The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/9/02

By Matthew

Whip encourages Brooke to tell Deacon that they are getting married right away and no one can stop them. Whip and Deacon argue about who’s the bigger man, like they usually do, but Whip ultimately wins and asks Deacon what better solution than for Brooke to marry him (Whip). Brooke chimes in and agrees with Whip and plainly states she is marrying Whip. Deacon counters this whole situation is simple: you marry someone because you love them. Okay, wait a damn minute. Didn’t her marry Bridget to get Amber? Didn’t he use his own kid to get money and get closer to Amber? Even after Amber told him to go to hell, he still hung on to Bridget for the ride and the money. I miss the old Deacon that wasn’t so cheesy and hypocritical. At least then I could respect how terrible he was, but now he’s just pathetic. Deacon wants to talk to Brooke alone and she says it’s okay and dismisses Whip. Hmm, this scene looks so familiar to the one in the hotel room last year, except it was Rick, Amber, and Deacon. Deacon begs Brooke not to marry Whip, again.

Over at Spectra, in Tony/Clarke’s office, Ridge pins up an article about “The New Face of Forrester.” There’s a picture of Whip and Deacon as well as Rick and Amber under that title. Ridge must be using it as a driving source to keep him going on his quest to bring “Little Ricky” down. Sally comes in and asks what he’s doing. He explains (and I was right) that the article is motivation. Sally wants to show him his new office, but Ridge is content to stay in this office even though Clarke and Tony already use it. He explains that they are his hands so he needs to be close. Sally laughs at the bulletin board that has the pinned article, plus random photos of the above four, and compares it to the kind we all see in the Post Office. She says he’s missing one key person: Brooke. Sally thought they were on the same page about Brooke, but Ridge explains he just wants to take down Forrester. Brooke isn’t as much apart of Forrester as she was now that she is pregnant and involved with Whip in France. Sally says it’s no surprise that Brooke’s kids are the way they are. Yeah, great example she set. Just then the phone rings and its Stephanie, she fills him in that Brooke and Whip are marrying. Ridge is shocked.

Ridge doesn’t get the two of them marrying each other, but is happy for Brooke and for Bridget. He thinks another scandal from Brooke could destroy Bridget.

Sally notes that Ridge is having doubts about Brooke’s marriage to be. Ridge doesn’t know why Brooke would do this except for her and her groom.

Stephanie called Ridge from her office at Forrester and the phone call ends abruptly because Bridget comes in her office. Stephanie apparently wanted to see her. Stephanie’s hair looks really good right now. Must be a fresh perm or wig. Bridget is all gung ho about the wedding, but Stephanie is more surprised than happy. Bridget is glad Brooke finally found someone to take care of her especially since she is pregnant right now. Stephanie says Brooke has been pregnant before, but she’s never needed a man. Bridget clarifies that Brooke is very vulnerable right now and thinks Whip’s a strong man that can take care of her. Bridget reiterates that this marriage is what they all need.

Stephanie is worried that Bridget is counting on Brooke’s marriage too much. Bridget explains how she has been dealing with scandals all her life and it’s been embarrassing. She’s also worried about her mother most of her life and wants her to finally be happy in a marriage and scandal free.

Stephanie says that Bridget has to let Brooke make her own mistakes and not feel responsible for her mother. Bridget takes that to mean Stephanie thinks them marrying is a mistake. Well, Stephanie doesn’t know what it is exactly, but something doesn’t seem kosher. Bridget admits Deacon said the same thing. Stephanie is surprised by that, but says that once Brooke and Whip are married, she’ll give her full support to the marriage. Bridget hugs Stephanie in joy and tells her this means a lot.

Brooke and Deacon share their “last moment alone.” Bleh. Brooke says neither of them strong enough to stay away from each other right now so she has to get married. She will have to respect her marriage vows. Maybe he could cheat on his spouse, but she can’t. She goes on to say that what they’ve done is so wrong and sometimes the right thing to do isn’t the easiest. She’s going to do this. Deacon kisses Brooke hand and goes to kiss Brooke after she breaks away. Just then there is a knock at her door. They both scatter to opposite ends of the room and as Brooke gets ready to open the door she tells Deacon she’ll need those reports in the morning. Not a bad cover Brooke. It’s Stephanie.

Bridget takes Deacon into Stephanie’s office and wants to know how his and Brooke and Whip’s talk went. He says they didn’t fight. Deacon doesn’t want to get into it, but Bridget says Brooke has got to make this work. She goes on to say that if Brooke can’t make this marriage work, it would kill her (Bridget).

Stephanie congratulates Brooke on her engagement but notes she doesn’t look so happy. Brooke tries to cover that it’s the plane ride, but Stephanie doesn’t really buy it. She gets to the point and says that both she and Bridget agree something isn’t quite right with their relationship. Then she says that Bridget is counting on Brooke’s marriage and if it too ends in divorce it will really knock her silly. She tells Brooke to not screw up this marriage. Brooke loses control and says she is giving up everything for Bridget and to shut up. Stephanie wants to know what she’s sacrificing for her. When Brooke doesn’t answer, she wants to know what is going on. She asks her if she really loves Whip and Brooke gives a not so convincing response. Stephanie realizes she doesn’t love Whip and wants to know what is going on, right now. Uh-oh. Looks like things are flying out of control. Hehe.

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