writers did anyway. She finds a younger picture of Rick, probably right after Justin T. replaced Jacob Y. Not a bad picture of Rick at that. Erica says he must have had all the girls then. Then Erica tries to think about how old she would have been there, but shudders and says that she shouldn’t go there. What does that mean? Was she much older than him, then or much younger? Argh, I still don’t know.

Erica marvels that Rick isn’t spoiled rotten that way he grew up. Let’s think that one through Erica. In some ways he is. Okay, she has developed a serious crush on him. Hah, her fixation has moved from Amber to Rick. Priceless. Suddenly, Rick comes in and Erica quickly puts the trophy down. She tells him Eric is taking a nap and he informs her Amber passed out during the ceremony. Whoops. He’s pretty mad and doesn’t want to go back downstairs. He’s mad enough to say his marriage is over and he isn’t taking Amber back again. Erica tells him he doesn’t mean that. Then he says he wishes he could back to being a teenager again and partying and stuff. She tells him she is right there and wants to be apart of that. Okay, this is a fantasy. It has to be. Rick tells her not to tempt him. With that, they kiss. Yep, I knew it. Fantasy. Erica drops the trophy and laughs at herself.

Brooke pauses during her march and everyone seems to notice. All I can do is laugh. She finally gets a grip and finishes her march as Stephanie carefully watches on. Somehow the music is timed perfectly to end as she finishes. The ceremony begins. Stephanie kinda rolls her eyes as the minister drones on about love and vows. Poor Thorne. He takes things pretty well I guess. I wouldn’t have come to former wife’s wedding. Eric glances at Stephanie, who glances back during the minister’s homily about love and family. We go through a prayer next. Now, the dreaded “If anyone can show just cause..” line. Stephanie gets wide eyed and Joy looks like she wants to say something, and I swear she almost does, but instead keeps her mouth closed. Oh god I hope she doesn’t have a stroke holding that in. Deacon looks on too and I wonder if he’ll say anything.

Bridget reads from 1st Corinthians Chapter 13. It’s the “love”: verses. Brooke spaces off and Bridget’s words become echoed. She starts thinking about Stephanie’s words and then Whip’s, Megan’s, Bridget’s, and then Deacon’s. We come back to reality and might I add the background during that whole thing was a zoomed in shot of Brooke’s face like it was flying through a time warp. The vows finally begin.

Brooke says her “I will.” Whip says his “I do.” Brooke’s “I do’s” start. They finish and now it’s time for the rings. Finally they are pronounced husband and wife. Whew! The recessional is played and out they go. Deacon’s left alone in the church after everyone leaves. He’s sobbing of course. Boy am I glad that’s over. Have a good night!

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