The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/17/02

By Matthew

Hereís a quick recap of todayís show.

Brooke cries about having to marry Whip, but realizes she has to do this. During her cry session, Rick brings her some tea. He asks her if she is sure she wants to do this. She assures him this is going to happen.

Deacon recalls past encounters with Brooke. He gets angry that he isnít the one marrying Brooke. Bridget rushes in and says she has to do millions of things and canít wait for him. She takes off. He decides to call Brooke to try and talk her out of it. Rick answers and says Brooke is too busy to talk to him per her request. Deacon slams down the phone and says this whole thing is wrong. He vows to stop the wedding.

Whip and Joy argue about him marrying Brooke. He reiterates that he loves her and all the Forresters and doesnít want to let them down. She says she is going to let him down in the end. Whip says that once Brooke gets through today things will be a lot better. He leaves for the wedding. Poor Joy.

Short theme today, Erica and Zende are missing in action from it.

Amberís a little hung over and decides to take a nap out of the blue. She basically ignores Rickís requests for her to dress Little Eric and walks upstairs. Erica comes in on cure dressed in a pretty spring dress and offers to help out with Eric.

Brooke recalls all her past meetings with Deacon to a sad song. This causes her to sob. Stephanie comes and tells her to stop it. She tells her to shape up. He sees the decorations and says he has to stop all this. Rick shows him where his suit is upstairs. Right after, Whip walks in and marvels at the decorations for his wedding.

Rick goes over what he needs Erica to do for him. Erica asks him about Amber. Heís worried about her and doesnít know what to do. Erica says theyíll all get through it in the end and to not worry. Erica keeps repeating how she is there for Rick, but never once mentions Amber. Itís starting to freak me out.

Deacon throws his suit down in disgust. As he leaves to go find Brooke, Whip walks in the room and stops him.

Stephanie tells her that her behavior at the party was terrible. She knows Deacon is trying to convince her to tell Bridget the truth, but she cannot let that happen. She tells her the only answer is marrying Whip.

Whip tells Deacon to get dressed and blocks his way. They go back in the room and talk about the same crap they always do. Bridget walks in on it, but doesnít suspect a thing. Bridget helps Deacon get dressed.

Whip interrupts Stephanie and Brooke. Brooke is all confused and Whip says they are both nervous. He asks her to focus and remember why they are doing all this. To protect Bridget and the unborn child. The minister comes in and says the ceremony will be starting soon. Hah! Neither of the spouses is dressed.

The guests start arriving and chatting. Whip says he couldnít feel any better. Brooke puts some makeup on and on cue Deacon comes in. Argh. Great are they gonna screw in there too? He tells her he will not let her do this. They kiss and kiss again to that sexy music. I roll my eyes some more.

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