The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/7/02

By  Matthew

Hoorah! Another B&B half hour of fun..

Erica’s in her oh so nice apartment pinning up a newspaper clipping about Amber. She’s got her whole wall decorated with various Forrester tidbits, similar to the one we saw back in her room at home. She gets a phone call, wow a phone; I forgot she actually had one. I was kinda surprised the wiring in that dump was good enough to get calls. Oh wait; it’s her cell phone. She must have caller ID, because she sees it’s her mom calling, but Erica doesn’t want to talk to her. Erica notes her mom has been calling a lot, which make me feel even sorrier for her worried mother. Erica forgets about annoying mother when there is a knock at the door. Haha. Bars on the windows, how liquor store like. It’s Ziggy. Yay! We get to talk to Ziggy again. He’s come by to give her a few parking passes for out front and notes her phone is ringing. It finally stops. Ziggy notices Erica’s collection of Forrester clippings laid out on the table and up on the wall. Why is it that grown men on this show always wear pastels or black when they aren’t wearing suits? It’s annoying. Ziggy’s wearing this pink shirt that’s also way too tight. Anyway he says that Erica isn’t really the model type. I don’t know, she’s hot, but yeah she’s pretty short. Erica says she isn’t interested in being a model, just the Forresters. Ziggy wonders if she came all the way to LA for them, and when she says yes, he says she’ll never meet them. Erica tells him not to underestimate her resourcefulness and has already found a way in. This is all really bizarre. Ziggy agrees with me.

Erica explains how she brought Amber flowers in the hospital when she was sick but says she isn’t a stalker. I’d like to disagree with that. Sidebar, does anyone notice how weird Ziggy’s voice sounds? It’s like he’s trying to do this tough New York kinda accent, without the ‘New York’ness. Anyway, Erica reiterates how she respects all the Forresters so much and how she grew up reading about them in fashion magazines, even the professional Eye on Fashion. Ziggy can barely contain his laughter, but Erica doesn’t seem to notice. We find out Erica was born in LA, but she left when she was a baby for the East I suppose. Erica has to go meet someone right now, though she admits it isn’t Amber. Ziggy says that he has seen a lot of “kids” come through this apartment complex looking all bright eyed and bushy tailed like Erica, but they end up leaving and (note the emphasis) skipping out on the rent! Erica says that won’t happen because she has already met the Forresters and now has a way in (via Zende at the school).

Over at the school, Zende and Ben are playing chess. Miss Benton comes over and says Zende made a good move, but Ben makes a pretty impressive countermove. Zende asks Miss Benton if Erica will be working today, but she doesn’t know. Ben picks up on how Zende likes Erica and calls over to Leah, at another table, that Zende has the hots for Erica. Leah is grossed out by that because Erica is “like, in high school.” Which makes me wonder how old Erica is really supposed to be. I mean maybe 20? If she really were supposed to be in high school, the cops would be looking for her because she’d be a minor. Sajji, this other kid standing next to Leah (how politically correct is this school?) starts singing the “Zende and Erica sitting in a tree” song. Then they all join in for the “K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Fortunately, they stop with that. Yuck, I remember only doing that in elementary school when I was like 9. Not in middle school when I was 12. Leah asks if Zende has kissed Erica yet. He shouts no, but Ben goes in and starts singing that Zende loves Erica like a complete moron. But hey it’s the age right?

Erica enters the schoolyard looking rather fetching. Haha, I can’t believe I typed that. She catches Zende’s eye and they both smile and then Erica gives us this devious little smile. Eww.

Miss Benton lectures Ben on his disruptive behavior with Zende earlier and warns him that if he does it again, he’s outta there. She spots Erica and goes over and says hello. Zende says hello and all the other kids turn around and say hi to Zende too in that mocking kind of tone. Miss Benton asks Erica to sit in and play some chess because there are an odd number of kids. She looks at Zende and then Ben when deciding who for Erica to play with. She chooses Ben much to Zende’s disappointment. Good for you Miss Benton. Leah comes over and is Zende’s partner. Erica looks over at Zende and smiles and so does Zende. Careful Erica. She thinks to herself that she’ll have plenty of time later for him.

Tony’s working on a sketch at his place when Kristen reminds him he’s going to be late. He says he’s going to work at home for the day. She notes how much he has been working and wants to know what is up at Spectra, but he can’t divulge any details. She’s okay with that and says everyone has to have his secrets. She picks up a drawing Zende made of Erica, with her name at the bottom. Both Kristen and Tony chuckle at that.

In Paris, Brooke is still in her nightgown but it’s daylight there now. Bridget narrates part of the scene in Brooke’s head and speaks about how special Deacon is. Hey like mother like daughter right? As this is going on, Brooke thinks about all the times she and Deacon kissed or started getting it on. Finally all that ends and Whip comes in with some breakfast for her. Damn, Whips face looks all better, oh wait that’s just from a far.

Whip tells her she must get past Deacon in order to get on with life. Speaking of Deacon, he’s in his office at work and puts an ice pack of some sort of his head where Whip knocked the crap out of him with the candlestick. Megan comes barging in and says she has a ton of things to go over with him. She notices his head and wants to know what happened to him. Deacon explains how Whip snuck up on him while he was asleep and did this. He slowly explains how he and Brooke ended up in bed, but says he never intended for that to happen. Oh whine oh whine. Be a grownup!

Megan berates Deacon for his carelessness and reminds him he and Brooke cannot be together. He wants to know why can’t they and then, on cue, Bridget comes in. She hasn’t seen him since he got back and gives him a great big hug. She’s done something weird to her hair, oh not bangs please god no!

Brooke just wants to be alone right now. Whip tries to convince she has got to let go of Deacon and says they should go back to LA. Hiding out in Paris won’t do anything. Whip says the only way to make a commitment to a new future is for her to commit to him. He asks her to marry him and pulls out a ring. Wow.

Brooke admits she doesn’t love Whip, but she does care about him. Somehow he manages to convince her to marry him and to do it in a week. He’s going to call the pilot and have him come back and take them to LA.

Megan leaves Deacon and Bridget to talk. She asks him about his trip. He leaves it as vague as possible. Yeah, like my mom would let my dad get away with that. He starts to explain how he missed his connecting flight, but then Bridget’s phone rings. It’s Brooke on the phone. She tells her that she is coming home and apparently that she and Whip are getting married. Bridget is overjoyed. Bridget fills in Deacon about the wedding plans and how Bridget is going to be her matron of honor. Okay I know Bridget isn’t a maid anymore, but I think it’s cheesy to call a 19 year old a matron. Deacon can’t believe it. He’s in shock.

Brooke puts down the phone and looks all sad as Whip tries to comfort her and congratulate her for making the decision to end this thing with Deacon. Brooke just looks off sadly.

See ya tomorrow!

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