The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/13/02

By Matthew

Stephanie is in shock over seeing Brooke and Deacon kissing on Friday. Deacon comes from behind the dressing board and stands next to Brooke. Stephanie says that she knows what she saw and that this is sick. She wonders how Brooke could do this to her own daughter and to the father of her unborn child. A few revealing looks from Brooke and Deacon clue her in that the baby is Deacon’s. She shouts that Deacon is the father of her baby!

Brooke says that Stephanie’s remark was disgusting and that Deacon isn’t the father, but Stephanie knows she is right. Deacon doesn’t really deny it and Stephanie gets upset and starts shouting that Bridget will die if she finds out about this. Then she asks Brooke why the pregnancy wasn’t terminated. Brooke says she loves the child, but Stephanie angrily worries about Brooke’s love for her daughter. Brooke says she is protecting Bridget and finally admits the child is Deacon’s. That didn’t take long. Stephanie almost breaks into tears and says the one saving grace about Brooke was her love for her kids. She explodes into a “What the hell happened?!” and wonders if Bridget was too much competition for her and she had to go steal another man. Deacon interjects that she doesn’t understand, but Stephanie angrily tells him to shut up. Then she says that Bridget is more than Deacon deserves in a million life times. Then she wonders how he could toss her aside for the “Whore of Beverly Hills.” Hey could that be a spin-off of B&B? Brooke slaps Stephanie for that remark. Uh-oh. Stephanie is shocked then livid and says that if Brooke weren’t pregnant, she’d kill her right now. Brooke actually looks frightened for her life.

Deacon tells Stephanie to get out of there because it doesn’t concern her. Stephanie says someone has to be concerned about Bridget and regrets that she didn’t take her away from Brooke when she had the chance. Brooke explains that she and Deacon thought the marriage was over when they had their fling. After a remark from Stephanie, Deacon tells her to shut it and help them figure out how to get out of this mess. He explains that Whip knows about all this and how he is blackmailing her. Brooke confirms the info. Deacon says they need to tell Bridget and it kind of seems like Stephanie agrees, but I doubt that. Stephanie asks for a moment alone with Brooke. Deacon kisses Brooke and tells her he won’t be far. After he leaves, she says she is going to marry Whip, to which Brooke asks a little shocked.

Erica reads an article about Rick and Amber and figures that’s the closest she’ll ever get to them. She wonders why Zende hasn’t called her yet.

Zende looks at Erica’s number and picks up the phone to call her when Kristen and Tony come in. The scold him for not being dressed for the party and when he says he wants to invite a friend to the party, Kristen says this is more of family gathering. She’s a little more unnerved when he says he wants to invite Erica, who is significantly older than him. In the end they allow it and Zende reiterates it’s a friendship date.

Erica dreams about a life as the Forrester. Basically just take the good parts of Amber’s life and sub Erica in for Amber and you have the dream. Rick gets Amber, oops Erica some flowers and they basically go into a make-out session. She wakes up and says she could never make a man like Rick Forrester happy. Oh lord; I remember when he was a little pip-squeak. Just then, the phone rings and Erica hopes its Zende.

Zende talks to Erica about the engagement party and asks if she’d like to come. He gives her instructions to the beach house and after getting off the phone, Erica is quite pleased with herself.

Deacon nervously paces around his office as Megan comes in. He explains how there may not be a wedding party because old Steffers knows about him and Brooke. Megan is shocked, yet again. After calming down, Megan wants to know if Stephanie is going to tell Bridget. He says he doesn’t know and that Brooke and Stephanie are talking now. Megan becomes concerned for Brooke’s safety and tells Deacon to go down there.

Brooke asks Stephanie if she wants her to go through with the wedding. Stephanie wonders why she needs to be told to do this and to consider the alternative: screwing up Bridget for life. Wait, that’s already happen. Screwing up Bridget even more is more appropriate. Brooke explains she has had nightmares about telling Bridget and doesn’t want to lose her daughter. Stephanie recalls how Bridget almost died the first time Deacon lied to her and that they’ll all lose her if this gets out. Brooke says she knows and Stephanie sarcastically mimics her and says that her knowledge didn’t stop her from hopping in the sack with Deacon. Bridget and Rick were the only good thing that came from Brooke’s miserable existence and she wants to throw it all away for a roll in the hay. Brooke says she is in love and Stephanie (thank you Bradley Bell) points out that Brooke is ALWAYS IN LOVE!! Stephanie doesn’t care about her feelings, but just Bridget’s. She tells her to give Deacon up because in the long run he’ll leave her. They always do and then she’ll be totally alone. Stephanie says she’ll help Brooke for Bridget’s sake. Brooke slips up and says she has been sacrificing for Bridget all this time. Thank you again Bradley Bell because I have been saying since Brooke left for Ojai and started using the word “sacrificing.” Stephanie wonders if Brooke feels she is the victim in all this and realizes she sees herself as some poor war-torned heroine making the ultimate sacrifice for her kid. Brooke gets angry and tries to leave, but Stephanie grabs her pushes her onto the bed and in front of the mirror and forces her to look at herself and her pitchfork and horns. She tells her she is going to marry Whip, go to the party, and put a smile on her face! Brooke looks pretty zonked out when she looks in the mirror.

Brooke gets up from the bed and asks Stephanie what gives her the right to talk to her this way. Stephanie responds that what happened with Caroline, Taylor, and Macy (especially her since she died), gives her the right. Here’s the best line of the whole show. Brooke says she isn’t going to let Stephanie tell her how to run her life. Stephanie responds that she will because Brooke doesn’t have the sense God gave a goat! HAHAHA! Brooke doesn’t want to marry Whip. Stephanie want her to get it right this time and realizes Brooke doesn’t want to give up Deacon. Stephanie says that’s tough and she’s going to do it tonight. Brooke says she has tried, but Stephanie retorts that all she has tried to do is get away with it as usual. She hands her a dress and tells her to get ready for the party. When Brooke resists, Stephanie pushes Brooke and tells her that this is the way it’s going to be.

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