The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/15/02

By Matthew

also points out how Deacon and Whip havenít even acknowledged they are there.  Brooke is also among the missing.  Taylor thinks something weird is going on there. 

Whip and Brooke talk to Joy.  She gets a little preachy with Brooke how itís his first marriage and her like millionth.  She hopes Whip doesnít get hurt, but he defends Brooke.  It doesnít get heated or anything, but I can tell Joy is very worried about her son.  She hopes the marriage is their last one.  Hmm, didnít Brooke say that when she married Thorne? 

Bridget notes to Stephanie that Brooke looks worried about something and wonders if she has cold feet.  Stephanie doesnít think so, but says sheíll keep the fire on her feet in case it happens.  Stephanie nervously watches Brooke and Whip. 

Ridge acts like a total jackass to Thorne when he comes up to talk to him.  Ridge barely acknowledges his existence and doesnít even look at him.  Thorne is the better man and congratulates him on his new job and the excitement that comes along with it.  Grow up Ridge.  Hmm, Thorne is letting his hair grow a little.  It looks better. 

Bridget interrupts the party again to share a compliment Stephanie gave to Whip.  She said he would be a valuable asset to the family.  She gives this speech about how their marriage will be so good like hers to Deacon and gets choked up at the end of it.  Brooke hugs Bridget at the end of it and then Stephanie hugs Brooke and says, in her ear, that she is going to forget all about Deacon.  Deacon and Bridget hug some as well. 

Erica canít believe she is actually at the party, but gets a phone call on her cell phone from Alisa.  She doesnít even say hello she just goes into how she is at Brooke Loganís engagement party.  The connection is bad so we canít hear her well, but she says that Ericaís mom is flipping because she got the credit card bill in the mail and she knows she is in LA.  Her mom called Alisa over to her house and has been yelling at her for an hour.  Just then, Ericaís mom takes the phone from her and tells her daughter to come home.  Boy is she mad.  Erica refuses and her mother then says she is coming out to get her then.  Erica quickly hangs up and attempts to looks scared about the fact that her mom is coming to town.  Okay, so how is she?  I still havenít figured it out.  Is Erica a runaway or just someone leaving home?  Argh. 

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