The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/20/02

By Matthew

Will the wedding finally happen?

Congrats to Susan Flannery and Jennifer Finnigan on their Emmys.

Deacon and Brooke continue to kiss, but she breaks away. By the end of the scene though, he manages to convince her to come clean with Bridget. Yikes! Bridget knocks on the door and has her dress with her.

All the wedding guests are standing around admiring the decorations. In case I didn't tell you before, it's at Brooke's house. Erica walks down the stairs and her legs look funny, but it could be the high heels and the fact that she is carrying Little Eric. Kristen and Tony spot her and she explains how Rick asked her to baby-sit Little Eric for them. Kristen explains that Zende is home with a fever and couldn't make it. She also seems a little unnerved that Erica is there.

Eric spots Mass and wants to know why he is there. Mass reasons it is no more appropriate for one of Brooke's ex-husbands to be there, than it is for him. He adds that Stephanie invited him to sock it to Eric. Eric shakes his head in disgust.

Stephanie tries to hurry Whip along to get the wedding going. He realizes she still thinks Brooke my back out. Stephanie says that until the vows are spoken, anything can happen. I mean we are talking about Brooke. Whip realizes she has a point and wonders where Deacon is. Stephanie is a little cold when she says that he needs to wake up and realize Brooke isn't in love with him and anything can happen. She goes to check on Brooke.

Bridget's got Brooke's dress and wants in. Brooke agrees to tell Bridget the truth and doesn't want Deacon to be there. He leaves and somehow Bridget doesn't care and just tells him to get ready. Bridget wants to give Brooke a present. As Brooke starts tot ell Bridget the truth, Stephanie comes in and interrupts. Bridget thinks she is about to back out of the wedding. Inspite of Brooke's protest for her to leave, Stephanie manages to swing the conversation back to Bridget who then continues with her gift giving.

Taylor and Ridge says hello to Amber who looks stoned to hell. As she walks off Taylor says she is worried about her and Ridge points out Rick should be the one who's worried. Rick is right behind him of course. Rick's got a little too much mousse on today. He looks like a poodle. Rick says Ridge shouldn't be here and then Ridge retorts that if anyone shouldn't be there, it's Amber. Rick goes in for what I would a call a "in your face!" move, but Taylor breaks the two up before it even has a chance. Rick storms off and Ridge just watches.

Deacon gets dressed and unnerves Whip by saying that Brooke isn't going to go through it. He says he doesn't have to stop it because Brooke will.

Bridget gives Brooke the old fashioned "something old, new, borrowed, and blue." The old is a picture, in a frame, of a much younger Brooke holding a much younger Bridget above her head. The new: a picture of Deacon and Bridget taken while Brooke was in Paris this last time. The borrowed: one of those baby globe things with the snow. Deacon gave it to Bridget last summer when she had her car accident. The blue: a very sad poem written by Bridget herself. Brooke's crying this whole thing. Bridget leaves her to get dressed and Stephanie reminds her she has to do this.

Downstairs, the camera pans around the living room again. Thorne is seated all by himself in the back row and looks pretty sad too. Kristen and Tony note this doesn't feel like a wedding. Erica takes Eric for Rick and Amber.

Brooke finally gets dressed and is staring out the window. Bridget comes in with her flowers and tells her it's time for her to go down.

The orchestra begins and Whip and Deacon march downstairs. Deacon anxiously awakes Bridget to come screaming downstairs in tears, but instead she walks down and is all smiles. He realizes Brooke didn't tell her and starts to panic. "The Wedding March" starts and down walks Brooke. The whole scene is dragged out forever. Does anybody else think "The Wedding March" is a cheesy song? I do. I do like this version better though. It's not the same chorus over and over again like in Brooke's first wedding to Eric.

See ya!

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