The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/10/02

By Matthew

Yay, it’s weekend time!  Don’t forget your mothers!

Stephanie doesn’t believe that Brooke really loves Whip and wants to know why she would marry a man she doesn’t love.  Brooke denies it.  She also reiterates that this has nothing to do with her and she should stay out of it.  Stephanie reminds her that she cares about Bridget and her happiness is contingent on Brooke being happy.  The problem is that Brooke is always screwing up things by having wild affairs or getting pregnant.  If that happens this time or the marriage doesn’t work, Bridget is the one who will suffer the consequences. 

Brooke says she is well aware of what is at stake with this marriage.  Stephanie wants to know how she thinks it will last if she marries for the wrong reasons.  By the way, Brooke has looked really good today.  I think they actually brushed her hair.  Anyway Stephanie wants her to be straight with her and tell her what’s up.  Brooke tells her to mind her own business.  As Stephanie leaves, she reminds Brooke that she always figures out her secrets and this time won’t be any different. 

Whip doesn’t like something Deacon has pinned up on the bulletin board in their office and uses some pushpins to cover it with something he does like.  Deacon comes in and they go at it again.  Oh lord.  Deacon says there is nothing he won’t do to stop the wedding.  Yep.  Whip reminds Deacon of the scandal the family and Bridget would suffer if the marriage didn’t happen or the truth were to be let out. 

Whip and Deacon keep going at it saying all the same things they have said over and over again.  Finally, Deacon goes to talk some sense into Brooke and is pretty testy as he leaves.  Whip in spite of being angry goes back to his work. 

Brooke is sitting her office thinking when Deacon comes in to talk, again.  They don’t talk about anything new, except that Deacon wants to come clean and tell everyone the truth. 

At Bridget’s, she, Taylor, and Rick are planning the wedding party.  Well, Rick is just staring out the window.  Bridget is a little too gung ho about all this if you ask me.  She thinks about where she is going to put the buffet table and all the flowers.  She asks Rick to give a speech welcoming Whip into the family, but he’s in lala land and asks her to repeat it.  She becomes aggravated that he can’t even listen for 5 minutes.  Taylor asks him what’s the problem.  He says that Amber was supposed to be there with them planning the party.  He’s worried about her.  I am too.  He wants to know where she is. 

Taylor reminds Rick that is hasn’t been that long since Amber lost the baby so this could be her way of grieving/coping.  Bridget agrees and tells him to lighten up.  He gets mad and says he isn’t on Amber’s case and wants to know what’s Bridget’s problem.  Bridget says she just wants Brooke’s wedding day to be perfect.  Is that so wrong?  Taylor makes everyone take a timeout.  Taylor tells Bridget that Brooke’s wedding is important and Rick that Amber is just dealing with her pain.  Rick wonders how she’s dealing with her pain. 

Bridget apologizes and says that Taylor is right and Amber is fine.  Rick asks why Deacon isn’t helping out.  She guesses he is busy at work.  Bridget says she is worried because no one seems into the wedding.  Rick, Brooke, and even Deacon are acting weird.  Taylor guesses it’s just because Brooke is 6 months pregnant.  Bridget realizes she is right and goes to call Katie, Donna, and Storm (Brooke’s siblings).  Rick tells her that Brooke didn’t want to invite them.  Bridget is even more shocked by that and calls Stephanie’s cell-phone.  I’m not sure why she didn’t just call Brooke, because she wanted to talk to her.  Stephanie tells her she isn’t with Brooke anymore and was just about to leave the building.  She tells her to plan the party anyway, despite the fact that Brooke isn’t inviting her relatives.  Bridget worries that Brooke will back out, but then convinces herself she won’t.  They get off the phone and Stephanie realizes she left some reports up in Brooke’s office.  Uh-oh. 

At Insomnia, Amber is a total wreck.  She’s on her cell phone, with sunglasses on while she’s in the building.  How tacky.  I guess it’s supposed to add to how whacked out she is.  She’s talking to another pharmacy about how she needs a refill, but her doctor is out of town.  Not surprisingly, the pharmacy refuses to refill it and Amber angrily hangs up.  She looks over at a couple with their baby daughter and thinks to herself that she should be doing that now.  She wonders how she could let her baby die.  The waiter brings her latte and she realizes she needs to give him money.  By this point she’s in so much pain, she’s in tears.  As she tries to get him money, all her crap falls out of her purse and onto the floor.  Hey, Ziggy’s there!  It must be the same day because he’s wearing the same hideous shirt, but now with a leather jacket on top.  Anyway he recognizes her from Erica’s clippings and also notices how “wigged out” she looks.  After Amber pays, she goes to sit at a table.  However, in her haste, she didn’t pick up the empty prescription bottle for her pain medicine.  Being snoopy like everyone is on the show, Ziggy walks over and picks it up and then goes over to Amber’s table.  At first she is rude to him, I mean really rude.  He mentions as he leaves that if she needs anymore pills but figures she has connection (he really does trail off with the sentence).  This gets Amber’s attention and she calls out to him to wait.

Great.  So Ziggy’s a drug-dealer.  Well, I guess we’re supposed to dislike him now.  I probably should have guessed that’s what his role would be considering I read that Amber would become very dependant on him.  Anyway, Ziggy thinks she was rude and doesn’t really want to talk to her, but you know he does.  I’m sure he’d like to make a fast buck.  She invites him back to her table and asks if he could get her the pills.  At first he’s cautious and kinda plays hard to get, if you get my drift, but then says he could do it.  He just needs $300.  Amber says her pills only cost $30, but he reminds her this isn’t exactly like going to the neighborhood pharmacy.  She realizes he’s right and gets the money out, but he tells her to keep it in her hands (and looks pretty uncomfortable) and then takes her hand and then the money.  Oh see he’s supposed to be a pro and pros don’t like people whipping lotsa cash out in public.  Kinda suspicious you know.  So Insomnia is now apart of a drug trafficking storyline?  Well, even though he’s a dealer, I still like Ziggy.  He leaves to go get her the pills.  Where are they his car?   

Amber can’t believe she just gave 300 smackers over to a complete stranger.  Hey I once did that (well only 50) to get some liquor when I was 17, but it all worked out and I get the feeling it will this time too.  She sits back down at her table and then TA-DA!  Ziggy and those oh so magic pills show up.  Haha!  Ziggy says he has a friend that works at a pharmacy near by and with ease, he was able to get the pills.  Oh, so I guess it was like going to the neighborhood pharmacy.  She immediately takes one pill.  We find out that the bottle has enough for about a week.  He gives her his card with his cell-phone that is “always on.”  This really really sounds like American Beauty when Kevin Spacey buys that supped up marijuana from “Ricky” the kid next door.  Except I think he had a pager not a cell-phone.  Ziggy must be higher up on the ladder, so to speak.  Hehe.  Anyway, after he leaves, she gobbles down a few more pills. 

Brooke says she can’t tell the truth.  Still, she loves Deacon so much, but wants to die.  They hug and then go into some major kissing.  Oh boy like we haven’t seen all this before.  Oh no, Stephanie is coming!  And the door isn’t locked or even shut all the way!  Stephanie just goes right on in and sees Brooke kissing presumably Whip.  I didn’t get that the first time I watched it.  After re-winding the tape, I noticed that from Stephanie’s perspective, you couldn’t see the man she was kissing and the hair looked dark enough to be Whip’s.  She quietly shuts the office door and says she was wrong about Whip and Brooke.  They really are in love.  Inside the office, the lovebirds realize someone was at the door and Brooke runs over and locks the door.  Back outside the office, Whip comes strolling by and says he’ll see Stephanie at the party tonight.  It takes Stephanie a second to realize that if Whip is out there, then Brooke was kissing someone else.  She runs over and tries to open the door, but it’s locked as I said before.  She bangs on the door saying she needs to talk to Brooke.  Finally Brooke opens and Stephanie barges in and says she saw her kissing someone just then and wants to know who it is.  She sees someone’s shadow behind the dressing board and slowly walks over to see who it is.  She’s completely stunned to see Deacon standing there and we get the music to match that feeling.  Brooke looks like she’s going to pass out and Deacon actually looks ashamed.  Stephanie’s look of surprise turns to pure rage as we close. 

Well y’all have a good Mother’s Day and a good weekend at that

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