The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/8/02

By Matthew

Hey we pick up with Brooke and Whip on the Forrester jet en route to LA. He remarks about how she’ll be called Mrs. Brooke Jones. She feels they may be moving too fast, but he disagrees and says they may be moving to slow, especially since Deacon refuses to respect certain boundaries (he won’t quit humping Brooke). Heh, I like to put my spin on things. Whip realizes that she feels uncomfortable about marrying him because she doesn’t know him. He wants to show her who he really is and takes her to a different part of the jet. There’s a bed scattered with rose petals and assorted candles and flowers everywhere. Brooke has this look on her eyes like “Please don’t expect me to have sex with you.” They don’t have sex, but Whip talks about he wants to help her and that’s about it for the scene.

Whip kisses Brooke’s hand and they sit on the bed. Brooke says she isn’t ready for this. She also adds she doesn’t want their first time to be on an airplane. She wants it to be more than sex, but Whip says he’d settle for just sex right now. Whip goes in for a kiss and Brooke stops him. She asks him to be patient with her for now. They almost kiss, but then the pilot, Marty, says they are beginning their decent into LA so they should buckle up. Whip wants her to tell him to circle around LA for an hour, but Brooke refuses. Whip understands, but says that on their wedding night, even if she is still in love with Deacon, they will share a bed.

At Forrester, Deacon is flipping out about the wedding news and yanks Megan by her hair into his office to get some help. Megan is surprised about the news, but doesn’t feel they need to do anything. She reminds him that he already tried to stop Whip and that put the wedding plans into fast-forward. Megan didn’t come up with that, but I inferred that from what she was saying. Megan plainly states that Brooke has to marry Whip.

Deacon can’t believe that Megan, as Brooke’s close friend, would want her to do something so destructive. Megan points out that she already has done something destructive, referring to her trysts with Deacon. Deacon thinks Whip has gotten to Megan too. Deacon says that this marriage will only end in divorce. Megan says if Brooke knows that then she won’t marry Whip. Deacon agrees with her and then goes into denial and says Brooke will never be able to pull off a wedding and assumes she has already backed out of it.

In Ridge’s old office, Amber talks to a pharmacist about getting some pain pills and covers by saying her doctor is out of town. Mmm-hmm. The pharmacist offers to get her another doctor but refuses to refill the prescription. She gives up and plops down in the chair. She tries to calm herself down but keeps flashing back to the two coffins of her babies. Just then, Bridget and Rick come in and Bridget shows Amber the article about Whip and Brooke marrying. Amber is a little less than overjoyed, but seems more apathetic than anything. She’s happy for Brooke, but notes how those two don’t waste any time. Rick doesn’t get the feeling that Brooke is really in love with Whip and wonders why she would marry him.

Bridget says she has been around Whip and Brooke more than Rick and thinks they both love each other. She says Whip is treating her better than any other man has before. Rick asks if that includes Eric and Thorne. Amber interrupts them and tells them to shut it. Remember she’s a little edgy now that she’s coming down off her narcotics trip. She apologizes and explains that she doesn’t feel good and the doctor won’t give her anymore pain medicine. Amber drops the subject and asks when they are getting married. Rick says they are talking about tying the knot immediately.

At the school, Erica and Zende are now playing chess. They go through a few sets of moves and Erica notices that Zende is trying to get her queen. The other kids: Sajji, Leah, Charlie, and Ben are all watching. Ben laughs that her queen isn’t the only thing Zende wants to make the moves on. All the kids laugh, but Erica defends Zende and says he’s much more mature than them and she adds they are little boys. Hmm, what about Leah? Is she lumped into that group too? She points out the joke that Charlie told Leah and says that Zende would never say things like that and that girls don’t like that kind of behavior either.

Erica gets bored with chess, but Zende thought she liked chess. Erica says she’s only playing chess so she can talk to Zende. All the kids jump on that remark and make fun of Zende. Erica says that remark was very “uncool.” Then she gets the idea to listen to some music and like magic there’s a boom box outside. Where is it plugged in, you ask? Or even, why is it there? Normally people playing chess don’t listen to music, but hey whatever, it’s TV. Erica turns on the player and some hideously cheesy song comes on that is way too focused on rainbows and love. Erica breaks into song and I think it’s actually Courtnee Draper singing this one. Reason being is because she doesn’t quite hit all the notes, so I doubt they would dub her with an imperfect voice. During her whole song I feel like I’m watching a freakin’ musical. She gets done and the kids applaud. By the way have I mentioned how AWFUL the scenery is? They have these backdrops that are supposed to be hallways, but it’s so obvious it’s a 2-D backdrop, not a real hallway. Zende is totally smitten.

Just as the kids’ applause ends, Tony comes up to pick up Zende. He says they have to pick up some new suits for the wedding. Tony explains that Uncle Rick’s mom, or Great Aunt Brooke is getting married. Erica’s eyes light up upon hearing the news. Tony says he’ll meet Zende in the car. Erica talks to Zende about how fun the wedding will be. She says she’ll see him in a few weeks. She explains how wedding are so huge and he won’t have time for chess club after school for a while anyway. Zende isn’t sure about that. Erica offers to go to the wedding with Zende as his “friendship” date and says if he needs anything to give her a call and leaves her number. She tells him to have fun with his dad and leaves. Hmm, this is getting weirder and weirder.

Brooke and Whip get back to Forrester. They go in her office and Whip tells her to get ready to be ambushed by family. He tells her she has to be strong because Deacon will be looking for an open door and she can’t give him any slack. Just then Bridget, Rick and Amber come in the office and Bridget hugs Whip and then Brooke. She’s overjoyed to see them. Bridget says she’ll take care of all the wedding plans. Whip says hi to Rick and Amber and Brooke hugs them too. Whip says they are sorry for the couple’s loss of a baby. Bridget suggests they have an announcement party and her and Deacon’s beach house. She says Whip can invite his mom and family and all of theirs can come too. Brooke asks if Deacon knows about this and just then he enters. He already knows about the wedding but is filled in about the party. He didn’t actually think they were serious about the wedding. Bridget says he needs to let bygones be bygones. Whip suggests that he, Brooke, and Deacon out their problems once and for all. The others leave them to do just that. Deacon tells Brooke she isn’t marrying Whip. Then he asks Brooke to tell him to his face that she is marrying Whip. Whip is fine with that and tells Brooke to go ahead, but becomes agitated when Brooke is hesitant to say anything.

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