The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/14/02

By  Matthew

Hey hey.  Let the fallout continue on B&B..

Brooke tells Stephanie to once again stay out of this, but she protests that if it involves Bridget, it involves her.  Brooke reiterates that she has done her best to protect Bridget, but Stephanie informs her that Bridget has noticed how she watches the two of them (Bridget and Deacon) together and knows she is envious.  Bridget is just too innocent to think anything bad.  Brooke angrily says that she’ll be damned before she takes orders from Stephanie, who says that Brooke was damned long ago.  She throws the dress down in disgust.  Deacon walks in as Stephanie says Brooke has a chance to act like a decent human instead of a bitch (female dog) in heat.  He tells her to lay off of Brooke. 

Deacon tells Brooke to go home and that he’ll deal with Stephanie.  As she leaves, Stephanie hands her the dress.  Deacon is stunned and thought Stephanie was opposed to the marriage.  Brooke informs him that she said that to get him to leave earlier.  Somehow Brooke is convinced to take the dress and she leaves.  Deacon angrily tries to leave, but Stephanie blocks him and says she isn’t finished with him. 

Editors note: the opening was changed a little today.  The old model shots at the beginning are back (they had taken one of them out and held another a little longer for the last month or so).  Both of Taylor’s pictures were the same (exactly) in the first sequence of photos making me think a new intern was working that day.  Ziggy’s and Erica’s pictures were added: two for the former and one for the latter.  To make room, Zende is off the opening, Clarke only has one shot, and maybe Megan has been reduced to two.  This was the long opening so I still don’t think they’d have room for all of them on the short opening unless they get rid of Stephanie and Eric’s end photos.  We’ll see. 

At Whip’s apartment he’s dressed in his usual suit and tells his mom to hurry or they’ll be late.  Whew, Joy is dressed in a very lovely and appropriate dress that is way out of character for her.  Whip whistles at his mom and then tries to rush her out the door, but she isn’t sure she can go.  She’s still uncomfortable that Whip is marrying Brooke who is pregnant with another man’s child.  Oh that; man I thought she’d be over that weeks ago.  Joy refuses to go when she finds out that Bridget and Deacon, the real father of the baby are hosting the party.  Whoops, Whipple forgot to mention that.  Whip wants her to meet his new family, but she says that they aren’t his family and the marriage isn’t real.  Besides the fact that Brooke has no morals, which brings Joy to ask why Whip would want to be around someone like that.  Whip pulls the “support” line and says he needs his mom there and she’ll feel better about the whole plan once she meets Bridget, the one they are all protecting.  Whip thinks the truth is so ugly it would kill Bridget. 

Over at the beach house, Bridget has Eric try and hors d’oeuvres.  Bridget wonders where Deacon is and hopes he isn’t protesting the party.  She also tells Eric that Whip is a keeper.  They discuss Brooke’s terrible love life history.  They share a laugh over the fact that Brooke has run out of family members, oh wait has she though?  Get the irony?

Bridget welcomes Zende, Kristen, and Tony to the party.  Zende says hello to Eric and Tony kids him about his “hot date.”  Then, Whip and his mom arrive.  Bridget is introduced to her.  Neither Whip nor his mom is pleased to hear that Brooke and Deacon haven’t arrived yet. 

Thorne comes to the party and Bridget is happy that he made it, but realizes it must be a little awkward.  Thorne hopes that Brooke isn’t making the same mistake she did before by “settling.”  Bridget says she has learned her lesson and that Whip isn’t a substitute for anyone.  Yeah.  Amber, Rick, and Eric arrive together but Amber isn’t feeling well.  She goes to lie down in Bridget’s room.  Everyone at the party is happy to see Little Eric.  Just then, Erica arrives and she joins the liars club by implying that Bridget (i.e. Rick and Amber) invited her.  She even brought Little Eric a gift.  Weird.   

Deacon thinks that Stephanie made a bad situation worse by convincing Brooke to go through with the party.  Stephanie points out that situation could only get worse if Bridget were to find out and when Deacon says no one will benefit from Brooke marrying Whip, she thinks he is more worried about his own feelings that Bridget’s (he doesn’t want to give up Brooke.)  Deacon says that Brooke will be more drawn to him when she is married to Whip.  Stephanie isn’t worried about that because Deacon ain’t gonna be around.  (She refers to him as “buster” hah!)

Stephanie tells Deacon he’s leaving town and divorcing Bridget.  That’s how he’’ be out of the picture.  They argue and argue and Stephanie says Deacon is delusional if he thinks he loves Bridget.  Things turn physical when Stephanie starts slapping Deacon (like 4 or 5 times).  After that ends, he wants to know why he should leave Bridget.  Stephanie says he had better or she’ll do something really bad.  He’s going to end the marriage tonight or else. 

Stephanie believes that the baby will be better off without Deacon.  He points out that Whip is far worse than him and has been torturing her for months.  Stephanie likes him better and better.  She points out that Deacon is a poison to both Brooke and Bridget.  She leaves for the party and tells him goodbye for good. 

Bridget wants to know why Rick didn’t tell her Erica was coming.  Rick says he didn’t invite her and they both think that’s kinda weird.  As Rick goes to find out what’s going on, Zende slides in next to Erica and thanks her for coming.  Rick and Bridget see this and say it really is a small world. 

Whip tries to convince Joy to come back in to the party.  She doesn’t want to see him humiliated anymore.  Finally, Brooke arrives and is introduced to Joy.  They all go in the house.  Bridget is overjoyed to see Brooke there and then Stephanie waltz in.  The only missing person is Deacon.  Stephanie goes on and on about how supportive she is of the marriage and that she’ll do everything in her power to make sure it works.  Brooke gazes at Stephanie as she hugs Bridget. 

We get a “What happens next?” blurb at the end.  Basically it says that Deacon is determined to stop the wedding, but Stephanie is determined to stop him.  How will it all end and will Bridget find out the truth?  

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