The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/16/02

By Matthew

Beaches and bikers and fun fun fun!

Erica is in a state of shock after getting off the phone with her mother.  There are still too many pieces of this puzzle missing for me to comment on at this time.  Iím still trying to figure out why Erica is so scared.  Of course, if I charged a plane ticket on my parentsí card and then ran away, ooh boy! Look out!  I would just think her mom would have been this upset when she ran away in the first place. I would have dragged Alisaís ass over to the house the first day Erica was gone.  At any rate, not to knock Courtnee Drapper, but her ďscaredĒ look isnít too convincing.  In fact all her expressions look similar.  Kristen, Tony, and Zende come outside and notice her distress, but she covers and goes back inside with Zende for some punch. 

Over at Spectra, Mass is going over the books and says their expenditures are sky high.  Sally explains that although she advised Ridge there were ways to economize and still get what he wants, he was determined to do things his way.  He really wants Forrester to go down.  Yeah with Haute Couture, but Amberís line seems to be the hot ticket right now and Sally thinks she got what it takes.  If she can stand the pressure, she just might give Ridge a run for his money. 

Darla brings some coffee to Sally and Massimo and looks pretty good at that too.  Darla gushes over Massimo and gives him his coffee.  Hmm, why is she all over him like that?  Sally notices her behavior and says she could use some coffee too.  Darla laughs at her forgetfulness but only hands Sally an empty mug and tells her where the sugar is.  Darla gushes right on out of the office.  Back to business, Mass has no doubt in his mind that once Ridge unleashes his plan, the Forresters arenít going to know what hit them. 

Mass has to leave because heís going to the wedding tomorrow with Stephanie.  They talk about how scandalous the wedding is and how hard it will be for Eric.  Wife #2 is getting remarried and Wife #1 is coming to the wedding with his worst enemy.  They also talk about how this is a shotgun wedding, but wonder who exactly is holding the gun. 

Not dealing with her stress in a good way, Amber stumbles outside with a glass of wine.  She starts having visions of her babiesí graves, again and pops two more pills.  Okay, now remember this is still the same day she bought the pills from Ziggy and she took about 5 in Insomnia.  Plus, now sheís mixing it with alcohol by downing the rest of her glass of wine. 

Amberís pills and wine have started to affect her.  Sheís still outside and can barely stand up straight.  She eventually downs her glass (another one) and laughs at herself.  It must not taste good and sheís probably laughing at the fact that sheís drinking something that tastes gross.  I once had a terrible mixed drink, but wanted to get drunk so I did the same thing.  I too thought it was funny. 

Deacon joins Whip and Brooke, but Whip tells him to beat it.  They keep going back and forth, but quietly with the highlight being when Whip calls Deacon a sex starved tomcat.  Brooke breaks them up and says Bridget could overhear them.  She goes on to say that she cannot find out about their sordid affair.  Brooke walks off, but the two gentlemen (and I use the term loosely) keep going at it.  Deacon grabs Whip and calls him an arrogant son of a bitch, but Whip plays it off as them joking around with each when Kristen walks up.  Sheís happy they have finally gotten over their difficulties.

Taylor and Rick sit down of the sofa to talk for a minute and then Joy and Stephanie have a chat.  Joy points out she didnít look like that when she was about to get married, referring to how Brooke looks.  She doesnít look happy.  Stephanie tries to calm Joyís nerves about Brooke not staying committed to her son.  They discuss Whipís fondness of Bridget and of Brooke too.  Stephanie says that they have Whip to thank for the familyís new beginning. 

Erica takes Little Eric to get some punch and Zende follows her.  Ridge comes over to talk to Bridget and is actual nice to her.  They discuss his new job and how she is feeling.  Ridge points out that Taylor noticed that Brooke was acting funny as well.  They both wonder what is going on. 

Rick talks to Taylor about how Amber has been acting weird lately.  Taylor suggests that she is depressed, but Rick doesnít know. She isnít crying all the time, but she is pretty down on herself.  Okay, all during this scene I had to hide under the bed because I was so embarrassed.  Amberís really really drunk/high on her uppers so coming into the party and talking very loudly must have made perfect sense to her.  She stumbles to the door and starts shouting Rickís name.  Oh Iím already turning red.  Everyone turns around and watches her.  Just then, Little Eric calls out to his mommy and Amber is overjoyed and stumble-walks over to him and gives him a big kiss.  Oh god, I bet her breath is killing the poor kid.  Rick notices Amberís behavior and if it had been me, I would have been up and carting her off immediately, but he continues to talk to Taylor who wonders what has her up in such high spirits now.  Amber stumbles past Megan and Deacon and then over to Rick.  She pulls him off the couch and tries to dance with him.  He realizes she is drunk and she just keeps getting louder and louder as everyone watches in horror.  Stephanie tries to tell her to go lie down for a little while.  Amber screams in happiness that she is fine and is finally carted off by Rick to the bedroom.  Oh boy is he mad and Amber isnít quiet about their exit.  She shouts that they are going to the bedroom!  Woo-hoo!  Taylor looks at Stephanie who kind of has a smile on her face but that is quickly replaced by a look of concern. 

Bridget walks over to where Amber and Rick exited and then over to Brooke.  Bridget tells her mom that Amber is okay, but just hit the bottle too hard tonight.   Brooke says she is a little stressed out right now, but says the party is wonderful.  Bridget says sheís worried and wants to know what is going on right now. 

Whip sees Brooke seriously talking to Bridget and becomes concerned.  He halts the party and says that since he and his bride have a long day tomorrow, they are going to be leaving.  This manages to save Brooke from Bridgetís probing questions.  He gives a long speech and at the end asks Deacon to be his best man.  Deacon sarcastically says he doesnít know what to say.  Bridget comes over and says that would be perfect and the whole party crew applauds.  Haha!  Brooke glares on and Stephanie nervously says that this is a wonderful ending to a wonderful party. 

Outside, Erica plays with Little Eric and Zende, who gets up to do something.  Rick comes out and says Amber is resting.  She offers to stay and help tonight, but Rick doesnít need her to do that.  He will need her help tomorrow at the wedding though.  She says thatís fine and to call her whenever he needs anything.  He leaves and Erica proudly smiles at her worming capabilities.       

Whip goes to get the car and Brooke waits outside the house.  Stephanie walks up and says to not mess this up.  She reminds her how her daughter is counting on her so she must get married tomorrow.  She walks off and Brooke stares off into space and cries a little. 

By the way, tomorrow night (Friday) May 17th, at 8PM is a special primetime "The Price is Right."   At 9PM, Bob Barker will host the Daytime Emmy Awards, which I'm sure will include a few memorable scenes from the past year.  Enjoy! 

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